Monday, April 22, 2013


 I have  a friend and that friend has talent.  I wrote about Jules here 
when she suffered terribly from the uncommon disease of Tularemia, also known as Rabbit Fever.  She  had been a talented potter but the disease and rigorous  treatment damaged her immune system. She became allergic to most everything and was devastated when she developed a severe allergy to clay.  
Her craft of choice, her livelihood, her joy had to be abandoned.

Frustrated and discouraged, she searched for an alternative craft that would not make her sick and discovered glass fusion.  This was a craft that did not negatively effect her in any way. Though she had to learn a totally new craft and buy all new equipment, she tackled the task and conquered it.

Then with the help of her father James(also a talented crafter) they formed the Internet company, Jules Glass Fusion, with a site on Etsy. As some of you know, Etsy is an online market place for crafters to display and sell their product.   

Jules makes her own glass, cuts and fuses it in a kiln, then her father makes the items wearable. They have a great partnership.   

Each piece is unique. It really is stunning jewelry that will garner lots of attention. If you don't like talking to strangers, this probably isn't for you as strangers will likely approach you to inquire about  your piece. If you do like compliments however, this is right up your alley. 

Below are a few samples with descriptions from her site. You can click on the photos to see a larger image. 

Multicolored fused glass earrings. A groove is cut into the glass and they are hand wired with high quality, eco-friendly argentium silver wire

Elegant black and white fused glass with hand painted black glass design. A hole is cut into the glass and they are hand wired with high quality, eco-friendly argentium silver wire

There is a beautiful richness in the color of fused copper that varies from red-violet, plum, to deep pink in changing light. An abstract design is hand painted on the copper with liquid black glass powder and topped with translucent glass to add depth. After fuse firing, it is ground to create a more defined shape. The glass is then re-fired at a lower temperature to restore the shine of the glass while retaining the quality of the edge

These are a personal favorite of mine.  
The handmade fused glass is cut, ground, re-fired, and wrapped with silver filled wire. The figure eight link nicely enhances the round cut glass. 

These long drop earrings are made by hand cutting thin strips of glass and fusing them together in a glass kiln. The glass is then cut again using a glass tile saw and then polish fired to retain the square edges.

This pretty fused glass heart necklace would make a nice gift for a loved one. The glass heart hangs from a silver plated bail and includes an 18" leather cord necklace with a lobster claw clasp.

At present her inventory consists of  fused glass pendant necklaces, drop earrings, stud earrings, cuff links, dangle earrings and adjustable cocktail rings.  

If you have a Mother's Day dilemma,need a gift for a graduate,  a  gift for your sweetie, or just want something special for yourself, visit   Jules Glass Fusion   and bookmark her site.  You won't be sorry. 

Thank you.



  1. What an ambitious woman. Her pieces are stunning and simplistic. I sincerely wish her success in her business.

  2. These are all Stunning! So Unique and so very special....! She is a TRUE Artist! And how wonderful that she found another fabulous outlet for her creativity!

  3. These are really beautiful! I will go over and visit her site, Patti. Thanks for yet another wonderful tip from you! :-)

  4. I was happy just to hear of someone who is so filled with the need to create and the will to find a way to do it.
    Also, you have solved a gift-giving dilemma I had been discussing with Mike just yesterday.

  5. How wonderful that she has found a new direction that brings her a creative outlet and us, pleasure to the eye.xx
    I'm off to have a look at her other bits.

  6. I admire this woman! Will check out her Etsy store. Nice to get to know such a courageous woman...Thanks!

  7. Glad she was able to find an alternative. It is such a bummer when our bodies don't act like we want them to. I will peruse her store.

  8. I went there and looked and found the kind of jewelry I have always like the best. Living here and never going anywhere, I have enough, but I will keep her in mind for presents.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous art. Love their work.

  10. THANK YOU, Patti! I am blessed to have such a good friend as you!!! Thank you to all your blogger friends for checking out our shop and for all the lovely, kind words!! It means so very much to me and my dad!

  11. What a great story.. I love it when people have to make necessary changes in their lives and careers --due to circumstances beyond their control. Your friend, Jules, has an awesome story to tell. AND she is very talented. Love her jewelry made out of glass. It's terrific!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  12. What beautiful jewelry! I'll definitely take a look at her site.

  13. I really want to thank each of you who stopped by with your wonderful compliments and wishes for Jules success. It meant a lot to me and I know to her also. I do hope those that come later this week will also know how much I appreciate you.
    I've said it before but I say it again, you are the best.

  14. Lovely jewelry. I remember her debilitating bout with tularemia.

    A local jewelry group gave a spring fling and donated 10% of profits to my TeleCare volunteer group for our phone bills. we sorely needed and appreciated the honor. Some of us bought jewelry. I did for a future trip to Texas for relatives.

    Will trek to the site and look around.

  15. Patti what a sweet friend you are for sharing these lovely pieces with us.
    I will be sure and go to her site. I do love that heart.
    Great story I too miss working with clay but I know I could not do this.
    Hope your doing well. It is suppose to turn cold and rainy here tonight. So stay warm

  16. Her glass work is very beautiful. Out of heartache Jules has brought something wonderful.

  17. These are lovely! Sending the link to my daughters.

  18. Her love of the craft shines through her pieces. My mother had rabbit fever when I was young. I remember the DR coming to the house.

  19. What beautiful work, I have just been visiting the Etzy site and it is really lovely. How good it is that Jules and her father have been able to work together on this. Pxx

  20. Those are beautiful pieces. Thanks for sharing this I will go check out her site. Hugs and nose kisses for you and Mighty...stay nice and warm tonight.

  21. Wow what an amazing talent that she has!1

  22. How awful to have an illness that strips you of the thing you love, but how inspiring that she went on to replace that with something else. She's very talented!

  23. It is amazing the resileance some people can show in the face of adversity. Thanks for telling the story, Patti...:)

  24. What gorgeous jewelry. And so inexpensive for hand made work.

    Thanks for the link!!

  25. What an incredible artist! These are really gorgeous!!! Wow! Thank you for sharing these with us.

  26. Amazing art pieces your friend has Patti. I had never heard of Tularemia before in my life. I do know someone who got blind in one eye due to a virus they caught from a rabbit :(

  27. Dear Arkansas Patti, what lovely, lovely and distinctive ear rings for pierced ears. I plan on ordering for myself and for gifts for Christmas.

    But before I do, could you tell me if the wires that go through the ear piercing are sterling silver????? I can't wear copper or silver plated because the pierced hold gets infected.

    I went to Jules site but couldn't find an answer there.