Friday, August 12, 2011


I just had an idea that I will toss out there and anyone who wants to can run with it.

When I left Florida, I left behind my dearly loved wood burning fire place. Now fireplaces in Florida are mostly for show though a few winter days they are actually functional.  Oh how I loved mine and the first coolish day under 70 degrees was incentive enough for a roaring fire. Often I had to turn on the air conditioning to keep from sweating. What we won't suffer for our pleasures.

Then I moved to Arkansas and bought a house that had almost everything I wanted. Sadly there was no fireplace. At first I was OK but then as I enjoyed my first snow, I really missed the flicker, crackle and comfort of a roaring fire.

For me, there is something totally hypnotic about watching a fire. Throw a little soft classical music as background and I am pretty sure you could do minor surgery on me. I do get into it.

Really missing it, I stooped to what some will say is the cheesiest. I got a DVD of a roaring fire to put on my TV. It crackles, dances and even plays classical or Christmas music. Now I don't really zone out like I would on the real thing but it is definitely soothing and comforting. Sometimes, I swear I can actually feel the warmth. So why am I talking about fire in this heat??

When Amber Star of Texas mentioned in her comment on my last post how much pleasure she and her husband had gotten just watching a rain storm on TV, I got the idea. Why not a rain video to sell to our more parched states so they don't forget.

I remember a while back talking to a Texas executive of a mega corporation who stated that once in the middle of a serious meeting, someone ran in shouting “Its raining.”  The meeting was immediately adjourned so all could go out to see, hear and smell the rain.

Well a video won't bring that clean smell but the sound and sight of a gentle rain would make a pleasurable video. Rain drops bouncing on the surface of a smooth pond. Water gushing off a roof, clean and fresh. Drenched, happy children dancing through puddles with up turned faces. The sound as it strikes a metal roof. The gray clouds as they tumble lazily  cross the sky hiding the blazing sun. Aaah.   I personally would have enjoyed that through June and July and a good chunk of August.

Maybe two videos, one gentle and soothing, one more violent and rumbling with a lightning show for those who like to be stimulated.

I have no desire to put one together but if you could use a few extra dollars or have an out of work family member, send them to the Pacific Northwest with a camcorder and umbrella. If you all ready live there, you are sitting on a gold mine.  I would make them with a variety of musical backgrounds.  Then contact Shark Tank.

I can just hear  the "as seen on TV" commercial with a voice over by Sam Elliot.
You are welcome to take that idea and do something with it. If you make scads of money, a new car would be a nice thank you:))

Do ya think the heat has gotten to me?  We are still in a break  now. I am more and more convinced that Mom Nature has actually resumed normal.  Just now, it was 66 degrees out side. Almost needed an over shirt to walk Mighty.  I do hope your break is here or just around the corner. 

Stay cool or if you are in the Northwest, Canada, a cool part of the world, or on some serious  mountain---enjoy.  


  1. Patti, you are a great thinker. What an idea..... and I like the way you worked Sam in there. :) That is really a very good idea.

    My son in law owns a casino here in Montana. People who are addicts to gambling are also addicted to the ding ding sounds that go on in a casino. During the slow times of the day, he plays a CD of casino sounds and the addicts are lulled right in.
    So your idea is a winner.

  2. And if enough people purchase said video, a collective consciousness will develop and perhaps real rain will arrive. You will become famous (or make that more famous), as coming up with the idea for the digital equivalent of the rain dance!

  3. When I lived in the Northwest, I loved watching the fire in my woodstove on chilly days, which was just about every day. I've missed having a fire now that I'm back in Florida, but now I realize there are more possibilities than meets the eye. Thanks for starting my day with some interesting ideas!

  4. You are a hoot, as we say down south. I agree about the hypnotic affect of staring into a fire. I like going half unconscious as I get lost in the embers. Of course, it only works with a real fire, not these ersatz thingies they install in new homes these days.

