Tuesday, February 14, 2012


To paraphrase the Pointer Sister's song that I sang in my head all last week:

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it
I'm so excited and I just can't hide it
And I know I know I know, we are getting some SNOW

Todd, the cute little Channel Seven meteorologist  and I had really been looking forward to Monday. All week he had talked about the possibility that Monday was supposed to be  a snow day in Arkansas. Possibly four inches in my area.

Todd has the same love of the white stuff that I have. His area may have gotten more than mine but there is a good chance  he was equally disappointed.

Yes it snowed, well kind of. Mighty Dog succinctly expressed his opinion of the what passed for snow on Monday. Couldn't agree with you more Mighty.

Yep, that was it and I had to hunt to find even this much.  A week of build up for a mere dusting. Even for a snow starved former Floridian, this does not qualify. Such a colossal bummer. I have seen more spectacular frosts. What snow flakes fell were tiny and sparce.

A couple of times during the morning, there were brief periods of huge flakes that brought my inner 6 year old hopefully to life and I glued that 6 year old nose to the window to stare in wonder. 

But those tantalizing episodes were very brief and my 6 year old was promptly squished  back into my wore out ole 72 year old body. Each time, I couldn't get dressed for the cold quick enough before the brief spurts of big snow quit.  Sigh.

There is a good chance,that was my one chance this year.  Needless to say, am just a little sad today. I guess I should celebrate my low heating bill this winter but I really can't control my lower lip. It is firmly in a pout.

 As we Marlin's fans say at the end of each season, there is always next year.    I certainly hope you had a more spectacular weekend.

I need some help from you birders. I apologize for the dark picture but the day was dark and I shot through the window so I couldn't use a flash. Click on the picture for a better view. I am hoping the distinctive head patch helps. 

 What ever this little bird is, I really have a lot of them at my feeders. Appreciate any help.  Hope they aren't a nuisance bird.

On a happier note, I would like to wish you all  a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY  and may there not be a pout or whine anywhere in your life today.   


  1. We got some snow, in KC, too...just enough that I should not wear my birkenstocks! ugh...

  2. We had just enough snow to be pretty, not enough for snow ice-cream.

    I like your last paragraph. Might steal that, it's a good way to think and live.

  3. I think it's a white-crowned sparrow, but I'm not sure. It's a bit dark for one, but the head looks right. Anyway, I'm sorry you didn't get your snow. Boo!

    Last year by this time we had little snow, but then it all hit in March and April. We had a very cool and wet spring, and the mountains didn't clear of snow until August, just in time for this year's snow. Weird weather, huh?

  4. I like Mighty Dog's attitude on the matter. Exactly how I feel about some things in life.

  5. My inner six year old also wants snow .. so much else where in the uk and parts of Scotland ...but Fife has been missed ..I dont care that maybe my bills will be lower ..but I doubt they will because we have had low temps but....I WANT SNOW.
    I think MD put it well on seeing your sprinkle of the white stuff. ...great photo. xx

  6. Well, look at it this way: At least you weren't stuck in Alaska, buried in snow and waiting for a barge to bring fuel for your furnace. Lol. Love that bird, whatever it is!!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY AND ALOHA FROM HAWAII!!!

  7. This winter seems to be a little on the light side. I wouldn't mind some snow myself. The child in me is always disappointed when snow is predicted and doesn't happen.

  8. hah, isn't it amazing as much as I say I'm glad I don't live in Ohio anymore where it snows all the time, the five year old in me wishes and hopes for that spontaneous adventure!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. Yep, we got six inches of the new stuff yesterday and today it's slicker than snot on a goats glass eye out there doin' chores this mornin'!!!

    Our very hyper blue heeler just puts her spastic head down and plows though the stuff! It's funny!

    Here's a pic of an adult white crowned sparrow. I'm pretty sure that's what your little friend is.


    God bless ya and have a marvelous Valentine's Day!!!

  10. We've had similar "teaser snow" for the past week...booooooo
    Happy Valentine's Day

  11. At first I thought he was a Chickadee.. lots of them around here... but I have Arkansas birds bookmarked and love to go in search of the birds I see.

    So... I think he's a White-crowned sparrow... see what you think...


    Well... I was glad the snow didn't stick! ... I'm not a snow person because I know how it gets here. If it lasts at all -- it will only be for a few hours then turns to slush then to ice overnight... dangerous.

