Tuesday, February 21, 2012



Most of us like a feel good story. Something about a person overcoming the odds to be come a success is the American way and dream. There is such a story in the news lately that is making me feel good and I am grateful. With all the other garbage being spoon fed us each day in the news, the sweet story of Jeremy Lin makes my day. And, I don't even like basketball.

First we had the improbable Tim Tebow in football winning games he shouldn't have.  Now it is this 23 year old California boy of Asian descent who stepped off the bench to create a household word, “Linsanity”.

Jeremy is small, not for every day living for he is a healthy 6 foot 3 inches. However, in professional basketball, that is not much of a stand out when surrounded by nearly 7 foot tall or greater men.

He was not offered scholarships out of high school and was only guaranteed a spot on the squad at Harvard or Brown. Not basketball powerhouses. Also Ivy League schools don't offer scholarships.

He did well at Harvard and made the All-Ivy League First Team in his senior year. No pro teams came calling however and he was not drafted. He made several teams as an invitee but was generally a bench, back up player, often released after a while. He was definitely under the radar.

He was again on the bench for the NY Knicks February 4th when due to injuries, he was put in the game and managed a whopping 25 points, five rebounds, and seven assists, not too shabby.

Since then, he has mowed over the opposition and become the darling of New York and all of sports, pulling off one win after another. His once struggling team is now a team on fire.

I actually got to watch him help defeat last year's champion Mavericks on TV Sunday and I was very impressed. He is not only really good, he is unselfish and does it all. To me, he is the Seabiscuit of basketball. Something the sagging sport after the lock out was needing.

As I said earlier, basketball is not a sport I watch, but if his game is televised, I will be there. Give him a look if you have a chance. He is this year's sport story.


This is not something the guys can relate to, it really is a girl thing. However, you guys have a girl in your life somewhere so you can maybe sympathize. Other wise, you are excused.

It is getting warm. That means bulky, warm clothes are giving way to the thinner, more clingy clothes. That means my comfort level is being sabotaged by the thermometer.

When I was younger, the bra was a natural a part of my attire. Never would I have thought of going anywhere bra less. I was not a bra burner when it was fashionable to do so. I needed all the help I could get then. Today I only want comfort.

Age has made it a device of torture. Now days, my idea of getting dressed up means putting on a bra. The rest of the time I am free.

In winter, I can even get away with going shopping unbound. However, now that it is getting warmer we are putting away coats and  bulky clothes and  the bra is necessary once again.   Mercy, do I hate it.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck once said on the View something that had me laughing so hard that I was gasping for air.   The ladies were discussing how age or nursing babies really took the perk out of the “girls.”

She said, “ Stuffing the girls into a bra now days is like folding origami.”
And she is a young woman.

Thanks to her, I now refer to Spring and Summer as origami seasons. May the days flash by as quickly as possible. I am getting too old to be this uncomfortable. Sigh.

I know, too much information. This is what happens when I don't have a post ready.


  1. It is nice to hear about a good guy making it. As for the bra situation, I am the opposite of you--used to go braless in my youth, now I am rarely without.

  2. I have been oblivious to “Linsanity”.

    I know I have seen his photo though. I will have to youtube him.

  3. I haven't watched any of the games but who has not heard of Jeremy Lin? I am so glad for him. About the bra situation, it seems to me you should be going somewhere for a real bra fitting. There ARE comfy ones out there that do the trick.

    Long ago I stopped wearing bras for style but for comfort. I found there are many sports types that are not binding and uncomfortable. They also don't make the "girls" stick out, either, but fade into the background. :-)

  4. Your Basketball chap deserves his success at last ...and he's good

    As for bras ...used to be fine in them ..as long as they were expensive well cut ones. Then I started to let things hang free indoors ...bras became a chore to wear. About 6 years ago I found a sports bra with a little cup shaping ....brilliant. I buy two sizes ..big and comfy and struggle into ... the latter keeps my reasonably ample boobs in place for smart but to be honest ...am I worried ...I just want comfort.xx

  5. I've discovered tee shirt bras by Maidenform (yes, your mother's bra manufacturer) Most comfortable.

  6. I have gone braless for the past 10 or so years. Just wear a loose fitting muumuu and you can do the same.

    I love Jeremy Lin. He sure is exciting to watch.

