Monday, May 6, 2013


Terri brought up a point in her comment I hadn't considered.  This supplement is recommended for adults only.  The U of Maryland link I provided states that 
"There isn't enough evidence to recommend Quercetin for children." 
I hope I didn't mislead anyone.   

I wrote this a few nights ago. 

I have always been lucky  in some respects. I had no allergies all my life. Not the first sneeze, sniffle or red bump.   My mother was severely asthmatic and I spent much of my childhood watching helplessly as she tried to breathe. Florida, her birth place, left her almost crippled with the disease. However, Youngstown, Ohio with soot actually visible in the air had her breathing freely. Go figure.

My brothers and I escaped any kind of respiratory problems. Then I moved to Arkansas. Something in the air here in the Spring really gets me. My eyes itch and weep. My nose keeps the Kleenex stockholders happy.  My sneezing is best described as violent. The kind you just pray you have a bone dry bladder when it hits. 

My violent sneezing  can really clear the  aisles in Walmart. To try to suppress it into the cute little squeaky "zzzst" I once employed, could  blow my ears out now or collapse a lung. Thus sadly for those around me, I let'er rip. I'm loud and proud and watch the people scatter before me in fear. 

I had tried every OTC allergy medicine on the market but the only one that worked for me was Benadryl. While it really helped, it also put me right to sleep or desperately wishing I were. I really hate the groggies. I have things to do. 

Then I found Quercetin.This is a flavonoid, that is plant-derived and found in fruits like apples and grapes, vegetables, and grains. The beauty of Quercetin is that it is completely effective and leaves me functioning normally with ZERO fatigue or sleepiness. For me there are absolutely NO side effects. It just makes me normal, like I am allergy free.  It can be found in health food stores or on line. I get mine from Amazon.

The only bad thing about it is that for me at least, the complete relief it brings doesn't last long enough to suit me. I have to take it a couple of times a day during peak season and I do hate having to take any kind of pill. 

Right now, my allergies are the worst ever since I moved here.  The sad thing is that I almost thought they had become a thing of the past.  Each successive year in Arkansas, they had gotten milder. I was beginning to think I had built up an immunity to my personal Kryptonite. 

This year, I had not had the first sign of trouble and our area has been pollen rich for quite a while. My red vehicle was  daily sporting a greenish yellow, early Chia Pet look for the past few weeks as testament that the pollen season has been here a while. I would hose it off and it would be back the next day and I keep it in a carport. With all that and no sneezing,  I was really feeling like I had finally whipped it. 

Then yesterday what ever I am allergic to sprang to life and decided to go forth, be fruitful and propagate.  The sniffles and really itchy watery eyes appeared so I started the Quercetin right away.  Nipped it in the bud I thought.  However, I didn't time my doses well and  the benefits wore off  around 2 AM this morning when I awoke to a full blown, full blow with brain rattling, pet terrifying sneezes. Aaarrgg. 

Fortunately as I have been writing this, the Quercetin I took a little while ago has  kicked in and I am almost normal again. It really does work quickly. Now if they would only develop a time released Quercetin, my Spring times  would be perfect. However, if I time the doses right, I can keep my personal demons at bay the whole season which for me lasts about a week.   

I know some of you suffer seasonal allergies or know someone who does.  If you don't have allergies now, don't feel too comfortable. I didn't develop mine till I was 65.  

If you don't get relief from conventional methods, do try Quercetin. It may not work for everyone but I can personally give it a 5 star review. 

Wishing you and yours an allergy free Spring.  I am also wishing that you all actually have a Spring. Where in billy blue blazes has it gone this year? Brrr.  


  1. Allergies seem to migrate short distances for me. For instance I have no signs allergy in Helena but 65 miles West, I sneeze my head off. I imagine it's got to do with certain trees (or whatever) in different areas.
    I feel for you and I'm happy you can find some relief from Quercetin.

  2. I'll have to explore Quercetin. I would love to give up taking allergy meds.

    We are finally having spring in southern New England. We still have narcissi coming into bloom....everything was long over by this time last year. The good thing is that the blueberries and other fruits won't freeze after blooming; the bad thing is that spring will be about three weeks long.

  3. Glad to hear you found something that works.
    We are having a lovely spring here, but I did hear that it was snowing somewhere in Arkansas yesterday. I thin Mother Nature may have a bit of a sneezing fit lately--probably allergic to what people are dong to the world.

  4. Fingers X' far, nothing bothering me here in KC.

  5. Benadryl is the only OTC that works for me, too. I didn't have any problem when we lived in Colorado, but here in the Pacific Northwest, I get pretty itchy and sneezy now and then. I'll give this a try, since I have a steroid that the doctor prescribed, but I really hate to take it for all the reasons you mentioned. :-)

  6. I'll have to look into Quercetin. I have lived here in New Mexico for most all of my life without allergies. But in the last 7 years I have had more and more symptoms. I will certainly try this as the dreaded yellow pine pollen blow is due in the next week or so.
    Our spring lapsed for awhile as well. This last week temps dipped back into the 30's at night. Crazy I tell ya. Oma Linda

  7. I am making note of this pill.....I know so many people who have severe allergies at THOSE times of the year---This pill sounds like a fantastic solution and one that contains natural ingredients....So happy it works so well for you, my dear....! And thanks so much for telling us about it!

