Thursday, February 9, 2012


Recently I have discovered a TV show that I have consciously avoided for several years. Possibly  there was another show I preferred on at the same time slot but most likely the premise just didn't appeal to me. Now it has become my guilty pleasure.

According to Wikipedia “A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. The “guilt” involved is sometimes simply fear of others discovering one's lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing taste.”

The show recently hit syndication and appeared to be on everywhere, at any time of day. I was at first annoyed then curious. When its lead actor, Jim Parsons, won an Emmy, then a Golden Globe, I thought perhaps I should give it a try. Maybe I was missing something. So I dabbled.

That is how I became a Big Bang Theory fan. I am now quite caught up in the band of geeks with their quite clever and snarky humor. It has become a can't miss show.  I am beginning to think I might be a closet nerd wannabe.

I really have become fond of the character of Sheldon(the award winner) who is a caricature of an anal retentive, gone round the bend, nerd.  As a house guest, I would kill him, on TV he is a delight. Besides humor, he brought something else into my life.

One particular show, Sheldon was in the laundry room folding laundry while talking to his neighbor Penny. He was using a gadget that fascinated me to the point of ignoring the plot.

He would lay his shirts on a hinged board, then with rapid flip moves, he perfectly folded a shirt to department store perfection. He did several shirts rapidly in this manner while talking. I was amazed. So much so that I backed up the segment to see it again. I wanted one.

People say they hate doing laundry but in actuality they don't. I mean really, beating clothes on rocks is so yesterday.  A machine does all the work so the washing part is a breeze. What we really hate is folding. This little gadget, besides appearing to work to perfection, looked like great fun to use.

Yep I have ordered my own Flip Folder and can't wait to tidy up my tee shirt and blouse drawer. I may check to see if my neighbors need their shirts folded. Maybe open a shirt folding business?? Oh yeah, it also does towels and slacks.

Nope, I have no monetary interest in this product, just fascination. This is just an FYI segment. Hope it is helpful. At least my guilty pleasure has introduced me to a labor saving, fun device. That takes some of the “guilt” out of my viewing.

OK, I have bravely introduced you to my guilty pleasure. Do you have one??


  1. Wow. That folder thingy looks fantastic. So simple, yet practical. I need one. I have never watched your show. I guess I don't have enough nerd in me to be interested.

  2. Yoy are SO right. It is the folding and/or hanging of clothes that have finished drying. My dryer even has a "fluff" cycle (my word) which continues to tumble the clothes at specified intervals after dried, until I turn it off and sometimes fold immediately. If not immediately that cycle just wastes electricity......

    I have not watched the show you mentioned, but I am into Swamp People, Dance Moms (I could wring the instructor's neck and some of the Mom's) and the GOLD RUSH, the latter caught my interest after visiting Lead, South Dakota.

    Not much on TV worth watching these days. I avoid the children's modeling/pageant show (Tiaras) as I personally know several young women who started those kinds of pageants in their childhood who became bulemic/anorexic when their mothers told them they were too fat. I may be fat the rest of my life, but I will never be anorexic.

    Both are destructive, but often anorexia/bulimia kills quite young, renders a female unable to conceive, etc, etc. and they impose their behavior on their children if they are so lucky to have some.

  3. I am addicted to "The Waltons", watch 2-3 shows a day. This week I added "Designing Women" to the old TV mix.

    However, this is not a guilty pleasure, everyone knows how much I like old TV shows. (not much on today that I like)

  4. Watching reruns of NCIS is my guilty pleasure. I may have seen the show several times before, but it always makes me smile since I love the characters so much.

    I watched the Flip Folder and you're right, it does look like a great tool! I've never watched that show, but I've heard good things about it.

  5. I have recently started watching The Big Bang Theory, too. It's actually hard to avoid it--seems like it is on at all time slots on some channel. My real guilty pleasure, though, is Project Runway. I always thought I would just die if anyone knew I watched it, but here I am admitting it. Don't tell anyone else, though!

  6. I thought I'd gotten pretty good at folding shirts when my son was in college years ago and would come home with 30 or so T-shirts (plus the other stuff) for me to wash, dry and fold. This gadget looks like a real time saver, but I'm still pretty quick after all that practice! Have a great day!