  7. Geeez...I've gone bra less most of my life. I wear a lot of camisoles with little jackets or sweaters. I'm also cold in the summer... :<
    I wear a sports bra when needed...

  8. I haven't yet watched Jeremy play as I haven't watched much basketball since Michael Jordan retired. I've heard of him and it is a great story!
    As for bras, I hate wearing those things! I've been known to not even answer my door bell, depending on the shirt I'm wearing, because I don't wear them unless I go out.

  9. I guess I was too much of a hippy child back in the day....it has never bothered me to go braless. I have a couple but I'd betcha the elastic is dead in them as I have not worn them in at least 5 years.
    As to Mr. Lin....it is a heartwarming and wonderful underdog story. I don't watch sports of any kind but the hubbub over this young man, his talent and his being a hero is a great story.
    Oma Linda

  10. I love your post today. Bras have never bothered me in the least but my daughter hates them. She has to wear them because she has to wear nice clothes in her job. She complains enough for both of us.

  11. It's wonderful to see a guy with a great education and obviously bright make it in sports...As for the bra situation, I have always had to wear one as I am very amply endowed. Nowadays I usually wear sports bras that are more comfortable than traditional torture-wear.

  12. Patti - smiling here in CO! Go to Target and look at some of the sports bras - there are Champion ones I like (don't be put-off by the ones with tiny straps) - you must try them on. There is also one shaped more like a regular bra but with extra fabric to hold the girls in place - very comfortable. As you see, I'm something of a bra connoisseur! Being from CO, I'm kinda tired of Tebow Time! (However, he's a better role model than most pro sports figures.)

  13. Hi Patti, I've been reading about Jeremy Lin ---and am so happy that this has happened to him. Makes me wonder how many others that are out there --who had never been given a chance...???????? Guess that is just life.. Some of us make it big and some of us don't!!!

    Funny about you talking about the 'girls'... Mine are in terrible shape (stretched) after gaining and losing so much weight all through the years... Oh Well!!!!!


  14. My sweetie was telling me about him the other day...I have yet to see him play. But like you, I love the underdog stories. Hoosiers is probably my all-time favorite movie and basketball is definitely one of my favorite sports.

  15. Jeremy Lin is indeed a wonder!

    As for bras--if your "girls" are full-sized, They need support. Otherwise, a small rose tattooed on a breast at age 20 could be long stemmed by your 60's.

  16. You do write the most wonderful posts whether you have one ready or not. Jeremy Lin is certainly a wonder kid and is sure in the news lately. I'm not a sports person either, unlike the rest of my family.

    I'm afraid there's NO WAY I can go bra-less in Hawaii. Everything would be hanging around for everyone to see through the t-shirt type blouses I wear. Sigh...

  17. LOL, LOL....Because I don't go onywhere, I am braless ALL the time--Summer and Winter...It's not a pretty sight for people who come and visit, but....Well, my personal comfort has become paramount!

    I will have to check out that wonderfully talented young man....!

  18. Hi Patti!
    I am back (and posted with a video about Vancouver, too boot!) and I enjoyed your new origami tutorial immensely! :D
    Take Care,

  19. Olga,
    I know. I hate when all the bad guys who are always in trouble get attention. It is refreshing that this young man has risen to the top.
    That was a different order of bra wear than most.

    He is worth the trip. Right now, he is huge news.

    You are so right. I have mostly lived in small towns that didn't have such a service. I do wear a sports bra but my favorite is now extinct. I am looking for a replacement.

    I thought so too. I think if you never let the girls have their freedom, you are fine. Once they discover what it is like not to be bound, they no longer want any part of a bra:)

    RV Vagabonds,
    Now that sounds interesting. I will check those out. Thanks.

    Hum, wonder if I could start a muumuu trend in the Ozarks. Sounds possible.

    Ah, your lucky girls. Hadn't thought about a camisole. Thanks.

    Ha ha. Once they enjoy freedom, it is hard to corral them again. Enjoy.

    Me too. I also hate to put on a bra just to go to the mail box but I do have friendly neighbors.

    Linda in NM
    You are treating your girls right.
    Jeremy really is on every newscast isn't he? I love the story.

    Thanks. I feel for your daughter. When I worked, I was OK, it is just now that it seems unreasonable.

