Monday, July 16, 2012


Sometimes famous people slip away from us almost unnoticed. They were once center stage, but suddenly, they are gone from our daily lives with not even a ripple left to mark their place. They fade and "new" replaces them.

But, one day, unannounced, they return and we wonder how we ever let them get away. Such is the case with Don Williams , a country singer that was hugely popular in the seventies, eighties and early nineties. It was in the nineties that I discovered him. 


This man, who is exactly my age, sounds like what I would imagine Sam Elliott would sound like if he sang. A deep mellow baritone, all man, yet gentle and soothing.  He was often referred to as the "Gentle Giant."  Yesterday, he reentered my life in a convoluted way and am I ever so glad he did.

Never was there a whisper of controversy about this man. He married in 1960, is still with the same woman, has two sons and lives on his farm in Tennessee. Of his 46 singles, only 4 didn't make it into the Top Ten and he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2010.

Below is one of my favorites, audio with lyrics. Hope you will give it a listen. Reconnect as I did or just introduce yourself to a legend. I truly apologize to my European friends who are unable to play US videos. Huge bummer.


"I Believe in You"

He is on tour this year and I hope to catch him when he comes to Branson or perhaps Fayetteville. He has released a new album this year called "And So It Goes." I downloaded it this morning.

Hope you enjoy.

Now to the burning question about your bedrooms. Naw, nothing kinky here, I just need to know what you lay your weary body on in the evenings. Don't really care who you are with or what you are doing. I am talking furniture.

My bed is almost 9 years old and wasn't top quality in its heyday. Now, it is giving my back grief and needs replaced. Since a bed is a crucial investment, I am checking all bases and picking all brains, including yours.

I have considered Sleep Number, memory foam, innerspring and am even wondering why I gave up my water bed. I have checked all the reviews for each on the Internet. Some are glowing, probably employees, but some are quite scathing, especially for the Sleep Number.

I do have a bad back so what I sleep on is important.  So who to believe? Well "I believe in you" as the song says. If you have a bed you love, one you hate or one that has passed the test of time, please let me know.  That test of time is of prime interest.

My back and my pocketbook will be ever grateful for your input.

Thanks so much.


  1. I will anxiously await the answers to this question. We've had two mattresses in less than 10 years and both were awful! I think pillow tops which can't be rotated were a mistake! In the Tin Tee Pee we have memory foam mattresses and both of us find them TOO firm, even though we like firm and both have cranky backs. So, I'm not much help but I hope your readers help me, too!!

  2. Me too! My mattress is too hard, and like Janna and Mike think the pillow tops were a mistake. Luv Don I'll be humming that song all day! :)

  3. We have a six-layer futon mattress we sleep on. It turned out to be too firm for my hubby, so now we have a three-inch memory foam mattress pad on it. It works just fine, but I've heard incredibly great things about the memory foam mattress from friends.

  4. When I moved up here I bought a good bed...divan style ...with a deep, high number of springs per whatever and a thick memory foam top to the was in a sale...almost half price ... and still cost far more than I meant it to but it was kingsize too.(sale price £1000)
    At first it seemed ok but my back seemed to be getting worse and worse and it was getting hard to get out of bed some days. When DD and her parner moved in I gave them my room and bed ... after all it was only a couple of years old ... and I moved into the smaller room. I now needed a new bed but only a single.
    This time I went for a cheaper alternative but well researched.
    I chose a metal bed with metal struts ... a medium thickness medium hardness (hard is not always best for all bad backs),sprung matress with a seperate foam topper...and a thin comfort top for luck lol.Total cost ...not in the sale...a little under £300
    Result comfort ...the only time I am stiff in the morning is if more than the 2-3 usual cats, sneek in and I am pinned down in half the bed lol. Sorry this was long but I hope it helped.xx

  5. Wish I had some good advice to give you but I don't. I think buying a bed is a total gamble. How can you know unless you've had a chance to sleep it. I don't know any stores that let you come to their store in your PJs with sheets under your arm for a night on one of their mattresses. Besides that they are gosh awful expensive. Good luck in your search.