  7. I have never seen that show, but my daughter's first boyfriend worked at the Nike store and they used one there. They are awesome! But I don't think I would have the patience to use one at home. It would only take the kids about 2 seconds to mess them up again anyway.

  8. I never heard of a flip folder before. Looks fascinating. I wouldn't use it, because I don't own any shirts, but I should get one for David, who has tons of Tshirts.

  9. I LOVE that device! I don't watch "Big Bang", but have seen an episode here and there---and it is good! BUT....the Folding gadget is FANTASTIC!!!
    I don't know if I have any guilty pleasures---there are a few things I watch that I am ashamed to admit to---"The REAL (HA) Housewives Of Beverly Hills"....It is like watching a train wreck--I cannot look away. I don't watch any of the others in that franchise---only B.H. There. I've said it. I feel cleansed...!

  10. That looks wonderful. I doubt I would use it, but my mom would think it was great. I will have to get her one.

  11. I hope you won't think I am an anal retentive nerd if I tell you I had one of those years ago. It was in the factory where I worked as an inspector who packed panties into boxes for transit to department stores.

    Worse than that, I was married to a Marine who taught me how to fold his freshly laundred clothes for the big IG instections. Did you know that's what Marines have wives for?

    Now you know why I divorced him and began buying stuff you can take out of the dryer and hang on hangers.

    Actually, I had a guy leave me once because he thought I was to neat, but he was an Army guy.

    See what you have unleashed in me today?? Or is that unfolded??


  12. How interesting. Let us know how this adventure works out. I might even check out that TV program.

  13. the foldy thing looks cool. my daughter needs one for the kids clothes. she spends hours folding the clothes that they have her wash, which I can honestly say have not all been worn, just thrown down. poor dear, she's not nearly as mean as her mom was.
    as to a guilty pleasure, I watch what my hubby calls bitch tv in the form of the housewives of beverly hills. I agree with oldold lady of the's like watching a train wreck and I just can't look away. the rest of the family just shake their heads and ask me why I want to watch folks being nasty to each other???? beats me, I just keep on watching to see who does what to who?

  14. That is cool! I've never seen such a thing. Glad you like your "new" show.

    I am hooked on "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" re-runs and CSI re-runs. Don't know where I was all those years, but I have just started watching them a couple of months ago, lol. I haven't watched the Big Bang Theory, but it is on all the time as re-runs and maybe I will now.

    Thanks for the tip!

  15. I have read about this show, but never watched it. I may just watch it now.

  16. Did you get my comment? Looked away for a moment, and now I don't know if it needs your approval first.

  17. Amazing, Patti! I also hate folding!

  18. Firstly I too avoided the programme until I actually could not escape an episode Vicki was watching ...I watched a second ...and was hooked.
    Not sure what my guilty pleasure is because I never feel guilty about watching programmes or lusting after bad boys a third of my age lol...maybe the fact I watch EVERY CSI, Cold Case, Without a Trace etc etc over and over even if they are series 1 makes mr feel a tiny bit guilty.
    Spending money on things that bring me pleasure and then I feel guilty I have not saved it for somthing practical maybe fits the bill .. sort wait my only real guilty pleasure WAS getting a box of good yummy chocolates ...and a very large mug of black coffee ...and eating the lot slowly but in one go. First it was the silent gall stone that only allowed me to eat about 6 but now with being diabetic one is a treat no real pleasure as it is gone before you know it. xx

    A friend once showed mr how to fold shirts using just 2 moves ...several times ...but I forgot lol Good luck with your board.

  19. You're right... that is amazing! I wonder if that is how they fold stuff by the 100,000 when clothes are manufactured??? (Ha, I see that one of the comments says that they do!) Would something like that sort out a newspaper, I am incapable of reading one of those without it ending up in a tangle all over the floor.

    We have a cure for TV addiction... an aerial that doesn't pick up a signal..., or the few that it does gather and scramble, indicate that there is a constant fall of snow in a black and white world somewhere. It is a world that is populated by blurry things that may/maynot be a humanoid life form. It is such an odd spectacle, that... if I am not careful, I may find myself in front of it for quite some time....

