Thursday, February 2, 2012


I think most of you who come here know I am a liberal Democrat but not a person really interested in arguing politics. I pretty much ignore the rabid nonsense that consumes the nightly news. I am quite content to let them all slug it out and will wait for the national election to let myself be heard. I have no voice in what is happening now anyway.

I try never to debate politics nor religion. The only winner in those discussions are the makers of high blood pressure and acid reflux medicines. Some of my best friends have opposite views to mine and we get along just fine as long as we ignore the danger zones. Just wish they wouldn't flood my in box with all those hate emails.

Today, as the hubbub swirls, I kind of long for Dave--- my very favorite Republican. What a joy this political season would be if there were more Daves.

Dave was my boss years ago and was a lonely Republican in a state that was at that time, largely Democrat. He so good naturedly accepted his role as a minority voter that he was loved by all us knee jerk  liberals.  He use to single me out and say he might not get to vote for the winner but he could at least cancel my vote.

Being Republican was not the only windmill he tilted. Dave was also a staunch Green Bay Packer fan when it wasn't easy being one. At that time, the Pack was definitely not back. He mourned the losses but was jubilant with the rare wins.

His last windmill was the gold mine stock from Canada he was holding. He bought it at $45.00 a share and had plunged to 38 cents by the time he came to work for us. Did he sell?? Nope. The beauty of Dave was his patient loyalty. Pretty sure he still holds that paper, absolutely certain that someday-----.

Dave took a lot of good natured ribbing about his windmills with grace and a big grin. He lived on hope and had no doubt that someday his vote would count, the Packers would have a winning season and there would be a massive gold vein found in his Canadian mine.

The president of the bank, Bob, was always exchanging practical jokes with Dave. One time however, I thought he perhaps went too far. While in New York for a conference, Bob as a joke, paid for a years subscription to The Daily Worker—a Communist newspaper, in Dave's name.

Bob was thoughtful enough to disguise Dave's name. The subscription was in the fake name of David Runcyclovitch. Runcyclovitch was a Russianing of Dave's Anglo name.

This was during the cold war and knowing Dave was the quintessential flag waving patriot, it should have really angered him. But it didn't. In fact he was quite pleased to more or less go undercover into the communist party by reading their newspaper. Know thy enemy sort of thing.

You really couldn't ruffle this fellow.  Dave loved a good practical joke and he gave Bob credit of having pulled off a beauty.  Months later, Bob's prank backfired.

One day Dave came running into the bank waving a sheet of paper. He was positively glowing. At that time, the Democrats were trying to select a candidate for president. Those primaries weren’t much prettier than what is going on today. I was a bit undecided between the two leading candidates.

Dave all but stood on a desk to read the letter he had received. He was holding a coffin nail for one of the candidates that was written on official stationary.

The letter was from one of the front runners, requesting money and support. Not unusual, even I got those, except this letter had been addressed to David Runcyclovitch. That candidate was obviously soliciting money from a listing of The  Daily Worker's subscription list.

There was no other spin we could come up with here. He was seeking Communist money which at that time was not a good thing. Tisk tisk and during a cold war yet. Dave had caught our guy's greedy ambition in print.

That day I learned that some politicians will do, say, curry, solicit, or kiss any one's behind in order to win.  I lost my political innocence and gained a sour taste for most of the men who want to lead nations. 

I had always suspected they weren't quite right to want the job, then I learned they would do what ever it took to get it.  That year I voted for the guy that did not send Dave a letter. 

Today I think of Dave and smile. While I don't think his gold mine ever came in, the Packers are back and his state now has a really healthy Republican population. Too bad we are no longer in the same state. Then I could enjoy my vote canceling out his.


  1. Great post.....amusing and thoughtful.

    Here in New England we know about long dry spells for sports teams...Bosox....last year's meltdown was regarded as same old, same old by the old timers....and don't forget that for many years the Pats were the bad news bears of football. (Friends who had tickets 5th row on the 50 yd. line from almost the beginning...lived with a lot of they are courted!)

