Monday, March 18, 2013


Spring has sprung here.  The occasional day in the sixties has edged up to the more common seventies. The blossoms are decorating the Bradford Pear trees and my plum tree is thinking seriously about it. 

                       A river of purple Henbit has poured down my back yard. 

Really quite attractive but insidious. When I first moved here, there was just a sprinkling. Now it is EVERYWHERE. 

             Now why can't my voles eat this stuff?? 

I finally mowed it down this Saturday. I am thinking that perhaps I have so much of it because it lures me in each year with its lovely splash of color after a drab winter so I wait too long to mow. Also the spring rains make mowing  difficult. 

To some it is a pretty flower, to me it is a weed. I once read that a weed is any plant growing where it is not planned.  A rose bush in a cornfield is a weed. My Henbit is not planned, therefore a weed. 

This is an edible plant that I have yet to try. But then I haven't gotten around to noshing on Dandelions yet either.

It is in all in my flower beds which I am tackling a bit at a time each day.  I try to give the yard two hours each day.  Getting the body in shape for spring is such a hassle.  Thank goodness for Epsom Salts soaks, they work wonders. 

While Spring brings us beauty, it also brings us sore muscles that are suddenly active after  a winter of under use. For some unlucky ones like me, it also  provides runny noses, sneezing and itchy eyes.  

Certainly there is a list of cons to Spring but the list of pros is so long that one pays no attention to the not so fun parts. I do love Spring. 

Here's hoping Spring has sprung in your area and you're are getting your hands dirty, enjoying the blossoms of rebirth,  stretching your muscles with fun outdoor activities, letting those bright rays of sunshine brighten your mood, and that there are no weeds in your life, plant or human.  


  1. It's not hear yet but I'm hoping! Is the purple plague an alien? These plants and animals that take over often are such.... They make themselves unwelcome.

  2. Oh yum, you have all those favorite fruit trees.
    I don't know if we have henbit here. I had a small patch of something in the Bozeman rock garden that resembled that picture.
    Yesterday our forth-coming spring turned into a raging blizzard with winds that pushed me every-which way on my walk.
    Enjoy your spring.

  3. Spring has sprung here too, and I love it! Just love sitting on the porch to read, and feeling the breeze. The weeds visit here as well, and will be mowed down soon. Have a nice Monday and week ahead.

  4. I keep hearing that spring is happening....but so far it has bypassed us. It's just barely twenty right now. We did have four days of 50's.....Mother Nature fooled us! I keep telling myself it will get least it isn't snowing!

  5. When I talk to friends/family up north, they are crying for spring. A big Nor'easter is predicted for the coming week in VT, where it was 9 degrees this morning. I am lobbying for more time in FL.
    The henbit is going to drive me crazy because we do have it in VT but that is not what we call it. Trouble is, I cannot think of the name we use--some kind of ground ivy--one of those things on the tip of my tongue that won't fall off.

  6. Spring has been elusive in these parts. One day 70ish, then back to the 30's. Not too many signs of spring yet...humpf!

  7. It's beautiful here, too, and we are having moderate weather, but then we almost always do. No 60s or 70s, though. I love that first picture! Beautiful to say the least. :-)

  8. Spring has sprung here too - our first thunderstorm of the season this morning :)

  9. My yard is a vast wasteland. My back will not allow me to do much in the way of gardening anymore, but I need to so something - as it is beginning to look as though no one lives here.
    I would welcome your henbit in my yard!

  10. spring has nudged out old winter here as well. more warmer temps and now the sneezing etc.
    Everytime I think or see dandelions I think of my pet iguana of years ago. Her name was Beelzabub or Bob for short, she was almost 5ft from snout to tail tip and her favorite snack was dandelions. She was a pet passed on to me by my child going onto college. I adored that silly reptile and she loved to hang out with me and the cats in my studio.
    Happy that your spring has arrived. Enjoy the business of the season of Epsom Salt soaks. tee hee, Oma Linda

  11. I love the feeling of spring in the air. It always adds pep to my step. Good luck with the yard.

  12. You've got a lovely spring garden!
    Thank you for sharing your spring. We have had all kind of weather overhere:snow, rain, ice, wind, and now sunshine. The crocuses are show ing their noses and there are also snowdrops in my yard. All signs of hope that spring will soon here too.
    Thanks for your comment. Yes, the song Gethsemane filled with pain and sorrow. It touched me too.

