Monday, May 19, 2014

3:00 AM

I know, you are thinking I am talking about being an insomniac but actually, this is a book review and that is the title. "3:00 AM"   by Nick Pirog.

This is a rather short book (132 pages) and I wanted to tell you about  it while it is still free and as of this morning, it still is. Sorry but it is only in digital form. Amazon does have a free app where you can download digital books to your PC, iPhone, iPad, or  Mac. No need for a Kindle.
You can add the App at the same site as the book link above. No, I don't work for Amazon. 
Nick Pirog knows how to think outside the box, keep your interest yet give you a chuckle. His book is based on a character who has an extremely rare condition. So rare it is actually named after him.  Henry Bins  is awake for only one hour each day, from 3 AM till 4 AM. One hour to do all one must do in a day.

Exactly at 4 AM he drops into an unconscious state ready or not and often he is not ready which results in a crash of sorts.  He  stays that way for the next 23 hours. Henry's brief waking  life is normally very orderly, amazingly accomplished and is measured in minutes and seconds.  This has gone on for all of his 36 years.

However one night during his one hour of wakefulness, he hears a woman scream, then sees a man leave her house. The fleeing man is the President of the United States.  I told you--outside the box.

His character Henry Bins does his best in his brief hours of consciousness to solve the mystery and find a killer.  Along the way he is adopted by the dead woman's cat. The cat is a hoot and a fun supporting character.

I would be hooked on this book by the premise alone but I also enjoy his often humorous writing style. Nick Pirog, like his character, crams a lot into the 132 pages, one hour at a time.  If I have any complaint, it was too short and  wrapped up a bit too quickly but with an ending I didn't see coming.

I can actually see "3 A.M". as a TV series that I would watch. Look how successful the show "24" was in one hour increments.

One thing besides enjoyment, this book has made me really look at how I often waste too many of the 24 daily hours I am blessed with. I am really planning to do much better. I may have 24 hours a day to play with unlike Henry's one hour, but my number of days has been limited by age.  I can and will do better.

When I lost Mighty Dog, I also lost some daily structure and pleasure, especially the regular walks. However I did not replace my new found hours constructively. Instead, I frittered them away like I had an endless supply.

Henry Bins'  amazing time management inspired me regain my lost hours.  As a start I have signed up to  volunteer at our local Humane Society as a dog walker. They need the exercise, I need the exercise, and it will be nice to be around dogs again. Those will no longer be wasted hours. All ready a bit of improvement but I probably have more work to do. Henry has inspired me.

Hope you give "3 AM" a try and that you enjoy it,  I really did.

Self help books or perhaps a really amazing person in your life may nudged you in a better direction. However, have you ever had a work of fiction inspire you to make a life adjustment??  I was a bit surprised that this one did.


  1. How interesting what you took away from "3:00 AM", and a message we could all use. Particularly those of us in the blogging world - or at least me - who can sit down in front of their computers 'for just a minute' and lose track of time!

  2. Yes I have had works of fiction inspire me in real life. When I read "The Firm" it made me want to go to law school! Of course that was a short-lived interest but it was definitely inspired by the book :)

  3. Unusual book and unusual reaction, Patti. Your comments made me realize how much dogs have helped me keep moving with daily hikes in recent years. Keeping flexible physically as well as mentally is important....;)

  4. Oops.I let the main point slip by me. I think the book was "Not So Wild A Dream by author and CBS newsman Eric Severeid that inspired my lifelong love of wilderness travel and adventure...:)

  5. Okay, I just downloaded it to my Kindle. It sounds like it's fun and certainly worth the price (free!) :-)

  6. Sold! It goes on my MacBook.
    Volunteering as a dog walker seems like a no-brainer for you. Enjoy, enjoy, and get some exercise!

  7. A wonderful idea to volunteer walking at the local shelter. I'm betting that one of them will walk into your heart and end up home with you.

  8. That sounds like a great book, Patti. I love the premise, interesting and surprising. Very cool that you are starting to volunteer at the shelter to walk dogs. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend some of that awake time. Once Roger and I settle down, I may do something very similar.

  9. This does sound like an interesting and compelling story. I think I'll download it. Thanks.

  10. It sounds fascinating! I will rush to Amazon and get it just in time for my vacation in two days! Thanks for the excellent review, Patti!

  11. I'm downloading to my Kindle, thanks for the review. Good for you on the dog walking, seems like a perfect fit for you. Joy in the living!

  12. The dog walking sounds like a great plan. I am sure a work of fiction impacted me, but I am drawing a blank on what. Non fiction changed me. I fantasized about sailing around the Caribbean or Pacific Ocean until I read stories that detailed long nights, rocking kitchens, poor toilet paper planning, crazy storms, etc.