    I also ignore politics, it's not worth fighting about!.....But that's a great story about fund raising!

  2. That is a really good story and a lesson for many of us to learn. I too am totally unimpressed with most politicians but also wonder how it got that way. Where are the idealists who would NEVER have done these things? I don't exactly ignore politics, but I don't expect much from it, either. :-)

  3. I, like you, steer clear of politics and religion. I really have no respect for any politician ...they say what they think you want to hear inorder to get your vote ...then usually do the opposite ...OK there may be one or two that are honest but they are hard to find....your Dave would have been one in a million ...yes I agree there should be far more of men like him but would they survive over those that are untrustworthy in so many ways.
    As for religion ...well I think all that needs to be said is come there are so many wars in the name of religion .... when most profess to be against violance .... I'll shut up now before I loose you as a friend lol.

    Great story ...Dave sounded such a nice man. xx

  4. That is a wonderful story. And now I understand why the pharmaceutical companies have such a vested interest in politics...blood pressure and acid reflux.

  5. I don't love politics either, but I do vote every year. I'm kind of leaning toward Mitt Romney just because I know he is a take-charge, get-it-done sort of guy. We saw that when he took over the Olympics here in Salt Lake City. I've kind of given up on believing that the person in office can really make that much difference.

  6. Great story! I too avoid paying too much mind to politics. I have seen nice people turn sour listening to political tirades on the radio all day. I make a difference when I can by voting.

  7. Oh you are wicked, canceling Dave's vote.

    I am truly an Independent, although many people think I am a Republican, I never have been one. I don't belong to any party and have not ever. My husband is confused. He worked in Hillary's campaign and then he worked in McCain's campaign. You have to love a guy who is that flexible.

    This time around he is for Mitt but I am waiting until November to decide if I am going to cancel his vote. I have already sent money to the Democrat running for the Senate here in VA. David supports the Republican.

    Mom got me interested in supporting Democrats, but I fell off the straight and narrow path decades ago. I even voted Republican a couple of times. I too worked for a Republican congressman and he was one of the best folks I ever knew. He took me around and introduced me to many of his Democrat friends, including Paul Simon of Illinois, one of the best men to ever be in the US Congress.

    Vote the man, that's what I say. I probably would have voted for your boss.


  8. I'd like to know who the letter sender was...

    Good post and I agree.

    Yesterday's Komen announcement and the senators who introduced the bill for ultrasounds for women and subsequent amendment to have men have rectal and cardiac exams for erectile dysfunction before getting meds... gets m'dander up.

    I can remember liking Republicans. well? ... I'm almost sure I did.

    The only way I'd vote Republican ever again is if Hillary switched...


  9. Patti I love this post about Dave. Sounds like a terrific man to have been friends with.
    I too am not interested in aruging politics. Never have been that way. I guess that was one reason I did not enjoy going to the debates with my boss. But it was an experience. I have no use for men like we have fighting for the job of running our country. Of course, I would never say that to my boss. haha
    We need more people like Dave and you.
    Love ya

  10. I guess the moral of the story is that no party is immune from bozos. Although most of the time I vote for the Democrats, I have been known to wander. I try to evaluate the individual. But I have to say this year the Republicans get the prize for scraping the bottom of the barrel. Where do they find these people?!

  11. What a nice post. Oh that all of us could have such a healthy attitude about politics.

  12. No comment my dear, except to say that your friend Dave sounds like a vey unusual wonderful huy! We need more people like Dave....! Great Story.

  13. What a likeable guy! I bet he and I would have hit it off as I like gold, the Packers, and and and...!!! Can't say I liked Sarah Palin, what a goofy Republican! I believe she is the reason McCain lost. Poor choice of a VP, if you ask me.

  14. I agree with you that there is no point in discussing politics and religion. It is what it is and best left at that. I have republican friends too and we have decided to agree to disagree on the issues. Right now, though, I am wildly curious to find out what these friends think of the current republican candidates, but so far, I have managed to keep my mouth shut.