    Our house is 4 years old and has a "fireplace". You activate the fire by flipping an electrical switch that ignites the gas logs. It's almost embarrassing.

    Plus, there is no chimney---just a vent half way up the outside of the home in the back of the house. More embarrassment. Sheeez.

    I've got a 60" TV I just bought and can't wait to get a thunderstorm DVD. In December I will get a fireplace one.

  5. I live in the Pacific Northwest and think maybe you are onto something here, Patti. Of course, this is the time of year when the rain is much less, so we would have to wait awhile. It seems that in many parts of the country there has been a bit of a break from the incessant heat, but so many places are still dry as a bone.

  6. I have a video of beneath the ocean scenes and mountain views, with rain and's very relaxing to have playing in the background at gatherings of family and friends or when alone!

    My oldest granddaughter just moved to the Seattle area...the weather is perfect she says...ours here in SW Ohio has changed for the better too. Yesterday, youngest granddaughter Alivia actually said it's cool today, the temp was 82*!

  7. What a great idea, but like you, let someone else do it. Our daughter got us a little electric stove, that looks like there's logs burning and it does throw off heat, no sound like crackling wood though. You need to think about getting one of the free standing type pit things and have someone put a pipe through your roof to vent it, then you can burn logs or even your paper trash when ever you felt like it and wanted to take the chill off the room. It's nice here today also, cool about 67 at 10am.

  8. Ohhh Mannnn...!!
    Had a nice gentle rain last night and this idea wasn't even in my head.....yikes!!....i'll keep that camera close by...thanx


  9. There must be a way to replicate the scent of wood smoke for one of those home fragrance diffusers to add to the video experience.
    Also, I think you are missing a real opportunity here. Sell your ideas--don't give them away for free!!
    Anybody picks up on my diffuser idea, I want some cash.

  10. Patti - I AM enjoying, just as I always enjoy your posts! Here in the Mts of CO, summer is almost gone - really it is cool all summer, and now it's getting downright cold. My bathroom floor feels might chilly first thing in the morning! However, later today we head for Denver for a few days - maybe I could use your rain video there!

  11. I think you're on to a great idea here, Patti! They have those sound CD's of thunder and rain, why not a visual one? We had a little bit of rain early this morning and at least we're not have such stifling heat as we were having. Have a good day and enjoy the cooler weather!

  12. I lived in So. Fla. for a long long time and the first thing I did when I moved to the mountains was build a big roaring fire.

    It's the highlight of my evenings and one I can usually indulge in about 10 months of the year!

    The idea of a rain video is brilliant!

  13. I'm so glad that your temps have come down, Patti. Interesting idea about rain sounds. We never get rain in the summer here in California. Sure would be nice, though.

  14. We were so thankful for a day long rain yesterday - the first in a very long time. The brutal temperatures cooled some and my husband even cooked hamburgers on the grill in the rain holding an umbrella over his head. It was a sight for sore eyes. blessings, marlene

  15. I'd be very surprised if it doesn't already exist. There are so many odd things out there (like Manzi's son in law's casino sounds CD) that I can't imagine a rain video isn't already available.

  16. Always full of great ideas! I'm afraid a video of rain and the sound of water would just keep me running to the ladies room!

  17. You are such a clever girl. That's a lovely idea....the best part being the Sam Elliot voice over...I'd buy just about anything with his voice as incentive....YUMMY.
    The Olde Bagg

  18. Should your idea icon be a curly energy efficient light bulb?

    Rain is nice and so are the dry days of summer. No powdery mildew here knock on wood. The weather in our area this month is like that of northern CA and who can beat that?

    I do like the odd rain, it fills my rain barrels so I can keep the peppers watered. Can your video do that?

  19. Great idea, Patti! Oh, how I would enjoy a rain video just about now! And the fireplace would be nice, too. We loved our fireplace at our California home, but our new home in Arizona came without one. And, Iike you, I do miss it. There is a channel here in Arizona that, at least around Christmas time, broadcasts a roaring fire in a fireplace with Christmas music. I thought it was terrific. When I used to do exercycling at home, I had a series of VHS videos that allowed one to virtually cycle through Hawaii, San Francisco, the Grand Tetons. It was great!

