Monday, April 2, 2012


Nope not that kind—rats.  Anyway this will be brief and is basically to let your know I am on the right side of the grass.


The horse I wrote about here, sadly did not make it. I did learn his problem however, he was almost 40 years old (ancient for a horse) and just could not go any farther. My neighbor had him since he was a child and while knowing he should put him down, he just wasn't able to.

He kept hoping his horse would rally or that he would die naturally. I was outside when I saw him drive up with his teen age son and once more tried to get the old horse to his feet. This time it wasn't going to happen.

He walked around the horse wringing his hands, then stroking the horses head, he went to the truck for his gun. I turned to go to the front of the house so I wouldn't have to see, but heard the shot. The horse was finally at peace.

One thoughtful thing the man did was that he moved the two horses who had stood vigil to another pasture so they would not see what he had to do. Now the pasture is back to normal, minus one very old, gentle soul.

On a much lighter note. I wrote here about the problem I was having trying to garden in pants that insisted on exposing my behind while bending over to weed.

Well I bit the bullet and got some suspenders. I tried wearing them over my shirt but they just produced a very unflattering dorky look. At my age, tucked in shirts and pulled high jeans is even less pretty than mooning my neighbors.

So I tried putting the suspenders under my shirt to hide the fact. Surprisingly not uncomfortable and worked perfectly. I no longer have to tug constantly at my jeans and can weed merrily away with no flashing.

If you consider this option, I have one warning or FYI. Make sure you pee BEFORE you get hooked up. Being under my shirt means I have to totally unhook before I can drop my drawers. Guys, you have it so made in that department.

I have company coming on Wednesday. My RV'ing brother and my SIL will be arriving mid week so I will not be posting. I am really looking forward to their visit. I just love company that brings their house with them.

See ya in about 10 days.


  1. Have a wonderful visit with family.

  2. Sorry to hear about the horse. But that IS really old for a horse! Good idea with the suspenders. Have a great time and I'll see you when you get back. :-)

  3. I'm glad you found out about the horse...well sorta. At least you know he lived a very long time.
    Have a super visit and we'll catch ya when ya get back to 'putering.
    Oma Linda

  4. I think a photo needs to accompany the iea of you wearing suspenders :) Have a great time with your company and thanks but sadly, for sharing the info. on the horse...

  5. You could wear a short muumuu. It's baggy and modest and very comfortable.

    Sorry about the horse. I feel sorry for the owner.

    Enjoy yourself. See you in 10 days.

  6. ENJOY - but know that you are missed!!

  7. Have a nice visit, thank goodness the horse is out of his misery. At the beach the other day we saw some folks with a weimereiner that was so skinny it makes the starving children look healthy and why they made that dog use up his energy to walk miles was beyond me. everyone stared and they finally left.

  8. 40 is quite old for a horse. What a tough decision that man had to make.

    Great idea on the suspenders. Have fun with the family.

  9. It's so hard to say goodbye. I have a mare who is well past 20 and I am bracing myself. 40 is an excellent run!

    I had to come by and tell you how much I loved your comment about "The Help". I do the same thing as you when it comes to saving books only I save certain ones for airplanes because I hate flying so if I have a really good book to look forward to it's not so bad. I also have a few on my bed stand that are specifically for bad weather when I can't get out and/or for power outages when my ipad dies. I guess we are both weird....

  10. I'm with Tracy- I want photos of these suspenders!! Bless that old horse's soul and his human guardian. I'm watching our oldest mare go downhill health wise and it is tough.
    Have a great time with your company- and I agree, those who bring their house with them make excellent visitors!!!

  11. At first I cried and then I laughed.

  12. I may not always comment, but I ALWAYS read & enjoy your posts! Have a wonderful visit!!

  13. Well, that's a bummer. I get a breathing spell and you disappear. Darn. Dianne

    PS my cousins bring their own home with them too.

