Monday, May 12, 2014


The following snippets are too puny to make an actual blog post but together, they just might. Plus for both events, that title almost applies literally.  

First off I apologize for not making the rounds to your posts this past week. I was messing with a case of a lower intestinal flu. Not crippling in anyway though quite uncomfortable plus I didn't dare get too far from the bathroom for 3 days.   

The main thing I got from this episode is that if someone accuses me of being "full of it", I just might have to agree.  I lost 4.5 pounds in those 3 days which does kind of imply that I just might have been "full of it."  

Glad to say all is normal once more with a slightly trimmer new figure (there is always a positive) though I'm still a wee bit on the weak side.  Gained a 1/2 pound back all ready so I'd best enjoy the new look while I can. Have a feeling it will be as fleeting as the mullygrub that got me there. 


Saturday going into town I saw something I have never seen. A doe ran across the two lane road ahead of me and was half ways onto a manicured lawn when I saw something start across the road chasing it. It looked like a spindly legged house cat or maybe a small dog. As I got closer I saw it was a newborn fawn wobbling and stumbling weak legged across the road.

Now I have tromped through the woods a lot in my day and have run across a couple of small fawns lying motionless in the grass to avoid predators. Never had I seen anything this small. Truly cat sized.

Thanks to Odd Essay, I did a bit more digging and found that the newborns only weigh from 5 to 8 pounds at birth. That is small folks. 

Not my picture but from the blog Words4it. Even if I'd had a camera with me, my area has no such thing as a side of the road to pull off on. 
   At first I was worried that something that small couldn't even reach it's mothers teat and that the size must be an anomaly.  However when I got home and checked the Net, the size I saw was right on.  The tiny little fellow had evidently not learned to "stay put" yet. Mom did have a look of being both hugely concerned as it wobbled across the road,  yet exasperated. I'm sure all you Mothers can relate.

It was a really cool experience.


Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day enjoying your younguns. If you are not a Mother, then I hope you spent some time with or enjoying fond memories of your own Mom.  I did, as I was lucky enough to have two of them.  

My Mom for the first 16 years of my life who willed me the best of her genes, her tender heart and curious mind. After  she passed and my Dad remarried, my Step-mom tackled a brooding teen by becoming a dear friend I could count on. I miss you both so much.


  1. I am glad that bug had a short life. We are battling bugs around here--an invasion of ticks. No walk in the woods for me this spring.
    The fawn, as they all are so no matter that you did not have a pic of the actual one you saw, is adorable. (diagram that one, Sister.)

  2. Spring bugs in all forms are rampant this year; glad yours was short lived!
    We have at least one doe who hides her baby(s) in the woods behind the house. She appears to know the dogs will keep other dangers away!

  3. Glad you are on the mend from that stomach flu. Ugh those are never good are they? And how cool that you got to see the baby fawn! I had no idea that they were that tiny at birth either.

  4. I can commiserate with you on the bug. GK's school shut down because of a noro virus (stomach bug). She brought it home and we all have had it to greater or lesser degrees. Nasty varmit.
    I have never experienced a fawn in person. What a gift to see one.
    Happy Mother's day one day late to Mighty's Mom. Oma Linda

  5. I'm glad you're better. I haven't had a bug for quite awhile...knocking on wood here! I've only had baby rabbits around here. I've had to keep an eye on Lucy...the terrier in her wants them.

  6. A tiny fawn, very cool.

    Get you strength back, those bugs are no fun.

  7. Take care of yourself...those bugs are hard to get rid of and hard on your body. How cool to have seen the fawn. I had no idea they are so tiny!

  8. Glad to know you are starting to feel better. It has been quite the season for viruses and bugs. Hope that fawn learns to stay put, or has excellent luck navigating roads.

    Take care and be well!

  9. Glad you're feeling better. And I'm glad you were able to see that fawn and that it's okay. Take care.

  10. I've not been able to visit with a granddaughter and her two daughters for some weeks because of something or other being passed back and forth. They've been kind enough not to expose me with it, but I miss them like crazy! I was fortunate to visit with my 4 on separate days so I had an extended Mother's Day! I hope that whatever ailed you is long gone now.

