Saturday, February 25, 2012


 It was a beautiful warm day Thursday so I decided Mighty Dog could use a make over. I probably should have given him a bath first but I hate to cut off hair I just cleaned. Seems redundant even though I know it is prudent. However had I done so, this might not have happened. So I strapped the dirty little dude in and got out the clippers.

The last time I had him professionally groomed, it cost me $1500.00 .When he left the groomers, he was crippled with a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his knee. It took extensive surgery, pins, screws and 80 pound test fishing line to fix the little fellow plus 90 days of therapy. I vowed “Never again would I risk his health to strangers.

Since then, I have been his groomer. Am I good?? Not even close but since I am the one who has to look at him, if I am satisfied, we go for function and safety. He could care less how he looks since he only sees his legs and private parts. He seems to like the cool, slick feeling and actually prances after grooming Still, I make sure I have no low hanging mirrors just in case he might be sensitive.

I had just started to clean up his facial hair when he screamed. I wasn't too alarmed for he screams like a leg is being torn off when he gets his temperature taken. Bravery is no where in his pedigree. He is a 4 legged wimp.

However this time, he had reason. Soon my hand was covered with blood. I had recently noticed a growth on his jaw that I had planned to have checked when he went in for his teeth cleaning next month. It had evidently grown quite rapidly and while I thought I was being careful, I had nicked it a good one. Had I given him a bath, I would have noticed how much it had grown. So off to the vet we went.

The vet didn't think it was a cancerous growth, dogs like humans get bumps, lumps and growths as they age. I have several things my dermatologist refers to as simply “age related.” Gosh I hate that term. Still, the vet thought it needed to be removed and that meant surgery.

Mighty survived the surgery quite well which at his age is an iffy thing. He is one growth lighter and I am $150.00 lighter. The sad thing is that he still looks terrible for I had just gotten started on his grooming and I haven't the heart to finish the job.

The little guy has been through enough. He really knows how to lay a guilt trip on me. Mighty can do "woebegone dog" better than any I have ever owned.   He can't have a bath for 10 days so this is what I will be living with till then. Maybe by then he will have forgotten his ordeal.  So Bad Patti will spend all his recovery time in total slave mode. 

Anyone else need a haircut in the meantime??

Just an FYI. Sorry I couldn't get around to visit Friday. I have a really delicate Internet Service Provider. It pretty much always goes down when it rains or the wind blows and boy did the wind blow. Usually we are unable to connect after a couple of hours of down time but Friday it would flicker on and off repeatedly. I got disgusted and quit trying.

I am writing this off line and perhaps tomorrow I will be able to post and get back to visiting. Here's hoping.

Saturday morning--so far so good. PUBLISH.


  1. OMG...what a poor pitiful thing!!! I can sure relate. I used to do my Sophie, but found a new place that she loves...well she loves "Jonathan". He babies her and she loves the attention. I'll tell you, they are so funny and so special. Poor will have to baby him till he forgives you...

  2. Mighty certainly does look forlorn. Awww. I feel for him, but he's got a good mommy who looks after him, no matter the cost. But $1500? Yikes!!

  3. Poor looks like he has poor pitiful me down pat. What we do for love....hope all is well soon.

  4. Poor little bugger ~ and I feel for you too. You try to save a buck or two and still end up having to fork out. Story of my life too ~ it's like you just can't win no matter what.

  5. These things happen, and I am sure it's more difficult to see them under longer hair. We've been playing host to a 9 year old Doberman since last Friday. Her family is away for school vacation. She is an absolute love. Last evening, just as I was getting ready for work, she presented with her left eye closed and seemed in a bit of discomfort. No panicking allowed. So, I just told Mrs to watch her and it should be fine in a little bit. My guess was that she whacked herself with a play toy, or took a greyhound or pointer tail to the eye. She was fine in a little while, but WHEW! One thing to break one of our dogs, but another when it's a friend's. :)

    Feel better little Mighty.