  14. Sad about the horse. But the suspenders sound awesome! I might have to get me a pair.

  15. You know the word "suspenders" has a very different meaning here in the UK? :D We call them braces. Oh I'm sure I have my bum crack showing all the time I'm outside working, actually come to think of it, even when I'm not working!

    Sorry to hear about the horse, that's sad. We had a horse put down in the field in front of us. He wasn't shot though, coz we don't have guns here in the UK. The vet just put him to sleep.

  16. Hi Patti, Sad about the horse--but the farmer had done all that he could to help... Glad the other horses were in another pasture when he shot the old horse...

    Someone near and dear to me allows his pants to fall in the back when he is working in the yard... Doesn't bother him at all... AND-so far the neighbors haven't complained about his butt crack showing.... ha ha

    Have a wonderful time with family.... Take them to Petit Jean or Mount Nebo or Mt. Magazine....


  17. Yeah I agree, when you come back, you gotta show us a picture of your gardening getup, complete with suspenders! Meantime, enjoy the visit with your family!

  18. Oh, how sad about that dear old horse! That must have been so hard for his owner in so many ways! Amazing to have a horse that long. He must have been well loved and cared for. I hope you have a lovely time with your visitors!

  19. Hi Patti, poor horsey, but how hard for your neighbor to have to do that.

    Have a super time with your bro and SIL, and I think that you are very smart to have figured out your gardening attire!

    Kathy M.

  20. LOL glad you solved the suspender problem. It may be a while before my pants are saggy.
    Glad your brother is coming to see you. I hope you have a wonderful visit.
    So funny the part of him bringing his house with him.haha

  21. So sorry to hear about the horse. I grew up on a farm and we had several horses, but I had no idea they lived that long. My dad loved to trade if he could make a buck or two, so our horses didn't stay around that long. He sold my fav horse one day when I was in school and I didn't know he had planned to do that. Was I ever upset!

    Have fun visiting with family!

  22. Oh My! That poor dear sweet horse.....Well, Thank God he is at Peace now and in Horse Heaven, romping about like a youg colt!

    GREAT solution to your pants problem, my dear....Brilliant, in fact!

    Enjoy your visit with family...It sounds like a perfect way for people to visit, too---Having their own digs...! I hope you all have a great time!

  23. Such a moving account ...thank you for letting us know.

    Had a giggle over the suspenders ...or braces, as we call them over here ...was confused for a moment as suspenders hold up stockings!! ...glad it works ...think i'd just 'moon' ...well they dont have to look.
    Have a great time with your family.xx

  24. Olga,
    Thanks, I am looking forward to the visit.

    Yes it is. My horse was 27 and I thought that old. They can live into their 30's but 40 is pushing it.

    Linda in NM
    I was relieved that he was just really old and not really sick. It was his time.

    Ha ha, Since I wear them under my shirt, no way Jose.

    Not sure a muumuu would keep me covered and it might be awkward kneeling in the dirt. It would make a good house dress though.

    Aw thanks. I'll miss you all also.

    Linda Starr,
    Yikes, that would have been hard to see. What were they thinking??

    Yes it is. I was quite touched when I saw the teen put his arm around his dad for comfort.

    Ha ha, we aren't weird, insanely smart I'd say:))
    I know, I had to put Jesse down at 27 and it killed me.

    Coloring outside the lines,
    It really is hard to see them suffer. I was relieved that the horse had been put at rest.

    Well I am glad that I left you in a better mood. I had to soften the bad news.

    Thank you so much for your faithfulness. I always enjoy your comments but am flattered you are there anyway.

    Maybe we will get out breathing spells together. Bringing their own house should be manditory for all visitors:))

    Mom of 12,
    They really work wonderfully if you can get past the image.

    LL Cool Joe,
    Ok, I had to look up your version of suspenders and it seems to refer to garters, unless there is a slang term I am not aware of.
    I wish we didn't have guns either.

