Monday, February 6, 2012


Have you ever been hypnotized, would you like to be, do you think you could be, or do you think it is a bunch of rubbish?? For a change, I am asking my questions first.

I guess I have always been fascinated but secretly felt I couldn't be hypnotized. As a child, I heard that the more intelligent you were, the harder it would be to reach a hypnotic state.

Not wanting to appear weak minded, I always stated pompously that it was an impossibility for me. I have since learned differently. I would probably go down like a rock.

In my late 20's I briefly trained as a dental assistant. Why it didn't work out I wrote about here. The gore really didn't bother me and trust me, it can be a quite messy from the other side of the chair.

My main problem with the job was that whenever he was preparing to work on children and I saw the child gripping the chair arms and whimpering in fear, I crashed to the floor unconscious taking all the instruments with me.

Of course seeing me crumple to the floor only increased the terror for the children. I really was such a wuss.

While it was not to be my life's work, it did introduce me to the power of the mind. This dentist practiced hypnosis on his patients who were willing. Every one else got needles. 


I wasn't with him long enough to see him hypnotize anyone but I did get to see the results of his teachings. He taught his patients to hypnotize themselves, to put themselves into a totally relaxed state where pain was not allowed to enter.

I inwardly scoffed but was soon to see an actual demonstration. A teen age girl was our patient one day. He put her in the reclining chair, a moment of quiet reassurance , then he dimmed the lights and turned on some soft music. He and I left her alone for about 10 minutes.

When we returned for him to do a root canal, she was responsive but like in another place. Her eyes were closed and her face completely relaxed. My cutie pie dentist (I forgot to mention he was movie star handsome) then proceeded with his work and she never flinched.

She had been coming to him for over a year with a really bad mouth from neglect. She hated the needles in the beginning and begged him for another way. He held classes for those interested after work hours. She was one of his best pupils.

I truly wish I had been able to handle the anxious children part of the job and could have stayed long enough to learn his techniques. Now that I think about it, I should have tried to have him hypnotize me out of my phobia of seeing children in fear. Hindsight is so interesting.

I have recently thought that hypnosis might help with my sleep problems, appetite control and arthritis pain. Gee, I'm kind of asking a lot aren't I?

So I repeat my earlier question regarding hypnosis. Have you ever been, would you like to be, do you think you could be, or do you think it is a bunch of rubbish? Any input will be welcome.


  1. I had "sleep therapy" a few years ago. I am not sure that the psychologist who led the group did hypnosis per se, but she did lead us in these deep relaxation exercises that were very helpful at the time. I was never terribly successful at reaching that state on my own though.

  2. I have never been hypnotized, but I would be if I could do it without paying for it. I know it works, and you have seen definite proof of that. The mind is an amazing thing (tool? organ?) to contemplate. I hope you decide to do it and report the results.

  3. I have not been hypnotized but I think it might work. I do have panic attacks and a warm bed with soothing music does a lot to calm me and sometimes I can go to sleep and be ok when I wake up. My grown daughter will also tell me everything is going to be ok in a quiet soothing voice and it makes a big difference. So I guess I think it would work. Give it a try and let us know.

  4. I think that our mines are very powerful. I have no desire to be hypnotized, afraid of it. However, I do believe it helps people, some friends used it to stop smoking.

    Let us know if your try it.

  5. I've never done it, but I'm sure it works and sometimes I think I could do with it because I have terrible fears of dying all the time. I know that sounds dramatic but it is a daily battle for me, and I wonder if being hypnotized would work for me. I'm not into meditation, but I assume that is a different thing?

  6. No I have never been hypnotized, I don't want it either and I am afraid that I will really be a victim of hypnosis. I once heard that if you concentrate on something else by scratching your hand so that it hurts, you cannot be hypnotized. I don't like the idea that I am not in control of my body and mind any more.

  7. I have never been hypnotized but have always been interested in hypnosis. I would not do it to escape pain, however...the dentist and his needles do not scare me at all.

    I would like to be hypnotized to see if it could help me lose weight. Or, sometimes I would like to recall something from my past and cannot...maybe that could help.......but, come to think of it, maybe I would then recall things from my past that are much better being LEFT in my past....

  8. That should be our minds. It seems mine is thinking clearly today.

  9. I tried. After a friend did a group past life regression and remembered being beheaded, I gave it a whirl. I did not experience anything. Maybe I did not want such a memory.