  20. I am still laughing over the snippet that you posted. Actually, I think I'll get one for my husband. His folding drives me crazy. Sometimes he will get my clothes out of the dryer, bring them to me to be put away, and say, "I folded them nicely for you." He is so kind, but you should see how they are folded. It is an improvement over how he deals with his own laundry. He wads it up and puts it in a drawer or on the shelf of his closet.

    He uses one of these folders when he travels.

    I haven't watched the series. I may have to check it out.

  21. gosh, I haven't ever watched that show because I've convinced myself it is 'stupid' but the contraption foldy thingy looks interesting...oh guilty pleasure...I'll have to think of that one; besides ice cream, don't know if I have one that would fit the TV category...

  22. I've been a Big Bang Theory fan for a long time. I like to watch reruns of shows long gone - remember Murder She Wrote?

  23. No TV that's out. One of my many jobs had folding shirts as part of the work. They taught me how to do it...simple & fast.

  24. Rae
    Isn't it cool. I didn't think I had either but I surprised myself.

    I haven't seen the first two but I have seen Gold Rush. I agree that Toddlers and Tiaras is really sick. What are those parents thinking?

    Miss Dazey,
    When Waltons first aired, I wouldn't have been caught dead watching it. Now I enjoy it.

    Good choice. My favorite on that is McGee. Everyone else seems to prefer Tony.
    I won't watch reruns but enjoy first runs.

    It was hard to avoid. So glad you enjoy it also. You are playing this game right with your confession.I promise not to tell.

    Sounds like you have all ready reached professional status. Maybe your son could use one.

    Mom of 12,
    That gives me encouragement that it was used by a store. The finished product does looks store like.

    It does seem to work best on shirts but I have seen it used for towels also.

    Isn't it neat? It stole the show for me.
    I have never watched any of the real housewives. Maybe I will give it at least a try.

    Sounds like a neat gift.Blog about it if you do get her one.

    Wow, you are the first panty packer I have ever met:)
    I was married to a week end warrior and those uniforms were a pain.

    Give it a try. If you don't like it, you have lost nothing.

    Linda in NM
    They make a Junior for younger folks.
    Well, we have two votes for the housewives. I haven't yet but may now.

    Oregon gifts,
    It is kind of neat when you discover a show late like you did SVU. Then you have an endless supply of reruns that you haven't seen before.

    Ha, I do the same thing you did and am not sure if I have posted my comment. You came through loud and clear. Thanks for trying again.

    Reader Wil,
    Folding sure takes the fun out of laundry day doesn't it?

    Oh good, another person who got hooked.
    So sorry your guilty pleasure of chocolate has been so very limited. So unfair.

    In a way I envy you. I do wish I had no reception here either. I'd get a lot more done.

    Retired English Teacher,
    From the looks of it, he can't go wrong with that gadget.

    That was the exact catagory I had put the show in before watching it. Guess I am just as stupid as they are for they do make me laugh.

    I knew you had class. And yes, I loved Murder She Wrote originally and do watch some today.

    Ah ha, another professional shirt folder. No need for gadgets for you. You are so lucky not to have TV. It is a not so cool temptation.

  25. Hi Patti, I don't watch that show --but we have our share of crazy shows which we enjoy... We watch mostly dramas --and there are some which my mother may not approve of. I love "The Good Wife" --but there are some steamy scenes in there sometimes... Oh Well...


  26. Love Sheldon- he is so funny. DH and I watch this and NCIS in the evenings. I can fold shirts- it's fitted sheets that do me in.

  27. I love the Big Bang Theory also! Sheldon is hysterical...

    I am trying to think of what my guilty pleasure is and the only thing I can come up with is food based novels that aren't really great art, but fun to read. I love all those books that center on food with very else in the way of plot...

    I download and read one every once in a while on a snowy Sunday with a glass of wine....



  28. Hmmm... I think I'm going to take a pass on that one. My husband hangs all his t-shirts. :-)

  29. Came back with another guilty pleasure confession...

    Gordon Ramsey...

  30. Betsy,
    I like that show also. Your mom would most likely be appalled by most TV today. Language and content is definitely adult.

    Southwest Arkie,
    He is brilliant in the role he plays.
    If we could invent a fitted sheet folder we could give Bill Gates a run for his money.

    Rocky Mountain Woman,
    I do agree totally. The guy can crack me up with a twitch.
    Looking at your guilty pleasures, I see a pattern imerging. Sadly I had to Google Gordon Ramsey.