  15. My husband & I are Democrats & all 3 of our children are Republicans--go figure!! At least they have minds of their own.

  16. What a wonderful post. Yep, Farm Boy and I were discussin' the upcomin' election here Tuesday, I wish we had some Daves!

    Great post sweetie!

    God bless and have a joyous day!!! :o)

  17. In this part of the world we do receive quite a lot of news about American politics (and sometimes not all that much about our own....). I think it all depends who owns the media at the time, and how much they bend to political leaders... domestic and international! I used to be quite interested in politics about 20 or 30 years ago, and there were some real, larger than life, characters in power here at the time... sometimes drunk or mad, always memorable!!. We seem now to be governed by bland people in grey suits with 2.4 children, and all utterances penned by PR people, and actions governed by shadowy minders. Where have all our orators and eccentrics gone??!!

    Anyway, I'm happy to be wrestling with blobs of wet clay, and sitting up with my kiln at night...

    Funny you've had so little winter.... I rather think that it came and joined us for "summer" down here. P xx

  18. I suspect that regardless of political affiliation, most of us want pretty much the same things. But most of the politicians do, too. I'm starting to think that what we want and what they want don't look very similar.

  19. Dave sounds like a great guy. There needs to be more like him. Your post really sums up the whole political process - it's really screwed up.

  20. Great post! I like Dave. We need more people like him in this country.

  21. Loved this wonderful story! We need more Daves in the world.

  22. smartcat
    Thank you. I do appreciate people who are faithful fans when it is not easy to be. The Bosox and Cubby fans set the bar high.

    I don't think the system lets them remain idealistic. Only a few seem to hold true. Such a shame.

    You didn't make me mad, I totally agree with you. And, yes, Dave was and I am sure still is a winner.

    That kind of explains all the pharmacutical lobbyist doesn't it?

    Mom of 12,
    I do believe he is the best of the bunch and I hope he does win the nomination. The others are scary.

    Me to in spades. All this saber rattling is gettin very old.

    Like you I have voted across the aisle. Anymore the intense faith based Reps scare me a bit. You are right, Simon was a real winner. I was sorry he lost his bid.

    Lets just say he was a lion of the senate and served his country very well for many years. It was probably his campaign managers bad move.
    I agree about Hillary.

    Grandma Yellow Hair,
    Aw, thanks. You really got in the trenches didn't you? At least at home, we can turn it off. Still it had to be an interesting experience for you.

    I have crossed the line also in my years of voting. This year's crop really is depressing.

    I agree. Think we would live longer and healthier if we could.

    Yes we do Naomi. Thanks.

    You really do have a lot in common.
    Sarah was a great choice, till the public got to know her. Yikes.

    I would be curious also. Maybe you can have a neutral party ask them.

    Thanks, he was a very likable fellow that everyone enjoyed being around.

    That does say a lot about them being free thinkers but also says a lot about the parents who raised them to be such.

    Thank you. This year may be aggrivating but we sure can't say it is boring.

    Oh no, our dirty laundry is being shown in NZ?? Poor Peter, though if you are missing the crazies,I glad we can entertain. Just once it would be nice to have some bland candidates.
    Crazy weather world wide.

    Linda Myers,
    You are right. Sometimes I think we are not even in the equation the way the politicians think.

    I used to have hopes but each election seems to get more bizzare. We need Daves on both sides.

    Retired English Teacher,
    I wish he had been fruitful and multiplied but unfortnately he and his wife were childless. Some great genes were stopped in their tracks I fear.

    Thanks, I think so too.

  23. Great post, Patti. I'm memorizing your line about who benefits from arguements about politics and religion. I avoid those arguements my self, feeling that I already have enough ailments to raise big pharmos obscene profits.

  24. Hi Patti, We need more Dave's in the world, don't we? I have voted both ways all through the years... Daddy was a Republican and Mom was a Democrat. They never talked politics...