  10. I REALLY need some help getting over my fear of dentists ...mouth is not a pretty site ... but I too could do with pain help and reduction of appetite....Whether it works I just dont know. I have known people who have used it to stop smoking and eating and it works at first...and I have known someone who let himself be hypnotised on a stage had to have truely worked on him because he really did not want to know what he was doing up there. I am not convinced it is a long term thing but might get me to a dentist ...if it were not so expensive. xx

  11. A psychologist once tried to hypnotize me, but failed. That was the first and last time I went to him. I guess the first thing you have to do is to WANT TO BE hypnotized. If you are on your guard or are suspicious or hostile, you can't be hypnotized. At least, that's my theory. Lol.

  12. I'm sure that it works, though I have never been hypnotized before. I think that is wonderful that your cute dentist figured out how to teach others to do that.

    I would say that it is definitely worth a try.

    Take care,

    Kathy M.

  13. I've never tried hypnosis but I believe in it.

  14. I'm not sure about hypnosis, but a lot can be done from a state of mindful relaxation. Roger has had root canals without novacaine. Of course, he likes the nitrous oxide.

    You make me wonder, though, if there is a relationship between diet and sleep. Could you be eating something that keeps you awake?

    (Just wanted to thank you for reviewing some of your Kindle reads. I downloaded two books for my mom that you mentioned on your blog. If you have others that you wouldn't mind emailing me, we'd love know what you're reading:

    robin.andrea13 at gmail dot com.

    Thanks, Patti!)

  15. I tried it once, years ago to stop smoking. It didn't work for me. I had to wait for the Nicorette gum to come out. Only then was I able to quit. Next year, it will be 20 years, but that's another subject. So yes and it didn't work for me.

  16. I have been hypnotized & it works! Tried it to quit smoking, though--no luck.

  17. I paid a hypnotist $500 back in the 70s to help me lose weight. I was about 20 pounds overweight and enjoyed my lifestyle of eating and drinking and since I was now in my 30s and not eating for a day or two no longer produced results! I didn't like dieting at all ... so tried the hypnotist...

    Very beautiful office ... very relaxing with glass walls overlooking a garden. He dimmed the lights and instructed me to look at this pattern on the wall ... it began to spiral. He sat behind me. I was in an extremely comfortable recliner ... I almost went to sleep form that alone!

    He then began to talk very steadily, calmly and in a very low soft comforting voice.

    He did the sterotypical --- relax, think this and that and let your mind be free and open and so forth. I was really enjoying his voice and the setting!

    He then began to tell me that food was my enemy and various other things about food ... I began thinking.. I am paying this guy --$500 for a single working girl in the 70s was a LOT of money --- to tell me that food was not my pal..

    I started to giggle inside ... and tried to stifle it. The more I tried to stifle it ... the more I well... needless to say... I cracked up.

    I turned around and said... listen, I'm sorry but you've got to understand that here I am listening to you tell me what I already know but don't practice and paying you all this money in this gorgeous setting and well...

    I got half my money back... but it was a lesson.

    I suppose the lesson was... I'm too silly to get hypnotized.

    So went to Weight Watchers.

  18. I really don't think I could be hypnotized, but I also know never to say never. I saw a hypnotist on stage once and he called willing participants from the audience. They must have really been under a spell to do the silly things he told them to do! I'd be willing to try hypnosis if it would help me overcome a couple of fears I have.

  19. I think meditation is a form of self-hypnosis. Perhaps we can be our own hypnotists and help ourselves with pain, habit control, etc? I guess your dentist already proved that! In Yoga, I've sometimes been told to "use the breath" to go to the place of resistance. It actually does work, but I think a person must be committed and believe that it can. (I don't think I'm making much sense here, Patti!)

  20. I know this type of therapy works. My friend Susan used it for the birth of her second son and she needed no other drugs. I am so much of a control freak I don't think it would work for me.

    I looked at your old blog on jobs and got so interested I forgot what I was doing and got lost.

    You write well Patti

  21. At one of our high school reunions, the entertainment was a hypnotist. It sure seemed like one of the women was under his power. I think most of them were faking though, just going for the laugh.

  22. It's a fascinating subject. I have never been hypnotized. Not sure that I could be. I am very resistant to not being in control or allowing someone else to control me.