    But it is pretty coming down.

  12. We had a bit more snow here than you got, enough to close a lot of our schools. Snow is pretty to me as long as I can still get out and about. It does make the dreary landscape look so much better.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  13. White crowned all right. We got about 2 inches. Pathtic here on the tundra. Still it beats having to shovel a foot of the stuff. :)

  14. We gave our Indiana grandsons snowboards for Christmas and they haven't even had enough snow to use them! If you get more snow, let me know and I'll send them to your house. (They'd probably let the 6-year-old inside you have a turn!)

  15. Your bird looks like a white-crowned sparrow to me. As they winter throughout the central and southern US you are in the right area for this little guy. Congrats. I hope you entered him in your life-time birder's book.

    We had a dusting here. Not enough to mention really. Dianne

  16. We had beautiful weather on Sunday morning...so nice that some of the kids didn't wear jackets. While we were in church, we were hit with a nice little blizzard that put down a couple of inches! It was a cold ride home.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  17. no pouting here, we just got back from our valentine lunch out, in brilliant sunshine, with bright blue skies and nary a snowflake in sight which makes my lower lip tremble with pleasure. sorry you missed your snow this year

  18. Turquoisemoon,
    That about sums it up here also. Sorry for us both.

    Miss Dazey,
    Well at least you got pretty, we had all the brown poking through. Steal all you want.

    You were the first to get the bird right. Thank you, that is him.
    You mean there may be hope yet? I'll keep my toes crossed.

    He really does say it with feeling.
    I let him do my gestures.

    We really are kindred spirits. I had heard most of the UK was under snow. That must really hurt when you don't get any. MD doesn't waste words.

    Thank you and back at ya even though you won't celebrate till the 19th, have a good VDay.

    That inner child never truly goes away does she. She is the one who clings to hope.

    I have a friend in Ohio and they have had a rare winter also. Our inner child always hopes for just one more time.

    Ha, "slicker than snot on a goats glass eye" just may be the most unusual description I've heard from you and that is saying something:))
    Thanks, you nailed the bird.

    Linda in NM
    The image of mother nature as a tease had crossed my mind also. Hopefully we will both get the real thing soon.

    I am so glad you were happy with the lack of snow and I know those who work for a living were grateful also.
    Thanks, that is the correct ID.

    Ha, Our schools closed also but it was premature. They close here for a good sneeze.

    Well, 2 inches does a pretty good job of covering winter's uglies. You are so right about the bird. Thanks.

    mary lee,
    I would welcome the snow, the snow boards and some kids to play with. I'll let you know when to send them. I feel their pain.

    I need to start a life time book. Maybe I will make him my first entry. Thanks.

    Mom of 12
    And I thought Mother Nature in the Ozarks had a strange sense of humor. That was a bit mean except for the couple of inches result.

    Well at least you got the other type of good day, a sunny one. We were dark and dreary.

  19. Sorry you were so disappointed. We still have snow on the ground today. Luckily the rounds were only bad for a short time.

    The sun is out as I write this, so doubt much will be left by tomorrow.

    We had quite a period of huge snowflakes.

  20. I was disappointed, too. We haven't had a good snow in a few years, now. Not since I retired and don't have to worry about getting out on the ice to drive to work. Now that I COULD sit in the window and enjoy the snow, we can't seem to get any.

  21. If I were tempted to pout today, I would be woefully inadequate at it. Your pouting kitty was too cute and would have squelched any pout or whine. Instead I got a big goofy grin on my face! Thanks!

    Glad other blogging friends were up on the feathered friend. That was a new species to me. Haven't seen one here.

    Happy Valentines Day!

  22. Patti - I put the snow you didn't get to good use today - awesome to ski through it! (Not a lot but even 4-5" counts!) Today, I rode the lift with with a young guy who is something of a celebrity in our mountain communities. He's a Meteorologist who has a winter weather website that is actually pretty accurate for our mountains. Bob & I always thought he was some crusty old retired guy, but he was a cute 30 year old!

  23. AND A VERY HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to you Too, my dear Patti....
    Sorry the snow was so meager...But, it's only almost the middle of February....There could be more....Here's Hoping!!!