  13. Spring is officially here in 2 days....not sure the climate realizes it though.On a good day it has creept up to 3-4C (40F ish) but most of the time its around freezing.I am certainly in no mood to attack the much neglected garden.Your spring temps are closer to our summer lol xx

  14. Spring is definitely springing here! We have daffodils, forsythia, and plum blossoms. The thing that really strikes me about spring, besides the gorgeous color, is the beautiful fragrance in the air. Such a splendid season.

  15. Spring is somewhat hesitant here in the mountains, but it won't be long and my yard will be sprinkled with lavender flowers too. But of a different kind. Enjoy this beautiful season.

  16. After a week in Denver babysitting grandkids, I cannot wait to return East and see the shoots pushing through the soil and, hopefully, leaves on the bushes peeking through. I am anxious to get outside again and dig in the soil!

  17. I've not heard of Henbit. But it looks like a ground cover I think I have seen here...As to Spring---well, here in Southern California some people feel it is always It seems as if Spring is early in your neck of the woods, or, maybe it is always like this each year. The weather seems so very unpredictable everywhere....I hope you can find a way to get rid of that Henbit, though it sure is a pretty color!

  18. It was a beautiful weekend. We drove 100 miles south and it was amazing how many more trees had blossomed and budded. We even saw Redbuds in bloom
    An Arkies Musings

  19. Springtime in the Pacific Northwest is beautiful beyond description. The temptation is great to rush into planting. I learned the hard way to hold off until about May or June. It's hard but I'm trying hard not to buy anything. I really want some primroses, and I'm sure they're out in the stores, but when I bought early last year they sat there doing nothing until the end of May and then exploded into bloom. Oh, I get it, their roots were growing those months they sat passively in their pots. I'm off to buy primroses.

  20. We have that purple stuff everywhere around here, too. Well not yet this year, you are a little ahead of us here in central MO. I didn't know it was called Henbit. It is kinda pretty, but a terrible nuisance.

    Do you use honey? They say that it helps a lot with allergies, but only if you use locally grown honey.

    I'm more than ready for spring, it's been gloomy here and very chilly. We even had a few snow flurries yesterday before it started raining.

    I'm going to look for the Epsom Salts, I know I'll be needing it for sure as I've been a regular couch potato this winter.

  21. Your pictures are lovely, Patti! I'm so glad you're blessed with better weather. We're enjoying warm, sunny weather, too, after a rather harsh winter by Arizona standards. Isn't it wonderful to go out in short sleeves and just enjoy the warmth?

  22. We've had little teases of spring and it is quite nice today, but yesterday it snowed all day!

    oh well, it has to come sooner or later...

  23. I always wondered what that purple stuff is. I see it ALOT in the spring of the year in various places.. I wouldn't want it in my yard--but it is pretty to view.

    We don't have alot of spring yet up here (crocus, hyacinths, daffodils, pansies)---but it won't be long til we have more evidence.

    We had a wonderful spring-like weekend --but it's gonna get cold again this week to prove to us that winter is not over yet...ha... It's raining cats and dogs here today.

    Some people love 'weeds' (wildflowers)--but I'm one who doesn't. When I see Daffodils growing in a field, I know that somebody at one time lived there and planted them. Same goes for a rose bush in the field!!!! They were planted somewhere along the way!!!


  24. troutbirder,
    It thrives like a lot of invasive species. It came originally from N.Africa and Eurasia. It sure loves the US.

    Check with your extension agent. If it is, it is very invasive. Sure sounds like spring is no where you yet.

    linda eller,
    Isn't it nice to sit outside. I have even broken out the hammock.

    Well you have a few days yet though it has a long way to go from 20 degrees.

    Enjoy Florida till Vt. gets nice. Might as well.
    Ground Ivy is very similar to Henbit but not the same.

    It really has been a roller coaster hasn't it? We had a bit of a dip today also.