  6. Friends of ours, were at a motel with sleep number beds and immediately wanted one. Mind you, not just one but an additional one for their cottage. So check into a motel that has sleep number and spend the night. Perhaps a hotel in Hawaii? hehe. We have a memory foam, the only thing I don't like about it is it holds body heat, would be bad for hot flash season!! Don't judge by me though... I can crash anywhere.

  7. We have pillow-top and have flipped it... or maybe just turned it? Can't remember. But we've had it a long time and do still like it. However, we have several friends who use the sleep number and swear by it. Unfortunately, I think it all depends on "you".
    Thanks for the music. I didn't remember the name, but did remember the song. Great voice!

  8. I love Don Williams, so thanks for the visit. I think he once wore a little feather in his hat band, didn't he?

    As for beds. I have an old organic mattress and I am loathe to part with it although he has seen better days. I put a vermin proof mattress cover on it to protect against those little invisible things that are said to populate old mattresses. Don't know if that cut down on the effect of the effluvia the little bugs are said to leave behind after eating our skin cells but it did seem to tighten up the mattress a bit.

    And you wonder, maybe, why I have chronic back problems? No, its not the mattress its spinal stenosis and scoliosis. Dianne

  9. I'm anxious to see what others recommend to you as well.
    I have a sleep number bed. We have had it for a number of years and at first I was thrilled.....buyers euphoria I guess. Then life went on and I can't say I love it. But it is nice to be able to make it a harder bed when I need the support and a softer one when I want to be cuddled up to sleep. I guess I would on a scale of 1-10 give the bed an 8 for overall wear through the years, comfort and adjustability. But then I don't sleep well anyway so who am I to give anyone bed advice. Sweet Man sleeps comfortable with no problems, except that he snores and the bed didn't do that. Oma Linda

  10. Hubby and I swear by BEAUTYREST. It is quiet, does not squeak, and gives us firm back support. We were told that the mattress does NOT need to be turned over.


  12. Oh, I enjoyed that song! I don't know too much at all about Don Williams, and I hope that you have a great time at the concert when you go.

    I wish that I still had my waterbed too! Do they even make them anymore? I am kind of in your same boat, except that my back isn't hurting right now. I still do ponder what would be the next mattress to by though.

    Good luck, and thanks for the fun post, Patti.

    Kathy M.

  13. I'll be checking back to see what others are saying. I've been looking for mattresses myself as ours is old and my back is too. :D I've done a bit of research on the Select Comfort or Sleep Number or whatever its called. I've also found many complaints about it so that is scaring me off. Now I don't know what to do. I've slept on very comfortable beds in motels, but I didn't think to see what kind of mattress they were. Maybe I need to go back? Ha!

  14. Thank you for introducing me to this buttery voice. He sure is easy to listen and move to.

    I'm afraid I can't help in the bed department. Sigh... We bought the Vera Wang latex bed and there is a depression in it...that they'd said wouldn't happen. I feeling like bed salesmen are as hard to trust as car salesmen. I have heard excellent things about memory foam. I might consider that next time (if I win the lottery).

  15. Such a good question about mattresses, patti! We bought a pillow-topped thing two years ago, and I am definitely not thrilled with it. We had a BeautyRest for many years, and it was always firm and comfortable. Not sure why we gave it up, maybe because it was getting old. I think if we were going to buy something, I would go back to a good firm BeautyRest.

  16. In Virginia I have a Beautyrest. I am not sure if it is good or not. If I get off of it within 8-hours I feel good. If I try and lay down for longer, my lower back gets sore.

  17. We have a Sealy Orthopaedic mattress which is very firm. I can't sleep on anything else because if I did I'd wake up with a really stiff back.

    Okay I'll stop before my comment turns smutty! :D

    The video worked for me!

  18. We will be buying a mattress soon, too, and have the same questions. But we slept on a sleep number bed at a hotel once. It was awful. It is like sleeping on a big plastic bag. The bag fills or empties out air depending on the "number" you choose. My husband sweats at night, and he was drenched when sleeping on a plastic/rubber bag. The middle section was "no-man's land", where the bag did nothing. I am wondering if the memory foam one with the innersprings below would be good. Anyone tried that?