  8. When I was a kid growing up in Manoa Valley, I had a hard time sleeping at night because the valley air would clog my sinuses. It was awful. As soon as I moved away, my sinus problems disappeared. Hubby has an allergy and treats it with Allegra D 12, which he gets at Costco pharmacy. He doesn't need a prescription, but does have to sign for it.

  9. I've never been an allergy sufferer, but I know a lot of people who dread spring because of the pollen. I will recommend Quercitin to them. I think they'll really appreciate it. So glad to know it works so well for you!

  10. Several years ago I started a nasal inhaled steroid spray and it really works well. I use it during hay fever season and in the fall. No danger of absorption and only rarely do I have to reach for a pill as well. I will definitely look for Quercitin for when I need that extra boost.

  11. You are indeed fortunate to have found such a product , and a natural one is even better.

  12. I wil order Quercetin for my husband. He is miserable in the spring.

    You're right about not taking things for granted. I didn't have Seasonal Affective Disorder (winter blues) until I was in my 50s.

  13. I am so glad you found something to help you. I have never had any allergies, but while living in L.A., I developed something called vasomotor rhinitis, which simply was a running nose. But man, would it run! It was embarrassing. Fortunately, up here in the mountains it has gone away.

    Thank you also for pointing out that the link to Fran's book didn't work. You will not believe this: I checked it like I always do, saw it had a problem, was going to correct it, got distracted, forgot all about it!! A senior moment, so thank you so much. It is now fixed. The book is funny!

  14. I'm glad you've found something to help with the allergies. I can't vouch for this myself, but many say that taking locally grown honey helps alleviate allergy symptoms. It might be worth a try, if you haven't already. It has to be honey made in your particular area and I'm told that unpasteurized is best.

    Honey and cinnamon together is supposed to be good for a whole host of things, so I've just recently started using it. If I start kicking up my heels like a 20 year old, I'll do a post about it! Haha!

    After a crummy weekend, weather-wise, the sun is shining brightly today. Go figure. But, we've still got more rain in the forecast. Which we don't need.

  15. Thanks! I will have to try it. Some years I don't think I have any symptoms and some years mild ones. This past week I have just not felt right (off and on sore throat, ear aches, etc) but not quite sick. I have never heard of this product.

  16. I do believe if the two of us were in the same store at the same time we could clear it out with our sneezes. I have a sneeze like yours from what I can tell by your description. Thanks for this information I would like to see how it works for hubby and me. We both have allergies that plague us both in the spring and fall months. I am glad you have found some relief with the Quercetin. Hugs, Maggie

  17. I'd love to find something that would work for my poor grandson who is severely allergic. He's pretty miserable right now. I'll see if I can find some.

  18. Glad you found something that works for you. I don't get the sneezrs I get the sinus congestion but I haven't found something that works for me yet?

  19. Manzi,
    Thanks. Know what you mean. Allergies can really be area specific.

    I sure hope it works for you. I hate the side effects of other allergy meds. I think spring will be short everywhere.

    Think perhaps you have hit on it. She is letting us know she is not happy with us.

    Hope you stay that way and probably not a good idea to move. That is what sunk me.

    It is a shame Benadryl has such bad side effects and steroids are always scary.

    Linda Wildenstein,
    I hear it is never too late to develop allergies--darn it. Hope you stay free.

    Some people are really whipped by allergies. Mine only last a short time but others suffer the whole season. Hope this helps them.

    I tried Allegra but it didn't help me. We are all different. Glad you found a place where you could breathe freely.

    I do so hope it works as well for them. It has really been a life changer for me.

    I am so glad you found what works for you. We are all individuals and need to take what helps us.

    Yes, I am glad it is made from fruits and veggies.

    Linda Myers,
    I sure hope it helps him like it does me. You are right, some of these things that we are free from most of our lives, find us later on and get us.

    So glad the mountains are treating you right. Location, location. Glad you got it fixed. Thought you would want to know. I found her at Amazon.

    I have used local honey and maybe that is why mine aren't as bad as when I first moved here.
    I heard honey and cinnamon was good for arthritis. Let us know if you see good results.

    Goodness, that doesn't sound fun at all. Sure hope it goes away soon or you find a cure. Take care.

    Ah ha, you are loud and proud also. We don't get cheated do we. Hope you find it works for you. Not fun to have it in the spring AND the fall.

    I emailed you about giving it to children. It is not recommended since there have been no studies on children nor do they have proper doses for kids. So sorry.

    I am not sure it wouldn't work for sinuses. It does block histamines. I have bad sinuses also and never thought to try it for them. Some sites say it does work,others say no.I'll try it first chance I get and let you know.