  6. Oh My!!! Poor Mighty....It sounds like he can't 'cut a break' where this grooming thing is concerned....! I feel for him. And now he cannot get a bath for ten days. He sure is a dear little guy, isn't he? I hope he heals up really quickly, my dear....

  7. We recently had a lump removed near Buddy's armpit (legpit?) -- and he didn't take too kindly too it. No one told us pets are expensive.

    Yesterday was bath day. Hutch too it like a man, but Buddy tried to hide. But yes -- they both pranced around proudly when we finished.

  8. Poor little Mighty! I hope he'll recover soon! Then you can continue cutting his hair! What a story, Patti!

  9. Bad Patti? That's my line, only its bad Dianne. I felt like that last week when Arabella had her bi-monthly beak trim. She is a Hahn's Macaw with a deformed beak who needs the trim to enable her to eat. I hate to take her to the vet tech, but needs must.

    Good luck with Mighty. Someday he will forgive you. Dianne

  10. My, how good Mighty Dog is at being pathetic! The bright side is that $150 is much less than $1500, right?

    Looking forward to the "after" photograph when Mighty feels better. Love your stories, no matter how delayed by bad 'net.

  11. That poor dog! He's been through a lot, hasn't he? But, so have you! Take care of yourself, too, Patti!

  12. Way to save money on those hair cuts!

  13. Poor little Mighty. He sure has had his share of health issues. It always amazes me how much money we spend on vet bills. Hope Mighty is feeling great already.

  14. Poor Mighty! He's looking a little down in the dumps in the photo. I hope he perks up quickly and is soon feeling better. Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Now don't get me wrong....I feel bad for Mightie..but I feel worse for you. I used to do my Saint Bernards nails cuz there really weren't a whole lot of groomers happy to see 150 lbs of slobber coming to get a nail trim. The older one Annabelle was a stubborn twit and it got so hard to do it that I asked the vet for something to calm her down. He prescribed Valium. He told me to give her 5. So I did. He meant 5 mg. not 5, 5 mg tabs. The skin on her body looked like it was coming off. All droopy. I thought I had killed her. Couldn't get her up for hours. I felt so bad for months. She got over it but...I still felt bad, so that's why I feel bad for you. Dogs are so sweet and so good at the guilty thing. Oma Linda

  16. I bet if Mighty had $1500 he'd be happy to spend it on you!

  17. Poor Mighty! I hope he recovers quickly. I know you are showering him with love and attention. Maybe I should say Poor Patti instead.

  18. Patti, I hope this doesn't hurt your feelings but Mighty Dog is sadly lacking in beauty. I can't imagine your haircut did any harm to his looks. I can say this because I live with one that looks very much like him. No matter what I do he never looks good. I tell people he was a derelict from the Union Gospel Mission when we adopted him and we haven't been able to get that out of him. He's a sweetheart though and I'm sure Mighty Dog is also.

  19. Best wishes to both of you for a speedy recovery. He certainly is a Mighty Dog!

  20. Patti, I forgot to say that I didn't see Jupiter and Venus aligned with the moon. A pity!

  21. That's not good. Hope he feels better soon!

  22. I hate to tell you, but Mighty will never forget and as soon as he sees the shears he'll think, Trauma time!" Once I cut my Golden's nail too close to the quick and after that had to hog tie her to get them cut - she NEVER forgot and acted like I was going to cut her foot off when I brought out the nail clippers. Grooming Mighty is an expensive proposition!

  23. turquoisemoon,
    Lucky you. I really need to find a Jonathan somewhere but until I do, I will just have to clip him my self.

    Actually that was his second knee to go so I have a $3000.00 stray dog. His only papers are vet bills but he is so worth it.

    He really knows how to work the eyes to make me feel badly. He is feeling good today however.

    I guess I should be just happy it wasn't another $1500.00 day. I am grateful for the small things.

    Ha ha, I have been tail whipped by a Greyhound and they can leave a mark. Know how you feel about "other's" dogs though. Extra pressure.

    Thanks Naomi, he is doing much better today and has a bit of his swagger back.