    It is imperative to get a good night's sleep and have a good back. Spend the money to get whatever seems best for you.

  19. When we went looking for a bed it was because our old one bothered my husband's back. The salesman said, "I'm going to start you with the cheapest one. Lie down on it. Then we'll work our way up. When you lie down on one and sigh with contentment, that's the one you should buy."

    That's what we did. I don't even know what brand it is, but it's been with us for ten years at least and we still sigh with contentment when we lie down.

  20. I just realized I combined two of your posts when I commented - I'm catching up and getting mixed up at the same time!

  21. Patti, he also looks mighty fine ;-)

    But, my hubby and I are also shopping for another mattress. We have been sleeping in the second bedroom, which I love, because our mattress is so hard :P

  22. I remember Don Williams... That is a blast from the past.... Thanks for the update.

    About mattresses, we inherited a fabulous mattress (Seily I think) when we bought our home here. They had paid $1000 for it (king)--and it's the nicest mattress we have ever had... We're still using it 11 yrs. later.

    It's perfect for us---firm but not TOO firm... We've slept in some extremely firm mattresses in motels --and I wake up aching all over... SO--if and when we get another one, we won't buy an extremely firm mattress....We will have to do what you are doing ---research.... Let me know what you choose...


  23. LOVED that fella, Patti. Wraps you in a warm loving blanket...What could be better? Thanks, for that song, my dear.

    I have had my bed for such a long, long, LONG, L-O-N-G time, I don't remember the actual name....But, I can tell you it is from the "foam perod"....Foam Rubber?? Not sure, maybe something just like it, but maybe not 'rubber'. It has held up very very well and, I LOVE it...!
    Next time the mattress gets turned over I will let you know the name. It sure is important to have a wonderful bed, I know. I wish you much luck, dear Patti....

  24. Janna and mike,
    Thank you so much for stopping by. Welcome. I have been getting good info and hope some of it helps you also. Cranky backs are the pits.

    Ha,ha I woke up this morning with it still buzzing in my heard. So sorry.

    I put a foam pads on my bed when I first got it and it really helped. Thanks.

    You just proved what I am learning. It pays to research before buying. What a difference in price and you got the best comfort out of the less expensive one. Thanks.

    It was the price that has made me do so much research. I bought a new car in the 70's for what some of them cost.

    Oh, I like the way you think, especially about trying out those in an exotic local.

    The problem I have found with the sleep number is that the older ones seemed to be made much better than those on the market now.
    Thanks for your input.

    Not sure about the feather but he could have. Ouch, you have two unpleasant back problems. A bad bed would really aggravate that.

    Maybe it is that snoring fellow that is causing the lack of sleep. The thing I worry about the sleep number is the huge amount of bad reviews. Otherwise, I think it would be best for me. Good to know it has held up.

    Thanks. That is what I am sleeping on now and it was great until the past couple of months.

    They do still make them. I got rid of mine when I moved here worrying about power outages in the winter. That would be one cold bed to sleep on with no power. I sure loved it when I had it.

    Motel hopping just might be the way to go. It was the huge number of complaints that is scaring me off also. Otherwise, it sounds great.

    "Buttery" is the perfect adjective. I totally agree on the trustworthiness of bed salesmen.

    You brought up a good point. My current mattress was great till recently. Maybe I am selling it short and should go back for another one.
    Sure hope you are still safe.

    That you are getting a good 8 hours is great news. Six or seven is my usually fare.

    Ah, there you go teasing again:)) I will definitely check out the Sealy. Thanks.

    You are so right. Our whole day depends on how good our night's sleep was. Hope you find what you are looking for also.

    Linda Myers,
    Wow, what a smart and great salesman. Think I will ask for that same proceedure since it probably won't be offered.

    That is interesting about your friend. I too have heard they are hot. Maybe I can find a motel that has one and test it out.

    Introverted art,
    Which ever one you have in your second room,you should probably get one just like it. You have given it the test and it passed.