  20. How about a video of soft, white, cold, clean and beautiful snow to cool the hot-weather sufferers in Texas and other areas?

  21. We bought an electric (fake) one from Lowe's and like it. It puts out a little heat too.

    I am still on virtual vacation – a sabbatical of sorts but love to pop in on people. To me it is something like opening the door on the outhouse...

    You are always in for a big surprise!

  22. Manzanita,
    Oh my, now that is tricky what your SIL does.The old power of suggestion.
    You know I would want Sam. That man makes me want a Coors and I don't drink.

    Now I hadn't thought about that. Wouldn't that be wonderful. What ever works.

    Wood stoves really are soothing. You can do it in Florida like I did, it just lacks something, like cold weather.

    That switch flipping does take the romance out of a good fire.
    You have the size of TV to pull off the DVD. Good luck.

    Might be late for this year but there is always next year.

    Oops, might have known someone would have all ready done it. Sounds really nice.
    Funny how what used to be considered warm weather is now looked forward to.

    I have thought about it but haven't found anything I like yet. Also my house is REALLY small.

    Blue Ridge Boomer,
    Aw phooey, maybe next time.

    Ha ha . Now when that diffuser goes on the market, you will kick your self.

    If I weren't a gardener at heart, I would head for the mountains. I do love cold weather and all the snow you get to enjoy.

    We have gotten a bit of rain also with really nice temps for the past two days. Love it.

    Rocky Mountain Woman,
    Wow, 10 months of fires, I am so envious.

    No rain, how does anything grow? Hope at least you are cool.

    Oh, I hope you got a picture of that and will post it. That is priceless.

    Wanda burst my bubble. There all ready is one out there. I am usually just a smidgen late.

    Ha ha, I had that thought also.

    Linda in NM
    I know, he is sooo good. I don't drink or drive mamouth trucks but his commercials make me want to do both.

    I did look for a curly one but couldn't find one.
    Naw, it can't do that, it is just to boost the psyche of those poor drougt sufferers.

    Dr. Kathy McCoy,
    Don't you miss the fireplace? I am afraid that would be as practical as having one in Fl.

    The cold, snowy one I could have used. The rain one was for the drought areas.

    Honest Abe,
    Thanks for stopping by Abe. There is always room in my outhouse.

  23. Hi Patti, I'm so crazy about wood-burning fireplaces that that was one of the FIRST things on my list when we bought our home. I truly would not have bought a home without a fireplace.... So--I can understand how much you miss yours. But--sounds like you have a great alternative...

  24. haha i just watched Shark tank again today, i really like that show! But i don't think you will get 4 million out selling rain video's! haha!

    But you never know!
    have a great weekend!

  25. I don't know if it has gotten to you or not, but as I sit here in a mountain vacation spot with the door open and the cool air surrounding me listening
    To tthe rushing stream, I know I would pay big money to bottle this and take it home.

  26. Patti,

    My son loves aquariums.Watching the brightly colored striped and polka dot fish is his very favorite,BUT, he travels all over the world for his chemical company so cannot have a real aquarium.

    So, he has a tape of one. He puts that in his VCR and has an instant aquarium full of the most interesting fish you can imagine.

    He is very happy with this arrangement for now. When he retires he intends to set up a real aquarium.

  27. That's a great idea.

    Do you like Shark Tank as much as I do??? I seldom miss it and I can't wait for the new season to begin.

  28. Patti! What a great idea! Once I am back home in Vancouver, BC, Canada, I am going to take you up on your idea! Rain videos galore! ;) But, for now, I am enjoying the sunshine and tropical breezes in Hawaii!