  23. Olga,
    Good to know it can be effective. I guess the mastering it yourself is the hard part. Not sure I could afford someone for every night.

    If I can find someone local, I do plan to try. I also got a book on self hypnosis which I will also try.

    I hope you get a chance to try it. I had a friend who had panic attacks and it almost made her afraid to leave the house. Wish you luck.

    Miss Dazey,
    I am incouraged by the success stories. Thanks. I think I would be very susceptible to it.

    LLCool Joe,
    It is used for phobias and you have a tough one. If it might help you, why not try it.

    Reader Wil,
    You are not alone. A lot of people feel just like you do.

    I think if it would help me, I wouldn't mind knowing. It is a personal thing.

    I have wondered about past regression. Maybe you are a new soul with a clean slate. Wouldn't that be nice.

    My dentist did not charge extra but that was a long time ago. Maybe you could get one to just get you over your fear.

    Think you have nailed it. You have to be open to it and not fearful of losing control or it won't work.

    Oregon gifts,
    If I get the opportunity I really will try. Nothing to lose.

    Actually I think it is a lack of being tired when I go to bed. Retirement is wonderful but not very tiring.
    I will email you to see what her taste is.

    That is funny, I used the gum also and found I was chewing and smoking at the same time. So glad it worked for you.

    All righty now. That is what I wanted to hear. Sorry about the not quitting smoking however. It took me 21 days on pain killers in the hospital after bad surgery to quit. Tough addiction.

    Five hundred bucks?? Now I know why I haven't tried it before. So glad you at least got half your money back.

    I have seen the stage performances also when people crow like chickens. I'll let you know if it works providing I can find a practitioner.

    I too have reached a marvelous level of peace when I took Yoga. Every now and then someone would get too peaceful and start snoring. That would crack up the group and break the spell.

    If it can manage birth pain, it is a winner in my book. I am quite pliable so it would probably work on me.
    Gee thanks so much for the cool compliment.

    Mom of 12,
    I have seen those demonstrations also and wondered how much was real. Everyone "said" they didn't remember anything.

    I would think anyone who likes to be in control would not be a good subject. Guess you get to watch.

  24. I have never been Hypnotized, but have seen first hand at as a teenager--The miracle of Hypnosis...! I don't think I would be a good subject, more because I have a hard time giving up control---and though I understand you are IN control, sort of...The Hypnotist can get you to do silly things and also wake you up and put you back under with one word, etc. etc....
    BUT....I would love to try sometime for some very specific things I would like to work on....Not sure it would work, but, I would like to try...

    I think it is amazing that you would collapse on the floor when you were doing dental work....It would have been interesting to have had Hypnosis back then for that specific problem.....Especially, if it worked!!!

  25. I have been hypnotized during some work I was doing on some problems in my past life...not a previous life. It helped, but it took time to deal with the revalations. Before you do therapy you have to deal with your own demons. I was a social work/psych major. It didn't help me quit smoking or lose weight, but sometimes when I'm having trouble sleeping I can self hynotize and it helps me slip on off. Sometimes...not last night, but then I didn't try.

    From what I've seen and been told by my teachers, people will not do anything that is not in their normal life. People who are hypnotized won't go kill someone if that is not the way they are. If they act like a chicken, well, it takes all kinds, ya know. ;)

  26. I have never been hypnotized nor do I know anyone that has. I have not ever given any thought but now that you asked I don't think I would be interested. I would be afraid if it were successful I may never come out of it. Hugs

  27. No---I have never been hypnotized --but I've seen it done. When I was a teen, we were having a party at MY house. No drinking/no drugs --but just lots of great food that my Mama had made.

    There was one boy at the party who said he could hypnotize people. He asked for some guinea pigs --and two teens volunteered. It was quite interesting --but a little scary... We finally quit --and didn't do it again...


  28. No I have never been hypnotized but I have an opinion - why wouldn't I?
    I think that teenage girl had the ability to disassociate from her self – almost like a person with multiple personality disorder. You might be thinking how would I know such a thing….did you study psychology? Well…no but that doesn’t make me wrong. Now you can try to argue with that logic but that would be just futile and would land on deaf ears. As for you being hypnotized….I have no opinion. Oh, wait a minute, what am I saying I have no opinion? That’s crazy thinking. I have an opinion and frankly I think it is a pretty good one. I think you can be hypnotized if you are willing to…. Ahhh, ahhh….Sorry, I gotta go now.