    That is part of his charm for me--his intelligence. A lot of atheletes just skate through school on their muscles, never attending class.
    I do wear sports bras also, I just need to find a new brand since mine is no longer made.

    I started searching Champion and found something that may work. Too bad I have to get it through the mail. I don't have a Target anywhere near. Think Kohls does. Thanks.

    That was the same thought I had. How many guys, just as talented never get that break. That is a sad thought.
    My girls understand your girls plight.

    Mom of 12,
    I thought since you love to play basketball that you had heard of him. Hoosiers was a super movie.

    Ha ha, lucky for me, I am a little girl. But since I am 72, my stem has grown.

    I guess you don't wear muumuus like gigi:) In Florida, I couldn't go bra less either. Warm weather takes the choice away.

    You go girl. I have reached that age also where comfort trumps pretty much everything at home. I do accept the miseries when I go out.

    Lynda G.
    Welcome back lady. You have been gone intirely too long. I will drop in to visit.

  20. Sports bra. They really are comfortable and you can even get them made with "wicking" materials so you won't feel sweaty.

    The other possibility? "I have to go braless because of shingles."

  21. I couldn't agree with you more. I hate when I can't get away with not wearing a bra. I have one that is old, out of shape, but padded, that I wear. It looks terrible under clothes, but at least I am comfortable and the girls behave themselves within its confines.

  22. Wonderful that the young man you write about is such a great sportsman! You write so enthusiastically that I am tempted to watch the game as well.
    The bra is a torturing device sometimes!! I agree with you!

  23. I have been following Lin too, like Tebow. We all like the success despite seemingly unsurmountable odds.

    I basicallly wear a sleep bra in daytime, only because I cannot find comfort. I even ordered a so-called mail order "3 for" in e different colors. They feel like a girdle too far up.

  24. Bravo! Enjoyed this Lin recap. I caught him after that first loss following the dramatic wins. He was grace under pressure. Criticism didn't ruffle him.
    In essence he said that if he takes the kudos after wins, he has to takes the slams after a loss. And he was similarly matter-of-fact about the media's use of a derogatory racial pun. Yep! Grace under pressure.

    Origami! That is a mental image I won't forget!

  25. I am sure there are reasons to wear a bra. I will let you know when I think of one. Dianne

  26. Patti, thanks for letting me in on what Linsanity is about .... I didn't watch much t.v. over the past couple of weeks and missed out on the details, though I heard the phrase.

    Boy, do I hear you about the bra thing. I used to have to take mine off at 8:00 p.m., but now it is as soon as I get home no matter what time it is ... and that is with a $40 bra!

    Kathy M.

  27. I heard an interview with Jeremy Lin and he said he wants to be a good example for Asia. He has certainly done that and where else would he be so accepted here in the U.S.except in the sports arena?
    I laughed when they said it had been rumored that he was dating Kim Kardashian and he said he had no idea who that was !

  28. NC Mountain Woman,
    Ha ha, shingles could work. I could have lingering effects. That will work for my friends, but that still leaves shoping. Haven't got the nerve.

    Retired English Teacher,
    As long as the girls behave I am all for comfort. Nice compromise.

    Reader Wil,
    If you can, try. It really is a wonderful story. I always thought it was a man who invented the bra but it turns out it was a woman about 100 years ago. What was she thinking?

    That is the perfect description, "a girdle too far up".

    LC, I can't forget it either.
    Yes, he really has handled his rush to fame quite well.

    I just thought of two. It is a great place to store hankies in the cleavage when working outside and I also snuggle my MP3 there when exercising. Thanks, I feel better now.

    Oregon Gifts,
    You are right. Our tolerance for them really has tanked as the years have piled on. But then I used to wear high heels with out too much griping either.

    Now I know I love that young man. Not knowing who Kim Kardashian is in my book,a huge plus. He is too smart for that, I hope. Thanks for that info.

  29. Interesting though. As to the second subject my spouses wonderful recovery from a double M will soon be leading her to a store that specializes in "replacements". My input has NOT been consulted... :)

  30. I am with you about the bra thing. I don't wear one unless I'm out and about. You would think someone could come up with a comfortable one!