  29. Great idea Patti..And truthfully, it wouldn't surprise me if something like that already existed---I'm pretty sure if you Google it, something might come up!
    Years ago, friends of mine took a trip to some beautiful little Island and they showed me Video of part of their trip...There was one section where D. turned the camera on the ocean and just let it stay there for a minute or two--you could see this gorgeous blue water--the white, white sand and the beautiful clear sky...I asked him to put just that section on a "loop" for me and repeat it over and over and over--I found it SOOOO Relaxing and it took me away from all the heavy cares of the day....He could have made a fortune with that! Like your Rain Video, it is a special feeling that occurs watching the gentle waves come in, over and over.I found it incredibly relaxing. He never did make that loop for me, but I have never forgotten that beautiful peaceful scene, and wish I could see it right now!

  30. Forgot to say, NEW Post is up. I had a special visit...!

  31. greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa. Richard from Amish Stories.

  32. I've been away for a while; just read this and what a great idea! You could include a little "but wait, there's more...your $19.95 includes a bottle of scent to give you the entire experience of a summer rainfall in this lovely umbrella-shaped bottle..."

  33. A good idea and I am in North Carolina and have just opened all the windows because it's actually RAINING and is getting cooler.
    BTW: I edited my last blog entry (thanks to your input) and I think it works now to enlarge the letter.

  34. Betsy,
    I would love the real thing but have to be content with visiting those who do have the real thing.

    I don't watch it all the time but like to see the ideas people come up with.

    Retired English Teacher,
    All you have to do is make your own video of that spot and replay it when you want. Sounds wonderful.

    The beauty of virtual fish is lack of care and you can watch those really expensive ones for free. Plenty of time for the real thing.

    I do watch on occasion. I have always enjoyed people who think outside the box.

    You have the perfect setting. Of course, you could be making one now for those of us who will never enjoy the beaches of paradise.

    Per usual I am a day late Naomi. Wanda all ready has one. Good thing I didn't put time and money into the idea:))
    Thanks again for the heads up.

    Amish Stories,
    Thanks for stopping by. I will definitely check your blog. I so admire the Amish people.

    You have just fleshed out the perfect product. Love the unbrella shaped bottle and rain scent:)) You are a natural.

    Thanks, I'll pop over to read it. Enjoy that rain. Hope you don't get all the wind we got.

  35. That's a great idea Patti. It is quite likely to snow for the next two days here, so really I should be outside filming it and then selling the result to all the snow starved areas in the world... If I become a millionaire, I'll certainly send you a car... Do you fancy a Lear Jet as well??? We have a pot belly stove here that is cranked right up at the moment to try to warm the studio. I must say that it is infinitely more satisfying to sit around that then to perch in front of an electric heater! Thinking of you, P, L, G, and NS xx Purr Purr!

  36. Hmm, good idea. I have heard of Operating rooms and ER playing soothing music to calm patients and lower b.p.

    I could use one that makes my heart stoop flip flopping. I have had one or two very short episodes this week. I am pushing myself to get everything organized for our trip. I do have some music I play occasionally on laptops but hate to carry around

    Have had to slow down as I am beginning to feel the tiredness of A-Fib. I wake up running like a rabbit and by noon I'm swooning. The heat is not helping.

    Hope to get some photos posted this afternoon after church.

  37. Thanks for always stopping by my blog! You are such a good friend. Sounds like you have everything figured out here.

  38. Peter,
    Have a go with those snow videos Peter. And a car is all I want, in fact just one of those Smart Cars would be fine. Enjoy your new wealth:))
    My best to all the Gregorys.

    Maybe you should pace yourself and forget that rabbit gear.
    Have you tried a fish tank to lower BP? I do find mine soothing.

    Mom of 12,
    Well not quite but Deb pretty much has. Thanks.

  39. Fantastic idea, Patti. I have a CD of rain with wonderful music in the background. It's not quite like watching it rain, but if you turn your imagination loose, it's extremely pleasant.

  40. Pat,
    The imagination is a wonderful thing isn't it? I need to get one of those.