    Hay, as long as everyone is enjoying the view, why change. I am not positive but I think my neighbors were getting up a petition.

    NOt on your life fellow:)) Thanks, I am looking forward to it.

    Dr. Kathy,
    He must have been for until he went down, he seemed fine and while I knew he was old, I would never have guessed he was almost 40

    Thanks, they are always fun guests.
    I had to do that once with my horse and it is tempting to put it off entirely too long. It is hard to let go.

    Outside of them being cool people, they are my favorite guests. One of the hardest parts of visiting is not having alone time. This solves that problem, plus they get to sleep in the same bed they are use to.

    Years ago went on trail rides with a 72 year old man riding a 35 year old horse. Both were fine looking specimens.

    I am so relieved that the poor horse is now at peace but I can now understand more his reluctance to have done it sooner. That is a long time to be together.

    Thanks, LLCool Joe also mentioned about suspenders so I had to look up the English version. I could have just waited and you would have told me. I think it interesting how we have different terms for the same thing.

  25. Hey enjoy and don't worry. I know most if not all of us, and may be few more will still be around.

    Spring which seems to be more like summer, equated to very busy life for us,too.

    Sorry about the horse, but you are right. I hope he was properly buried or other decent manner.

  26. I'm glad there was closure for that poor old horse. Always a relief to know that he was a loved creature. That really does make all the difference.

    Enjoy your company and your time off from blogging!

  27. I feel better The owner had a compassionate heart...I am sure the other horses would have been traumatized to see their friend buried. I got a chuckle about your suspenders...but I do think you are very clever. :)

  28. Glad your neighbor was thoughtful. And thanks for the good laugh from your advice on pre-suspender hook up activity!.

  29. Nitwit,
    Gosh I hope so. Not sure what happened to the body. It disappeared over night.

    I know robin, it made a big difference to me that he was loved for so long. That is how it should be.

    It was very compassionate of him to remove the other horses. Most wouldn't even given it a thought.

    He really went up in my estimation.
    I actually did not think of emptying before hooking up. Sheesh.

  30. Hope you are having a grand time with your family this week. We came home from the Hill Country here in TX to full out tornado craziness last Tuesday. We heard about them when we were about 75 miles from home. We were super lucky and the amazing part is nobody died. Thank the Lord!

    Glad you got the bottom covered and are happy with the suspenders. You are right about tending to bathroom business beforehand.

    Happy Easter, my friend.

  31. It is good to hear the horse no longer suffers. That man must have really loved that horse. He had him a very long time. Happy to hear you solved the mooning problem sweet Patti. Suspenders would never work for me no matter if they are on top or under my shirt...when I gotta pee I gotta pee and no time to waste. Hugs

  32. Great idea on the suspenders! Reminds me of the years I wore a clown costume for Halloween. It took a long time to get it all off to pee.

  33. Now we know why only men seem to wear suspenders. You always make me smile. I can just see you out there in those things gardening away. Actually, I think they are a good idea to wear while gardening, but we have been warned about the drawbacks.

    Enjoy your time with your family.

  34. Sorry to hear about the horse. Have you tried bib overalls? :)

  35. Amber Star,
    I am so glad you missed the nasty stuff. Keep your head down and stay safe.

    Ha, guess that wouldn't work too well for you. I'm not too far from there myself.

    Linda Myers,
    Lucky you to be a clown. I was one briefly in high school. Our school put on a circus each year, the town was the winter home for Ringling and I loved being a clown.

    Retired English Teacher,
    You bet, they do work but you have to plan ahead:))

    I do have some but they are more of a fashion statement than functional. Maybe I will check out a work pair. Good idea.

  36. The story about the horse is very sad, but it is the way we have to say good bye to our pets.

  37. Reader wil,
    Yes it was and yes it is. We do get attached don't we.

  38. Good to know that suspenders are of use. But feeling sad for the horse.