    Eleven plus years is a great lifespan for a mattress. You are so lucky. That would definitely be worth repeating if you ever need another. I'll check them out. Thanks.

    Thanks Naomi, comforting perfectly describes him.
    Sadly having one for a long time doesn't guarantee the newer models will be as well made. Hang on to that one as long as you can.

  25. We've been bed shopping and still haven't decided. Many salesman have said bad things about sleep number, so we aren't looking at those anymore. I like the pillow tops and DH likes the memory foam...somethings gotta give soon- neither one of us can sleep through the night on what we have now.

  26. I'm anxious to find out the results of your "poll," as well. We're in need of something new, and I don't always have the patience to do the research! :)

  27. Dear Arkansas Patti, thank you for the video of Don Williams song.I so enjoyed listening to it. I hope you do get to go and listen to him in concert this year.

    As to the bed. My bedframe belonged to my dad's parents. So it is over a hundred years old. It has wooden slats from one side to the other.

    On those slats are the springs and mattress I bought about 15 years ago. I'm not sure of the brand, but at the time I was having severe back problems. I bought an extremely firm mattress--after 15 years it's still firm. For me, that made all the difference. Also, I do not use a regular pillow because that puts my neck out of alignment and thence hurts my back.

    Instead I use a pillow that would be I guess called an accent pillow on a couch. it's not thick at all and so is just right for my the space between my neck and my head.


  28. Thanks for the visit, Patty! I use my daughter's computer now.

  29. My answer may be the most unorthodox, but we have been through several alternatives as Husband and I have arthritic backs plus he has an auto-immune type or athritis called ankylosing spondylitis or "Bamboo Spine Disease."

    We bought adjustable beds, except the difference in our individual heights made the bed unsuitable for short stuff me. It did not 'adjust' in the right places for me.

    I sleep in a liftchair of a size which is nearly right for me. It is a high end ticket one with heat and vibration mainly for the back. I use the heat the most. I have owned several of these at several levels, size and price wise. We own 4. One is a used one I picked up and is Luckies. It is rickety, works, but she does not like not need its mechanical functions.

    In fact I will be buying a new one a little different but with same features this year, and donating this reupholstered one which is the one I blogged about. The heat is not working and to repair it, would be to tear up the new upholstery. My husband said get a new one.

    I am waiting until vacation to NY is over (September), and maybe my heart ablation which is as soon as can be scheduled, possibly 3 months away.

    Good Luck.

  30. I too need to know the answers to this question. I will have to come back later and see what everyone has wrote.
    I only had a minute and wanted to come by and say hello.
    I sleep on one of those toppers they sale for temperpedic mattresses. Gretchen left it here because she was going to buy her the real thing. Her mom and dad swear by them and this thing I sleep on is what they sale I guess if you can't afford the real thing.
    It is as big as a mattress so I put it on top of my box springs and got rid of my old mattress. It is okay but like you with my bad back I need to figure out what I can invest in for a good nights sleep.
    Let me know what you decide on. haha I am cheating right.
    Love ya

  31. OH I forgot I love Don Williams.
    I actually got to see him years ago.

  32. I didn't know his name, but am familiar with all his songs and sing along with them when I hear them on the radio.

    We happened to get a king sized bed second hand from someone who never slept on it because it was in their guest room. It was very expensive when new but they sold it to us for a song. If you have a poor mattress sometimes putting a piece of plywood under the mattress can help till you get a new one. The other mattress we have was left by the previous owners and it is very firm which I prefer for my back. A mattress makes all the difference in a good nights sleep and helps with a bad back. Most mattresses nowadays aren't made half as well as they used to be; I think they are made to wear out quicker than normal, just like every thing else, planned obsolescence. I dislike the pillow top mattresses and think they are too soft, but then again firmness desired is different for everyone. Unfortunately I can't recommend a good mattress

  33. Hi Patti,
    Happy summer!
    Just like another commenter mentioned...I think the best way to choose a mattress is to give yourself the time to go and test them. You will know when you feel the most comfortable. Good luck! Keep us posted!
    Take Care,
    Lynda :D

  34. I have two great beds. One is an antique that lives in my second bedroom. It is great with a very comfortable mattress. The other one is from 2005, it is solid with a nice headboard and study posts. There is one of those pillowtop mattresses in it and I don't think I would recommend it. It's OK, but not that great. So nothing to recommend from me. But I once had an expensive Scandinavian platform bed with a fabulous mattress and for me that was the best bed I ever had. Not so for my hubby. So there you are. Not very helpful. Thanks for the compliment about my skin, by the way. I have never been fond of the sun, but here in the desert, I can't help but be exposed. I did smoke, however, and that ruined large parts of my skin. But thank you anyway, it is always nice to hear things like that.