  29. OOLOH
    I think you do stay in control, but I can see why some people would not want to do it.
    Perhaps in another life I saw my children abused or hurt. Would have been interesting to find out.

    Amber Star,
    Hum interesting that it does help you sleep. That is my goal. My patterns have gotten cattywhampus.

    I think that is why I worry about self hypnosis. Who will be there to wake you up:))

    Interesting that a teen could learn do other people. Guess it wasn't a fun experience.

    Maybe, but I think multiple personality disorder dissociation isn't voluntary. I did once have an outof body experience from pain. It wasn't voluntary but necessary.

  30. I've been hypnotized twice; once to stop smoking prior to a long plane flight to Hawaii and once at work to assist in remembering details of an incident that happened there. The no smoking thing worked for the flight over but without reinforcement didn't stick. The detectives were able to use my information gleaned from the hypnosis. So, it works on me and I don't consider myself to be of a lesser intelligence. And when testing whether I was going under by telling me the balloons tied to my arm were lifting my arm in the air? I couldn't resist the force and I that I was being hypnotized but couldn't stop my arm from going up. It's a weird conscious/unconscious state of mind.

  31. I have never been, I don't want to be, probably could be. Have no idea if it's rubbish or not, there are a lot that believe in it. LOL I think I answered your questions.

    Hope all is well at your place, we've sure been having a mild winter, hard to believe it's Feb. 7th. all ready. We're about the same. I am still among the living, don't get around much anymore. I think that's a song. LOL

  32. I remember saying that I could never be hypnotized but seems I was somewhere years ago and was hypnotized which made a liar out of me. I have never heard that someone under hypnosis would not feel pain, how cool.

  33. I've never been hypnotized. I'm sure I never will be if I have anything to say about it. Just not a fan of that kind of therapy, but I know some are.

  34. It definitely isn't bunk. I have been hypnotized and was very interested to learn that you are perfectly aware of everything you are doing. It isn't like a trance or anything like that. You are always in control of everything you do.

  35. RV Vagabonds,
    Now you have really peaked my interest. Hopefully I can find a practitioner close by.

    Hey, I sing that same song. Thanks for stopping by.

    Linda Starr,
    That alone would make one want to try. Maybe some day.

    Retired English Teacher,
    Ha,ha, think I can safely list your vote under "rubbish." It really is not for everyone.

    Thanks, I think that is my impression also. If I try it, I'll blog it.

  36. I and my husband bit on an advertisement of what I choose to be "mass hyponosis" for overeating and/or smoking. I went in skeptical but I'm not sure if myu sketicism transferred to him, or not.

    The short result was it did not work, nor have I met anybody where it did. Cost was $30/person. I think this was wacky baccy voodism like the traveling medicine men with tonics, etc.

    HOWEVER, I do know of a hypnotist who lives to this day just above the Missouri line who took you by individual appointment. One person I know quit smoking immediately and she was a fairly heavy smoker.

    So my answer is a mix....Sorry!

  37. Wow! I'd have loved hypnosis to get me over the pain of those novacaine shots. I really don't think I could self-hypnotize myself. I remember trying when I went for counseling during college. This is such an interesting post!

  38. I have never, but if you want to be the guinea pig and find it works, sign me up, too. How about acupuncture? Many swear by that, too.

  39. Nitwit,
    Thanks for the info. I will skip any mass events but still may try a one on one.

    I'm not sure I can either. We did relaxation exercises in Yoga where the instructor talked us into very relaxed states. On my own, I couldn't get the same effect.

    Mary Lee,
    That is another thing I really want to try. My problem is finding practitioners.

  40. My dad was a professional hypnotist and counselor. He used hypnosis to help people lose weight, control pain from illness and disease, and to control phobias. It works. I saw it in action.

    My dad had a six week program where he taught people self-hypnosis so they could put themselves in a relaxed state any time. When I was in high school he taught me self-hypnosis to relax me before exams. I used the same technique during childbirth and delivered all three of my kids without any anesthesia. I won't say there was no pain---of course there was---but I was able to focus and control my responses.

    It works!

  41. Lisa,
    Now that was the kind of input I was seeking. Thank you.