  31. So that is what happens when you don't have a post ready. hahahaha
    Well I thought it was pretty darn funny coming from you and all.
    There has to be a way even in summer where you can still be comfy.
    Thanks for the heads up about this young man. I did hear the other day about him on the news but like you I never watch basketball so I have not seen him. Amazing story though.
    So glad you have read Unbroken. I know it is a movie out of it but I don't think I could see the movie since the book is so sad. I actually cried reading the part where he comes home to his mother. I think it was the picture of the two of them embracing. Been a long time since I cried reading a book.
    The book is incredible I will have to read her other one. I am almost finished with this one
    Have a good evening

  32. I've not heard of Linsanity- I just don't watch sports unless it is Razorback football. Now, you need to give the sports bras a try. I threw all my regular bras out.

  33. troutbirder,
    Wishing your wife finds comfortable replacements. Several of my friends in my cancer support group appreciate theirs.

    Maybe they should be custom made since we are all so different. Might be a good cottage industry.

    Grandma Yellow Hair,
    Have you read about the author? She has an incredible story of her own. I'll leave the site of her painful journey on your blog.

    Southwest Arkie,
    Sadly I do wear them. The ones I like are no longer made and am looking for a new brand.

  34. Love the Kim player too!
    But why do you want the lovely spring/summer to be over fast? Time is already flying at our age.
    Just try a sports version and very loose shirts.

  35. I finally found a comfy bra. I couldn't even feel the straps until I started reading this blog post!

  36. I wish I was as short as Jeremy. He sounds like a good guy. Basketball isn't a game that is that popular here in the UK but it does look fun to watch on TV sometimes.

  37. Our news is so depressin' these days that I get eat up the good stories.

    I've said it before, in the Ozarks underwear is optional! Heeehehehhe!!!

    Since I've married (39 yrs.) I've never worn a bra 'round the farm. I do put one on to go out though. I just can't do without...wouldn't be prudent! :o)

    God bless ya and have a fantastic weekend!!! :o)

  38. This is a feel-good story that warms the heart.

    Hey, sorry I haven't been by in awhile. Life being life, I got pulled in a zillion directions. Enjoying that ahhhh moment now. Hope you have a great weekend.

  39. Kleinste Motte
    Yeah I know I shouldn't wish my life away but I really don't do heat well. Last summer was over 30 days of 100 plus temps. Yikes.

    Linda Myers,
    Ha ha, sorry about that. Guess it is like my ears, I can't hear the ringing till I think about it. Rats, now they are really ringing.

    LLCool Joe,
    You are right. Six foot three is great in real life or any sport but basketball. Seven foot used to be rare but now days is more the norm. Wonder where it will stop?

    Kitty Howard,
    Welcome back, I wondered where you had been. Hoping it was good busy.

  40. My wife recently switched more to the sports type bras -- no weird wires -- just all springy cloth. She says she feels much more comfortable.

  41. Remember the bout with shingles we both had before Christmas? Well...I haven't been able to wear a traditional bra since then as every one I've tried irritates a still "hot spot" on my back. Sooooo, what to do? I have to go to work and don't want to go like a Loose Lucy! I've tried both the Ahhhhh Bra (Walmart) and the Genie Bra I've seen on TV...both are comfortable and provide enough "containment" to keep my decent!

  42. I totally agree ... I wear a tight t-shirt and keep an overshirt around by the door hook in case I don't need to scare the kiddies...

    I also bought some very comfortable one piece spaghetti strap stretchy tops with the bras in --- very comfortable. I've got overshirts for summer... winter... fall and spring...

    hate brassieres ... and I never went without them either when I was younger... too much boob

    Well, I'm a Maverick fan but am so impressed with Lin... love stories like his.

  43. Jerry,
    Thanks, I did try the sports bra. Maybe I should try another brand. Surely there is comfort out there.

    Thanks, I will check out those two.
    I am so sorry you are still suffering. Goodness. My pains are completely gone and hope you get to that stage soon.

    Thanks, I will look into those shirts with bra included. Maybe I need some light weight over shirts also. Good thought.

  44. Love both of these stories. i have heard of Jeremy, but didn't know his story - how inspiring!. As far as the "girls," you crack me up. When I'm at home, I opt for "comfort!"

  45. Bica,
    I know what you mean. Amen for comfort.