  35. I love Don Williams! Need to download the new album....

    My bed is about 10 years old and is very comfortable, but it's just a pillow top firm nondescript mattress...



  36. Terri,
    Yikes, I thought buying a bed to suit one person was tough. Good luck.

    It is turning into a real project. There are so many conflicting views out there.

    If you have a great mattress after 15 years, you are a true winner. Take good care of that gem. Replacement is a nightmare.

    Reader Wil,
    So glad you are enjoying your visit with your daughter.

    I saw one of those lift chairs in the bed store today. Bless your heart having to sleep in one but if it gives you a good night sleep. wonderful.

    I tried one of those Tempur pedic ones today and can only say it must be an acquired taste. At least you are getting broken in to one with Gretchen's topper.
    Lucky you getting to see Don. I hope to this fall.

    Linda Starr,
    You are so right about the ones made today. It is sad but nothing is made to last anymore.

    Lynda G.
    I started "sleeping around" in show rooms today. So far it has only confused me. I will probably get fed up and take a chance. Wish me luck.

    Don't you hate it when you lose a good bed. As hard as it is to pick out one for myself, I can't imagine trying to satisfy two people with one bed.

    Think you will like his new stuff. To me, he hasn't missed a step and "Heart of Hearts" is my favorite on the new album.

  37. Hi, sweet Patti! Sorry I have not been around in awhile. I love your blog and I have missed getting to read your posts. I too really like Don Williams. I have some of his songs on MP3's. As for the bed I can't be any help. I sleep in a junior hospital bed. After our daughter passed away I wanted to keep the bed and since I am a very short person it is a perfect fit for me. Hope you find just the right bed for you and you get lots of good, restful sleep on it. Hugs and some nose kisses for Mighty

  38. My BFF swears by her sleep number bed, but I didn't like it! We have a top of the line Serta since we are big people, but we have been through several beds during our 29 years of marriage. They just don't last that long...

  39. I have the answer!...for us...maybe for you. When we decided to buy a new mattress, we also decided not to look at the price. I researched every mattress known to mankind...ask doctors...tested the fancy ones in stores, etc. I too miss our waterbed...but when it sprung a leak in our bedroom the love affair with waterbeds did our floors. I shudder to think what it would have been like if the bedroom was on the second floor.
    We bought a king laxex mattress six years ago. It sits on a platform off the ground. We have never been more thrilled with a mattress. WE are late 60s with normal aches and pains. We sleep so well we can't believe it. Makes us hate to go on vacation and have to sleep in any other bed. Questions???Send them to website is take a look is Good luck!

  40. When you figure it out - let me know.

  41. Just catching up Patti as replacing a defunct computer seemed almost a difficult as a bed...:) I've also been dealing with some medical issues but Mayo clinic seems finally to have them in hand.

  42. Chancy the gardener,
    So glad you stopped by. Glad you have found a bed you enjoy but hate how you had to come by it. I am so sorry.

    Mom of 12,
    I know, they don't make them like they used to do they?? It is kind of a crap shoot finding a good one.

    Calamity Janet,
    I think that is the type of bed OOLOH also talked about and it certainly has lasted for her. I may not be able to afford the whole bed but am looking into a latex topper. Thanks for the link.

    Somehow I am pretty sure there is no blanket answer for all. It is kind of a personal choice thing.

    So glad you are back but what a string of misery you have been through. Hope the worm has turned for you and much better is on the horizon.

  43. Thanks for reminding us of this great talent!

    Warm Aloha
    to you from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

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