  20. Thanks for the tip. I have taken nearly every kind of allergen on the market. Maybe I'll try that.

  21. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the kind words (Hugs)

  22. We have had one or two spring-like days, but it appears the week will be Cape Cod gray... The WEEK!

    Pollen here is brutal. Thankfully, I seem to avoid the worst of it. Will keep this product in mind though.

  23. I've never heard of that, but I'm certainly going to tell my son about it. Thanks!

  24. Dear Arkansas Patti, I was born with asthma and rushed to the hospital, my mother said, six times before the age of five. According to mom, I almost died four times. She took me for allergy tests and discovered I was allergic to all but six of the many things they tested.

    However, I grew out of the worse of asthma in 4th grade and really haven't been allergic to much since. I so hope that continues. (I'm 77 now.)

    Your situation sounds dire to me. And my bladder would not hold up!!!! Peace.

  25. My son is allergic to pollen, is 23 years old, I wonder if you can take this product ... Greetings.

  26. I'd like to say that I'm a loud sneezer too ...luckily I dont really have pollen allergies. The only time I tried to supress one ,I bit my tongue ..badly everyone just has to jump when I sneeze.
    Some only are affected by one or two pollens ...a friend reacted very badly to Lupins ....and around here the Rape, in bloom, is dreaded by most.Glad you found something to give a little relief. xx

  27. Hope you aren't waking Mighty in the middle of the night with those sneezes. I'm afraid to boast that I don't have seasonal allergies because of my problem this winter - lets hope that I don't add plants to the things I must avoid!

  28. Indeed. My wife has lots of allergies. I'll pass this post along....

  29. Judy,
    Know what you mean. Me too. Hope it works for you.

    Hoping you find some ease.

    So that is where that color came from. We have had a lot of that here also.

    Sure hope it helps your son. It made Spring a snap for me.

    I can't think of anything worse than struggling to breathe. So glad you out grew it. Stay allergy free.

    I can think of no reason at his age where it would be a problem. If concerned, check with his doctor.

    Ha, think you and Mumsy and I could form a group. Suppressing them can be quite dangerous. I know of someone who collapsed his lung trying.

    Ha, fortunately as long as I take the Quercetin, I don't sneeze so we are good in the wee hours. Me too hoping you never do.

    I really hope it helps her. I can't say enough on how it has helped me.

  30. I'll need to mention this to my daughter. She has the worst time with seasonal allergies. Benedryl puts me to sleep too. :-)

  31. I developed my allergies in my sixties as well. Have been taking a prescription medication for a year but I'm going to try Quercetin. Thanks for the info.

  32. Sounds like you've found something that works for you! For years I suffered with allergies at this time of the year. Sneezing, blood shots eyes etc. but that's all stopped in the last couple of years. Now I just get bitten really badly all over by something as soon as I start cutting the grass. And we aren't meant to get Chiggers in the UK so I have no idea what they are.

  33. Bought the Quercetin for my husband. Now on day 3, he is feeling much better. First thing that's worked for him in years! Thank you.

  34. Kay,
    I really hope it works for her. It is so great to be allergy free.

    With as much as you have on your plate, I do so hope this takes at least one of those things away.

    LLCool Joe,
    Now that sounds unpleasant. Wonder what is attacking you? Do you all have no-seeums in the UK? They use to eat me up in Florida.

    Linda Myers,
    Oh, I am so happy that it is helping him. That makes me glad I posted about it.

  35. I am just starting to have some allergy issues after, like you, never having them before.

    I will certainly look for this in the health food store.

    Thanks for the tip!!!



  36. I consider myself very lucky not to have much trouble with allergies.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog about the documentary "The Kindertransport". I wonder if you will be as disappointed with our US congress as I was. Evidently they voted "no" as far as bringing Jewish children here congressman used the excuse "God intended families to stay together" ...just incredible.

  37. Allergies haven't been a big issue for me (knock on wood) yet, although they are worse for me in the fall.

  38. RMW,
    Kind of a shock getting them later in life isn't it? Hope it works as well for you.

    Prejudice or even looking the other way astounds me. Thank goodness that guy in Cleveland got involved.

    I do so hope you stay free. Spring is too pretty to be bugged by allergies.

  39. My new cancer treating diet contains lots of immune boosting things and I am off bebedryl. I was taking it daily 24/7 because mi allergies were environmental. Too bad it took this major diet to make my body function more aptly!
    Wish I had started years ago! Maybe I would have avoid my current disease?

  40. Hmmm... this sounds like something my daughter could use, thank you.

    Patti, Thanks so much for all your kind messages while we were gone to China and I was cut off from my blog. Although I couldn’t access my blog, I got your comments via e-mail and they always brought a smile to my face.
    I’ve just finished my China blog posts so I need to work on our photo album because we have too many things happening this summer that will take up our time. Life does tend to occasionally intrude on our blogging. Thank you again for being such a lovely friend.