  11. Glad you are on the mend. That fawn is amazingly small and so very cute.

  12. So sorry about your stomach virus... I had a rough weekend after my surgery--but hopefully, with each day, I am feeling a TAD better. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be though... Darn it!!! (Guess I need to remember that I'm almost 72 years old -August.) ha

    Bet it was neat seeing that little fawn --and I'll bet the mother was very mad at him/her... I've never seen one QUITE that small. Hope it made it...

    We had a quiet Mother's Day here. George wanted to take me out to dinner but I'm not ready to eat much yet --so we just had a nice, quiet day at home. I did talk to all three sons on the phone.


  13. Happy to hear you are about over that bug and feeling better. Hope you regain your strength very soon sweet Patti. Thank you for your sweet comment on Snookums, she is still hanging in but getting weaker and weaker. Wow, that was cool about that little fawn, hope it learns to stay put very soon before it is injured or killed. Hope you have a super wonderful week. Hugs for you and nose kisses for sweet Minnie from me and the crew!

  14. Sorry you've been ill but glad you are on the mend.

  15. So sorry you've been ill. Sometimes I wonder if I am "full of it" too, as it sure seems that way.

    I would have loved seeing the tiny fawn. The smallest ones I've seen were around 2' tall. I wonder how the mom gets it across that they ought to stay put.

  16. Olga,
    Careful of those ticks. They can make you wicked sick.
    Ha ha. Loved the diagram comment. That is pretty much my normal sentence structure.

    How clever of her to know she is safe from the dogs yet they keep her safe from predators.

    I was really stunned at the small size. I have seen them about the size of medium dogs but never cat sized. It was a treat.

    Linda W,
    Yikes, how unfortunate of GK to share so well. I feel for you. Hope that is all behind you. Thank you and back at ya.

    Ah those terriers do love to chase rabbits. That was Mighty's greatest treat.

    Thanks so much and you are right. The fawn was payment for a few crummy days.

    Aunt Betsy,
    It was a total shock to me. Thanks, I am quite all right now and plumping up rapidly.

    I always thought staying put was instinctive but I have since read it must be taught. She must be a slow learner.
    I am just so grateful that I had nothing like what you went through.

    Thanks, I looked at the fawn as being a reward for surviving the punies.

    I am so happy they were thoughtful enough to spare you. That is love.
    Glad you finally got to enjoy Mother's day.

    I can see how people are tempted to take them home which is a really bad no-no. I read where the will follow almost anyone when first born.

    Take it easy gal, that is major surgery. You have plenty of time for dinners. Just let him spoil you and get well soon. Hugs.

    Aw, it is so hard when they get old. Mickey broke my heart wanting to make him better.
    That fawn made my day.

    Thanks you so much,am back to normal once more.

    Sometimes we just don't realize how full of it we really are:))
    That is the size I am use to seeing also. I thought this might be a preemie but according to the Net he was proper size for newborn.

  17. I cannot get over the size of that little Fawn....I have never seen one that small, though I would LOVE to.....How great that you got to witness this.

    I;m glad you recovered from your Intestinal Dilemma! They can be very mean things....!

    And a Belated Happy Mothers Day to you, my dear Patti....!

  18. Hope you're all better soon. I got some kind of a virus in March (yes! March!) and have been tested for everything from parasites to bacterial problems... even had a colonscopy... So... be sure to keep eating that yogurt... it's got to get better soon. I'm trying to remember what newborn fawns weigh (not a whole lot)... but that little guy should have stayed where mom put him!

  19. I'm so sorry you've been sick. Don't you wish you could make those times pay off in the long run by keeping those extra pounds off?

    That fawn is adorable. I keep thinking we will be seeing some around her soon. The moms are walking around in a very pregnant state.

  20. Sorry to hear you've not been well, but happy to hear you are on the mend. I had no idea fawns were that small, either. So adorable, glad it made it across the road safely.
    I spent three days with my daughter and her family last week, though I wish they'd felt better!

  21. Thankfully I have learned if you see one deer cross the road you should come to a complete stop. There is usually going to be another ...and another. But rarely will one be a newborn. What a thrill to see. Hope mama gives this wobbly little Bambi a good lecture about looking both ways before crossing.

