Thursday, November 3, 2011


My blog friend Brighid sent me the following notice that I thought I would pass along to as many eyes as possible. As a former horse owner and appreciator, this hits close to home.

I am suspending comments for this post but if you have any information, please call the number below.   I hope my horse loving friends in Arkansas, Missouri, Texas and Oklahoma, plus any neighboring state will be on the look out.  Hopefully someone, somewhere sees something  that will help.   Thank you so much.  

 PRCA Championship Rodeo Camps

ALERT: This morning (11/3) between 12:00am and 7:00am someone stole five roping horses, a featherlite gooseneck stock/combo trailer, many saddles, and many bits from the college rodeo barn in Magnolia, Arkansas. The trailer has Georgia plates. The five horses include, Ashley Mills good black horse with a rockin M brand on left hip. A sorrel blaze face horse with a rockin V on his left shoulder, right hip has a backward L with a K. There was also a grey mare with no markings, a buckskin mare with a star on her head, and a black mare with a circle M brand on left hip. Please help us find these horses. If you have any information please call 870.904.3067