    I married a man interested in politics--so I have learned alot.. I also know that both parties are out-of-touch when it comes to our country and its needs... We need an entire NEW system. Don't think that will ever happen. I truly think it's best to be educated about what they all stand for and then go from there...


  25. Hah! I am a liberal living in THE MOST CONSERVATIVE STATE IN THE UNION, so I can feel Dave's pain. I agree with what Mr. Obama said the other night, something to the effect that he was going to wait and see who was left on the island before he started worrying about it!

    I steer clear of political debates, it is just so much booyah IMHO...

  26. I'm like you, I speak with my vote. (And occasionally yell at the TV) :)

  27. Dave sounds like the kind of guy I could vote for!

  28. Gee, if he lives in NC, I'll cancel his for you. :)

    For years, I was quiet about politics until I realized that often silence was interpreted as "like-minded." Once I was at a dinner and the guy next to me was so obnoxious in what he was saying--assuming that everyone else shared his views--I finally said, "I would like to disclose that I am a tree hugger." He answered, "And I sit to the right of Attilla the Hun."

    We sat down at different tables. :)

  29. Troutbirder,
    Smart man TB. It is not like any of these arguments can be won anyway.

    Too bad they don't always tell the truth so we never really know what we are getting.
    We can hope for the best.

    Poor baby. What an awful way to live. You do understand Dave. Do what he did and pick out someone you can cancel out in the voting booth till your state loosens up.

    Southwest Arkie,
    Ha, I usually spend the news time devoted to politics on the computer. It is just too much for me.

    He would server either party well.

    Mary Lee
    You are right. If they keep on showing their behinds, I will speak up also. Separate tables sounds like a good idea.

  30. I agree with the consensus that we need many more Daves. He is a good one.

    I'm the other Democrat in the room. My husband is Republican and also my son, my youngest daughter is a Democrat and the oldest daughter just wants to know how her hair looks. :D

    I loved the story about the Commie newspaper. That is something else.
    I grew up during that time and I feel no need to be pc about it.

    We watched "Moneyball" tonight and it is good. Won't say anymore in case you are thinking of renting it. It is way worth a dollar or two.

  31. Oh Patty! This was such a fun, very well written post. I love people like Dave. Than you for telling us about him. He must have been very well loved.... even if he was a Republican. Just kidding. I think my husband has a stock like that for an electric company in the USSR. Tsk...

  32. I quit watching the news especially the political parts, too much BS for me too. Dave had a good attitude though I could take a lesson or two from him.

  33. You rock. I love the way you write:)
    The way the election campaigns go on and on is costly and really doesn't achieve a better outcome than in many other places. Names on mailing lists still are not checked for accuracy. There are many offices with subscriptions but they cannot vote. Bet they get asked for support too.
    Would be nice if less time and money were wasted.
    I think we live in a new world. Old ways must change cause many no longer care to be a part of a system that is so full of negatives.

  34. My husband and I always cancel out each other's votes. I feel exactly as you do about politics. I pay no attention to it until the final election, and not much even then.

  35. Amber Star,
    You must have some interesting conversations.
    Yes, I plan to see Moneyball. Brad Pitt and baseball is purely win/win.

    Aw, thanks so much.
    You know if all investors were like Dave and Art, there would never be a market crash. They certainly don't panic.

    Linda Starr,
    We all could on both sides of the fence.

    Kleine Motte
    Wow, thanks so much. Here I thought I was too old to rock:) I do feel sorry for the young voters coming up. They must be so turned off by the bad behavior of our politicians.

    Not much we can do about it anyway till then. You much have some interesting conversations with hubby.

  36. What fun to remember your good friend like you did. I wish there were more Republicans like him.

  37. Patti, this is a wonderful story! I think that you should sumbit it somewhere.

    Dave sounds like a great guy.

    Have a wonderful week,

    Kathy M.

  38. Ginnie,
    I wish there were more like him in both parties. Political backstabbing is hard to take.

    Thank you so much for thinking so and yes he was.