    Thanks, those are future plums. Enjoy your forever Spring.

    Ah, thunderstorms are a good sign. I know you are ready.

    Ha ha, I'd send you some but it would devour your land in no time.

    Linda Wildenstein,
    I got excited for a minute and thought of getting a herd of iguanas hoping they might eat the Henbit and perhaps snack on voles. Turns out they are vegan so no on voles. Phooey.

    Ha,ha. It tends to put a crick in my back but I love every wince as I see things come to life.

    Reader Wil,
    I saw some snowdrops the other day and think they are so pretty. Sounds like Spring is almost there also.

    Yikes, that is nippy. I wish these were our summer temps. Lately we have been well over 100 degrees in the summer.

    You have pretty much the same plants blooming that we do. My forsythia are borderline blooming. Can't wait for some of my fragrant plants to bloom.

    I guess you are getting the good lavender plants. Hope you take pictures.

    Isn't it just the best getting your hands dirty and coaxing plants to life??

    I just mow it down and watch it come back next year. It is a pretty carpet of lavender. Someday it will be my entire yard.
    We have a moderate climate here also but lately summers have been horrid.

    Oh yes, can't wait for the Redbuds and Dogwoods. Not here yet but soon.

    I never learn and jump the gun each year. Only once was I hurt badly by a late hard freeze.
    I'm glad primroses will let you get a head start on pretties.

    That Epsom Salts really does take the pain out of gardening. A 20 minute soak before bed and I am good to go the next day. I was a huge couch potato also this winter.

    Dr. Kathy,
    It is so neat not spending 10 minutes putting on heavy clothes just to go outside. It is so freeing.

    I imagine it will be a while for you yet but you do have better summers. It's a coming.

    It is a little sad to see lovely plants growing unattended and unappreciated but that doesn't seem stop them from growing does it?

  25. We sunshine and no rain, spent the day working in the yard. It's not warm, but things are blooming anyway. Today Tom thatched the lawn, pulling out the moss. We have lots of moss, but not your pretty purple weed.
    I love spring too, especially on a sunny day.

  26. No spring in sight here. I have always called that invasive stuff creeping charlie. It has taken over my entire back yard. I should probably just round-up the entire yard and start over, there is no grass left. The pretty purple flowers don't make up for the pain that it is.
    Enjoy your spring. Maybe we will see green by June.

  27. Oh there are slight inklings of Spring here, rain, gentle rain, and a tortoise out of his den for the first time and downright balmy weather. A weed is any unwanted plant. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons.

  28. You have quite a large yard! -which I like, but not the gardening, lol! Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

  29. So beautiful and nice! Long time to spring there I live...

  30. the sunshine is here, but the wind is COLD! I love walking outdoors, but the wind just wears me down.
    when we lived in the country, we had tons of Henbit, but I never knew its name. as long as it didn't get into my flower or vegetable beds, I let it grow.
    I love your manner of "speaking" on your blog. I'll be back!

  31. Decisions, decisions! The lovely spring color is truly an allure. It's good to know that spring is in the air!

  32. purple henbit on your backyard looks charming.

  33. Linda Reeder,
    Sounds like you are getting right into the swing of spring. Enjoy.

    I know, it is so invasive. Mowing is easy enough, I hate it in my flower beds.

    Linda Starr,
    You are far enough North in Fla to enjoy a change of season. I agree on Spring and Fall.

    Thank you so much for stopping by. I like it till I have to mow.

    Welcome to TNS. I hope your Spring is just as enjoyable when it gets there.

    Thank you for stopping by and following. Always enjoy meeting new people. The wind has been tough this year.

    I know, do we enjoy the color or get rid of it? Thanks for your comment.

    Welcome to TNS. So glad you stopped by and commented. I guess I might as well enjoy it, it is here to stay.

    Thank you for your visit and comment.

  34. Dear Arkansas Patti, thank you for the good hopes for my spring. The barometer here keeps playing games with my head and so I'm not out in the yard yet. But I do so hope that in a short while the days will warm up (it's been in the 30s and 40s here) and I'll be able to resume walking on good days.

    You know if you could see that hen stuff as a flower instead of a week your life would be easier!!!!! peace.