    As well trained as you have Art, you don't need gadgets. He really is a dandy fellow. Lucky you.

  31. I don't have a flip folder but I am quite proud to say I can fold a tee shirt just like the flip. Maybe we have too many tee shirts and I've had a lot of practice. Happens when you retire.

  32. I have never watched the show but have seen the commercials. I was surprised there was actually one of those folders available to the public. That is pretty cool. Hope you post and let us know how you like it when it arrives. Hugs

  33. I watch criminal intent and all kinds of those types of show on TV. Ha, not so guilty though. I hate folding too I just shove them in the dresser.

  34. N C Mountainwoman,
    I can fold, just not wild about it and this thing looks like fun, which I am all for. I seem to have a lot of tees also. Great for gardening.

    I will let you know. I didn't realize till I posted that it was used in the industry.

    Linda Starr,
    So sorry you don't have a "guilty" pleasure. They are such fun. Folding really does give you a ton more room and keeps the wrinkles at bay.

  35. this is just to funny i found this, i have on my desk waiting for me to finish it, a post on this show. my title is I have a Secret. I love this show and your story is exactly like mine. i laughed until i almost fell out of bed when i watched the show of Sheldon folding clothes. i love him and am glad to have found one person that admits to liking the show. i will put a link to this post from mine.

  36. Let me know how it works. I hate folding T shirts. I hate folding almost anything, LOL.

  37. Watched "The Big Bang Theory" for the first time last night. It is very funny. Glad you mentioned it. Our guilty pleasure: NCIS.

  38. It's interesting how we all have different tastes. My kids enjoy this show but I find it irksome. I feel like they work too hard for the laughs.
    You're brave to share a "guilty pleasure" with us so I'll do the same and say that I love all the reruns of CSI.

  39. Sandra,
    Thank you so much for stopping by. I must say, we have only just met but I really admire your taste:) I will check your blog for your "secret" post. Thank you for the shout out.

    Me too and I'll let you know.

    I am so glad you gave it a try. It does tickle my funny bone. I don't think you need to feel guilty about NCIS.

    Think being in my second childhood helps. I wore out on regular CSI but like the NY and Miami versions.

  40. I have watched this show and laughed myself silly. Wish I would take the time to watch it more often since I do like the show.
    Never have I seen this folder and I had to click replay several times to see it again. What a great tool.
    Be sure and do a post about it when you get it.
    Of course I laughed thinking about you getting so crazy with it that you would take in folding. But you are right getting clothes out of the dryer and putting them away is the worst part.
    One of my guilty pleasures is watching that silly show Hot in Cleveland. Crazy show
    Take care honey and enjoy your week

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  42. Oh The Big Bang Theory is one of our favorites! We love it and have watched it since it came on a long time ago. I remember that episode in the laundry room very well. The flip folder is a tool to do the folding. My husband, also known as the engineer, figured out how to fold a t-shirt from this video and frankly I'm a little disappointed in Sheldon needint a tool to help him.

    There is an english version.

    Happy folding. I haven't figured this out and would need the folding helper, too.

  43. Being total Lord of the Rings nerds we laughed to tears over the Big Bang satire/homage.

    We record most of the shows we watch regularly so we can fast forward the ads.

    We also love a lot of Brit Coms....they're usually a lot snarkier than USA comdies.

  44. Grandma Yellow Hair,
    I love Hot in Cleveland. Betty White cracks me up, I'd watch anything she is in. That you watch the Big Bang also just shows you have great taste.

    Reader Wil,
    Oh my and here I thought you all were having such a severe winter. Nothing is normal anywhere.

    Amber Star,
    Ah yes another person with great taste. I checked that link. That is really clever but I think I like the idea of a gadget. Gadgets are my weakness.

    I think we may be in the majority now. So glad so many also like that super funny show.
    I am a huge fan of the Brit rerun of As Time Goes By. It is LOL for me. I do like English humor.

  45. That is so neat. Please tell us if this thing really works as advertised.

  46. I haven't seen that show, but I have seen that folding gadget on TV.

  47. Jerry,
    I sure will, can't wait to get it. Now I am sorry I gave away so many tees during my purge.

    I understand stores use them too.