  22. Naomi,
    Thank you so much.
    I was totally stunned to see the size. I was use to the medium sized dog appearance of fawns.I felt lucky to have seen it.

    Odd Essay,
    Oh dear, I hope you didn't pick up something exotic in Costa Rica. Be well soon. That is too long to suffer.
    Thanks for reminding me about the weight. I looked it up and newborns run from 4 to 8 pounds. Wow.

    It is that time of year for the new babies. Hope you get to see a newborn. It is a treat.
    You are right, those pounds are creeping back. Not fair.

    Oh I hope you family doesn't have what is going around.
    Luckily my area has low traffic so the little fellow was OK. I was going to block my side till he made it.

    Granny Annie,
    I do the same thing about looking for more than one deer and was surprised that only the doe crossed till I saw the little rodent looking creature follow her.
    There definitely does need to be some rules set out for that baby.

    I thought you would appreciate it.

  23. Dear Arkansas Patti, I'm glad to learn that you're over the stomach and bowel upset. You must have felt miserable.

    I have no children and so I did spend Mother's Day thinking about my mom. She has been the greatest blessing in my life. Remembering all she was and all the love she gave me for the 58 years of her life, I found myself mentally composing a posting that one day will appear on my blog. Peace.

  24. Have seen fawns, but not one that small. What a treat!

    Glad you are on the mend. Not a pleasant way to lose a few pounds.

  25. Well I'm glad you are feeling better and a bit slimmer too.

    I just wanted to say that every time I come to your blog I get a strange vocal message on my computer that says "This is what you want, this is what you get". It happened the other day and assumed it was from somewhere else but I've just come back now and got the same again!

  26. Glad your on the mend. No bad bugs here (knock on wood).
    I have seen very small fawns, they are cute, but usually listen to their moms and stay still.

  27. Ugh on the flu bug- I hope you are back to good health soon. I have seen the tiny deer babies before, lying in the grass. They usually do not follow mom at that strange!

  28. Flu-be-gone
    After reading about the little fawn, I feel like a heel as i do love to watch them but lately I've been having unkind thoughts toward the deer and what they have done to my trees and plants. I ordered a tall fence to finish off enclosing the property

  29. I'm happy to hear you're feeling better! Oh wow, I didn't know they are that small when they are born - so amazing you got to see it. Both of your moms sound so wonderful. I can imagine how much you must miss them. Have a wonderful weekend!

  30. Dee,
    Thank you, all better now.
    That is a post I will look forward to.

    It wouldn't have been so bad but the pounds are sneaking back. Not fair.

    Thanks for the heads up. I had some friends check and they found nothing but I will have my commenters check next post. That is a bit scary sounding.

    I thought so too. She was either very needy or naughty but she sure was chasing her mom.

    Me too.Every time I have seen them they were frozen in the grass, not chasing mom. That is what made this so unusual.

    They can do a ton of damage but at least you are going the humane if expensive way to protect your property.

    Thank you so much. It looks like we were both fortunate in the Mom department.

  31. I've never seen a fawn that small before! I'll bet his mom was more than a little ticked off!
    I do hope you are feeling much better now and have kicked that bug to the curb! Take care.

  32. Just found your blog! I'm sorry to hear you've been sick. I understand the upside of an upset tummy is the bathroom scales give a nice surprise when it's all over.

    That fawn sounds so sweet. It's going to have to learn to stay put, though!

  33. Cheryl
    This was a first for me also.
    Feeling much better thanks.

    Welcome and thank you for stopping by TNS and commenting.
    Thank you and it is welcome to feel better. Makes one appreciative.
    Hope that needy little fawn stays safe.

  34. I had no idea that a baby deer was ever that small...thanks for the info and glad you are feeling better.

  35. That is astonishing, the little fawn. I know mama deer must have been so upset. I am glad you got over your bug and as you did, I thought of my mom on Mother's Day.

  36. Oh Patti, you were twice blessed with your mothers. I've never seen a fawn so tiny. What a fun time that must have been.

    The intestinal flu... nope, no fun at all. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.