  24. So sorry honey for your lower lip drooping. If I had the money I would send you to one of those states that gets snow all the time. haha
    Now me that little patch would of been more than enough for me. lol
    Not sure about that beautiful bird. I think it is some kind of sparrow but I would have to get my book out and see if I can find one like this.
    I will do that later tonight.
    Just thinking of you and hoping you had a good Valentines.
    Sending you much love

  25. Never saw a white crowned sparrow how cool, well even a light dusting of snow was better than an ice storm, I remember those all too well in Arkansas, we got down to 21 here and now it's supposed to be 80 today.

  26. Nitwit,
    Yesterday, you could not even tell it had snowed. Even the shady spots were bare. So glad you got some anyway. Those big flakes are so pretty.

    So sorry you were missed also. Like you, now I can really enjoy it but nada.

    What can pout better than a cat? They own haughty pout. Glad the kitty amused you as it did me.

    Lucky you, did you get some inside info on the ride up? I do envy your access to beautiful snow so much. Guess I will just have to settle for your great pictures.

    I am hoping Naomi. We have a mild climate anyway so the chances are really dwindling. My 6 year old is still looking to the sky.

    Grandma Yellow Hair,
    Thanks Maggie for the sweet thought. Sometimes I think I stopped too soon as I headed north. Maybe someday.

    Linda Starr,
    Oh yes, I was introduced to an ice storm my first year. I kind of enjoyed it for unlike Florida when the power goes out for hurricanes, you can put your food outside in coolers and nothing is lost and if you have back up heat, it is an adventure.

  27. I think you may have to go to Alaska for snow this year. From what I can figure out, no one has had any..... Montana included. I'm not pouting but guess I should be because that will mean forest fires this summer.

  28. We had to head over to the coast on Sunday, so missed the bit of snow that supposedly (our neighbor says) came our way on Monday morning. It was gone by afternoon, and when we arrived home on Tuesday, there wasn't even a hint of it anywhere.

    Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day. You and your white-crowned sparrow!

  29. We only got a little snow that did not hang around. Like you I get all excited when there is only a glimmer of hope. Heck we hoped all summer for any amount of rain with the same anticipation.

    Loved Nezzy's description of ice...slicker than snot on a goat's glass eye. It don't get any slicker than that.

    Glad you found out about your bird. We've had some around here I don't know what they are and haven't gotten a photo of them yet.

    Hope your day is a good one.

  30. We got a bit more- 3 and 1/2 inches, but it was leaving town as fast as it got here...grands couldn't even make decent snowmen out of it. Poo!
    I've seen that bird, but don't know what it is.

  31. Hi There, Just stopping by to say HI.... Hope you had a great Valentine's Day. We had a great trip--but it's nice to get home. I'm trying to catch up on some blog posts...

    Glad you finally got some snow. We certainly haven't had much this winter either... Oh Well.


  32. Gosh! Do the Marlins say that too? I thought it was the Cubs that always said, "There's always next year."

    Sorry about the lack of snow. I wish my daughter could cart some over from Chicago for you.

  33. Manzanita,
    Oh, I am sorry to hear that. Fire season used to terrify me in Florida. Fortunately, no snow here but we have had a lot of rain. Wish I could send you some.

    Same thing happened here. The next day, even the rare pockets were gone. Sorry you missed the brief show.

    Amber Star,
    Nezzy has more unusual expressions than any blogger I visit. She is so creative.
    I'm thinking both our chances of snow this year are almost gone.

    Southwest Arkie,
    Well at least you got a nice covering, no matter how brief. Anything over 2 inches pleases me.
    Do ya think that was it?

    I know you love snow as much as I do. Been a meager winter this year. Hope that doesn't mean a nasty 100+ summer. Oh well.

    The Marlins have two speeds, World Series chanps-we did it twice- or bottom feeding. I feel for Cubby fans.

  34. Well we had a bit too,not enough to even bring a shovel out.

  35. Kleinste Motte
    Goodness, I thought sure you would have gotten some.
    My snow shovel is moldering also.

  36. We get our snow about once every ten years....so we have six more to go. I do enjoy the snow...especially the big fluffy flaky kind.

  37. Oh, dang! We got a bit overnight, but this has been another year of hardly any snow for us too.

    I'm no help with the bird ID either.

    Hope your week is awesome!

    Kathy M.

  38. Jerry,
    Once every ten years?? Wow when it happens the town must shut down.

    You too?? I am so sorry.