    What happened to the "free" dog? Went the way of the free lunch I guess. Hope Buddy's armpit is all better. They do know when they look good don't they?

    Reader Wil,
    He really does need the rest of his make over. Only 9 more days.

    I'll bet Arabella knows where she is going when it is time. At least she can cuss him out.

    RV Vagabonds,
    You are right, it could have been 10 times worse. I am grateful for small favors and just glad he is OK. Thanks, glad you think so.

    Thank you. I have actually had it easy. At least I know what is going on. He has no idea, just feels the pain.

    Ha ha. I really have a poopy track record don't I.

    They ain't cheap but they sure give more than they get. He is doing much better, thanks.

    I think that look was all for my benefit for he was still a bit drunk at the time and feeling no pain. He is doing much better, thanks.

    Linda in NM
    They really do know how to push our guilt buttons don't they.I am surprised you didn't need a farrier to cut those nails. That OD had to have been so scary.

    Ha ha, I don't know if he would. He really has his eye on a heated pet water bed he would probably blow the whole thing on.
    Actually, he does gives me back way more than I spend.

    Sweet Virginia Breeze,
    He is getting the royal treatment and loving every bit of it.

    Ha ha. Not offended but oddly, I loved his look when he was younger. I go for the scruffy faced, wire haired dogs. Age and bad hair cuts haven't been too kind to him but since he doesn't criticize or seem repelled by my obvious deterioration, I pretty much tell him he is handsome at least once a day. The ole "eye of the beholder" thing.

    Thank you, he is doing well and I think so.

    Reader Wil,
    You still have time till the end of the month. Good luck.

    Mom of 12,
    He is doing much better all ready. Thanks so much.

    Aw crap, maybe I will have to resort to a depilatory. Kidding of course. He was all ready spooked about his toe nails. I can hope his age will affect his memory of the event. It does mine.

  24. Oh, poor Mighty! He looks so woebegone! I hope he feels better soon! Our animals really know how to play us, don't they? My three cats now are pretty good about having their nails clipped. But I once had a cat -- Timmy, the best ever about whom I'm writing a book -- who would emit one sighing groan every time a claw was clipped and then be silent until the next snip. It was such torture - yet he never struggled or tried to get away -- just made us feel so very guilty for inflicting this on him.

  25. Oh bless him glad things were ok in the end....that vet bill was qite reasonable, probably double over here.
    Some animals have such expressive eyes ...they can make you feel so guilty ...even if you have done nothing. Dogs are the best at it but we have a few of the cats who can be a close second xx

  26. Glad Mighty is better today...he's very cute in the photo, but with those down cast eyes, he looks like he's ignoring you, Patti!

  27. aw... poor little guy! You're a very good Mother...

    I know looking at him hurts you too... ah... our pets

  28. Oh the poor little guy, my cat had a small cyst on his side; the other day he groomed it off himself. Ha.

    Curious did the previous groomer have to pay for injurying Mighty - they should have.

  29. What a tale you tell! Poor Mighty. It's just as well he can't see what he looks like. Hope he heals quickly.

  30. Oh poor Mighty. But wow! $1,500? I didn't realize owning a dog could cost so much. I'd almost look for dog insurance.

  31. Oh yup, he knows how to play it, my heart is wrenched..... !

  32. Dr. Kathy McCoy,
    Thanks, he is so much better this morning.
    That is the strangest story. I know it had to have been harrowing for you both at the time but is a bit funny now. What a drama queen.

    Thanks and he is much better. You are right about cats. Mine has the "you have been neglecting me" look down perfectly.

    Thanks, I think he is doing the ostrich routine. If he can't see me, I can't do anything awful to him.

    He really knows how to work me for sure. Thanks.

    Linda Starr,
    Everyone thinks they should have but she was a friend just starting a new business and that would have broken her. I never went back nor did I explain for I know she would have tried to pay.

    I know, that is why my full length mirrors are above his eye level. No sense depressing the little guy.

    You tend to hope for the best as the insurance is really high. He did that to both legs over a 2 year period so he is my $3000.00 mutt.