  35. Dh mowed ours down this afternoon. I was getting a little fond of that purple color in the yard, but yes- it's a weed that has taken over.

  36. The mowing is probably like the trimming of the grass or a bush. It makes it even more dense. I would love that color splash here right now as we are seemingly forever stuck in the low 20s. At the moment it is 20º here in SW Ohio where I live.

  37. looks like I spoke too soon Patti - now it's 30 here today lol

  38. Yes, spring day, delicious photos.

  39. Dee,
    Well my spring? is now covered in 2 inches of snow. Oh well.
    I would consider henbit more kindly if it didn't try to take over my flower and veggie beds.

    It really is attractive till it migrates into the flower beds. Pushy little weed.

    I do think you are right. Nothing deters it. It seems to grow the most vigorously where I used weed killer last year. Maybe I should eat the rascal.

    You too??? Right now I have about 2 inches of really wet snow on the ground. Sigh.

    Thank you and I so appreciate your stopping by and commenting.

  40. Just poped back to say he eats quite a lot of veggy if he can steal it but big bits he tends to play with. Sid loves green beans and eats them with loud purrs xx

  41. looks like spring is here for you , not yet at my place !

  42. Hi! Spring is just around corner. I hope you will have mamy beautiful flowers soon.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  43. Hi! Beautiful Henbit river in your backyard.
    Henbit flowers are very popular in our country.

  44. Just checking in to say Howdy! Have you ever tried rice bags for those little aches and pains?

  45. I am very interested in your unwelcome purple flower. I hate it when those invasive plants take over. Not sure if you already addressed it, but have you contacted your extension agent? They may have some hints.

    Snow here. Truly springtime in the Rockies.

  46. oh Patti look at that beauty. The lavender shades on it are amazing.

  47. Hello Patti, It looks like spring has sprung there. Here in Breckenridge it has snowed every day this week. I've mostly been inside looking out, still trying to regain my strength after this long bout of illness. Even your purple weed looks welcome to me! I'm glad you're out working in the dirt. I'll still be donning snow boots for awhile! Stay well.

  48. Angie,
    Minnie is like that also though she isn't wild about veggies.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Hope Spring gets to you soon.

    Thank you so much.

    Minoru Saito
    I agree it is pretty but it is so darn invasive.

    Thank you for stopping by.

    Thanks. I do have one but gardening really hurts the long muscles and my rice bag can't do the job. Works great on the neck.

    We got snow after I posted also and now it is raining and REALLY windy. Spring is kind of on hold here. Thanks I will check my agent.

    They are so pretty it is hard to imagine how invasive they are and will totally take over.

    Wow, this has really knocked you down hasn't it? I do hope you are making progress and are feeling much better soon.
    Take care sweet lady. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  49. Spring had a brief arrival to be dashed by 3" of snow here which left me with sinus, nose ear and throat distress along with a tad of Montezuma's revenge. See Doc tomorrow.

    I have leaves on rose bushes, yet forsythias haven't yet bloomed. I have bought new pots for hens and chicks. I have bumper crops. That is all I am planing in hanging baskets since they are perennials. I have mainly the deep fuschia red and spider web types.

  50. Nitwit,
    Yikes MR sounds awful. Wonder if you have that stomach flu. Glad you are doctor bound.

  51. Well, I thought spring had sprung here but we had sleet a few days ago and last night down into the 20's again. The trees are blooming here and I have some of that weed in my backyard too but where is the spring temps? I hope this is the last cold snap. I am ready to do some yard work and planting. Hugs!

  52. Your flowery weed is new to me. I am moaning about invasive alligator weed, not nearly as pretty as your invader.

  53. Gorgeous spring shots ... lucky you!

    Thanks for visiting :)


  54. Wow! Spring is certainly beautiful in your area. I love it when the trees start to blossom. I'll bet those pears will be scrumptious.

    In Hawaii right now, it's just raining. Of course there's not a whole lot of seasonal changes here, but this is the rainy season.

  55. Kay,
    Thanks. Florida is rather like that also. I am so enjoying the actual seasons here in Arkansas. Such a difference.