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  14. Marty,
    Me too regarding the computer. Nothing can make time disappear like that glowing screen.

    I'm glad. You wouldn't have made a good lawyer, you are way too moral.
    I had the book Jaws keep me from being a marine biologist. That was a negative.

    Dogs really are helpful in keeping us fit. Thanks, I checked out that title and I will see if my library has it.

    It sure was in my price range. I do hope you will like it.

    So glad you got it. Enjoy.
    I know, wonder why it just came to me. It is perfect.

    Welcome back. You were missed. I think I will be just fine "renting" them. No vet bills, no expenses, just lots of love.

    Hope you do. Our shelter here has the most marvelous walking trails for the dogs that surround a lake. Really pretty.

    Hope you do and think you will enjoy it as it has some neat humor.

    Dr. Kathy,
    Oh this would be a perfect vacation book. Have a great time.

    Hope you enjoy. I don't know why I didn't think of this before. Win/ win.

    I once thought sailing around the world would be wonderful also. Pirates scared me off and crazy storms also.


  15. I am always looking for new books to read. I am on a major reading binge right now. I think I read about 9 books in the past 3 weeks.
    I have had MANY works of fiction that inspired me...

  16. Sounds very interesting! I need to read something that will motivate me to get off my rump and get organized instead of spending too much time on the computer. I think your new volunteer job will be fun! And I'll be waiting to see if one of those cute doggies end up walking home with you! :)

  17. Interesting book! Nice to get the book in apps!

  18. Oh, I hope I'm not too late to download to my Kindle.

  19. This sounds like a really wonderful 'read'....I wish it came in paper----I have a very hard time reading long documents on the computer.....And I love the feel of a book in my hands. But....I sure would like to read this book.....It's funny, I was thinking this sounds like something that could be turned into a film or a TV show.....Thanks for the Heads Up, Patti.

  20. Thanks for the book review. I now have another book to add to my reading list. I'm making a list of books to read while home for my hip replacement! This one really sounds good.

  21. Introverted Art,
    Wow, that is a load of books. This won't take long to read but hope you enjoy it.

    Think I may be immune. It will be so nice though to interact but not have the worry of vet bills etc. Also, I won't have to watch them get old. This is perfect for me.

    Weekend Windup.
    I use the app for non-fiction or short books. It is really handy. I still like to curl up in bed with a regular story on my Kindle.

    Grannie Annie,
    You should be good. Hope you enjoy.

    I am glad you saw the possibilities also. I can see a mini series or even a regular weekly series. Lots of possibilities.

    I didn't know about your pending surgery. I am so sorry and hope it all goes well for you. They have come a long way with this.
    A good read helps when we are healing.

  22. This sounds like a great book, Annie. I'll check it out right now and see if it's available. I'm always amazed at how quickly time passes. I agree that we need to make use of all the time we have.

  23. Thanks so much, Patti! I did it! The book is still available so I was able to get it. I'll read it when I get done with our trip album.

  24. I'm happy to read such a good review of "3:00 AM." I saw it on my list of freebies but didn't download at the time. Kudos to you for finding a way to make your hours count for something good. Enjoy your dog walks.

  25. I love your volunteer work! You may find a dog that wants so desperately to go home with you that you give in. My husband says he'll never be without a dog again.

    If I'd stay off this darned computer, I'd have a lot more hours to accomplish something!

  26. Intriguing! I'm going to search for it right now. Hope it's still free! Dog-walking sounds like a great idea...wonder if Katie will let me put a halter on her and walk with me? LOL!

  27. Now this does sound like good read, but like Naomi I have a tough time reading lots of text on a screen and prefer a book!

    I would definitely like to use my time better. The dog walking sounds like a great idea!

  28. Linda M.
    Hope you enjoy.

    So glad it was still available for you. Enjoy, it's a goodie.

    I passed over it first time also because it was so short. I'm glad I bit the bullet.

    Mary lee,
    I really think I will be content to "rent" a dog. I am too old to commit to a 15 years of care giving.

    Hay, some people do that with cats quite successfully, especially RV'ers. Might not work for jogging:))

    It is only digital so you and Naomi are out of luck.
    Think I will really like my new career.

  29. Thank you for this book recommendation. I downloaded it right away on my Kindle app, I'll just have to read it! :) It's so wonderful that book inspired you so much. I'm sure you'll love being a dog walker, that's a great idea. Louise Hay has helped me to change my view on life and on myself a lot.

  30. Beate,
    So glad you got the book. Hope you enjoy. I'll have to check out Louise Hay.

  31. I have to admit that this type of book doesn't hold much interest for me but you've given it such a boost that I may have to give it a try. !!