    Entre Nous
    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I will check your blog out now.

  33. Awww! He can work it.

    He is still cute. I think you are safe to have a low hanging mirror around.

  34. Wow! I don't blame you for grooming Mighty yourself...that was terrible that he was injured while at the groomers. He is lookin' mighty fine to me and he will forgive you very soon I know that. He is just soooo cute!I am glad the growth was nothing to worry about. Hopefully all the haircuts in the future will not cost any more than the cost of the power to run the do a good job! Hugs and nose kisses for you both from Chancy and me.

  35. Oh, poor Mighty! That must have been awful for you both. I don't even cut my dogs tonails after making a trusting Raymond bleed years ago.

    Glad that his growth wasn't something to be concerned about when all is said and done.

    Kathy M.

  36. Oh, that doesn't sound like a good day, at all. I'm sorry for you that things happened the way they did, but I'm glad neither of you will have to deal with the growth anymore. Getting old isn't fun for dogs, either...

  37. Oh bless his heart! Glad the growth wasn't anything too serious, but he sure does look pitiful in that pic. Better give him some extra treats! :)

  38. Oh Poor baby...he does look mighty pitiful doesn't he? Do you think that is for your benefit?

  39. Awwww....poor Mighty! POOR you! Thinking of you both.

  40. An real ordeal (an expensive too) that's for sure. I'm being pressured by Mrs T. to clip The German Shedding Dog (Baron). So far I've been able to resist that a GSD looking like one of those clipped to the bone French Poodles would be really "uncool". ;)

  41. This reminded me of when our Old English Sheepdog fell in a motel swimming pool. His coat was so matted we couldn't brush it out As a last resort I called a groomer and took him to see her. When I picked him up he was a pink, hairless Old English Sheepdog.He knew he looked terrible and he hid in a corner for months. Glad Mighty is on the mend.

  42. Poor baby!

    Miss Piggy could do with a haircut. The last time I gave her one she looked so pitiful that my husband wouldn't even walk her in daylight.

    I don't know how it happens, but her grooming always ends up with something extra--a special shampoo, ear drops. . . and ALWAYS $15 bucks extra for emptying the anal sacs. Believe me, that part is worth it.

  43. Islandwonder,
    You are probably right since he really hasn't seen him self when he looked good.

    Me too on the cost but I just hope that the little begger doesn't get abused anymore.

    Oregon Gifts,
    I too was concerned and much relieved when he said it didn't look suspicious. Phew.

    Sadly,they have to go through pretty much what we do health wise, only sooner.

    Southwest Arkie,
    Sadly for him , no treats allowed. I have to keep the weight off his bad knees.He will have to be content with attention.

    Absolutely, he really knows how to work me. I think he practices.

    Lynda G.
    Aw, thanks, very much appreciated.

    I don't think he would forgive your. Shepherds are proud and have reason to be.

    Calamity Janet
    Oh my, I can't even imagine what a naked OESD would look like. Bless his heart.

    Mary Lee,
    Ah yes, the ole anal sacs. Mercy that stuff stinks. My vet does Mighty, I haven't the stomach.

  44. We do love our dogs, don't we. Our issue is clipping our dog's toenails -- we'll be damned if we're gonna pay someone else the big bucks to do it for us ... but it ain't an easy job! (And, yes, we have drawn blood, but thankfully only once or twice.)

    Hope you and Mighty have both survived the ordeal (and I bet he looks just fine).

  45. Poor Mighty. I'm sure he's forgiven you by now.

  46. sightings,
    Those toenails are a challange aren't they? I nibble at his and let the vet do the major cutting.

    I hope so. He does have a great memory. He still remembers being dropped off 13 years ago. He gets frantic today when I drive down a dirt road.

  47. That hang-dog look where they rest their chin and just look up with their eyes always gets to me. Nothing sadder than a dog that doesn't feel well.

  48. Well you may have more posting issues since the winds are still howling at forces unimaginable. Be safe.
    And hang on to the wee one since he's a wimp.