Monday, June 16, 2014


I am back. A little tireder but with several things scratched off my bucket list and I had a really great time.  My childhood friend Sis turned her RV north once more yesterday leaving me to recoup.

Sis at the Diamond Mines
Sis and I met in the 2nd grade and lived on the same private lake in Ohio. We played for hours, often fought over the same boy and were regular members at each others dinner table.

I wrote about her Mom five years ago who was like a second mother to me. Sis and I just hit it off and while I often moved to another state, we kept in touch the old fashioned way--snail mail.

During school age, sometimes she would spend summers with us, other times I spent summers with them but most often there were very long droughts, especially as adults, where it was only the occasional letter but we still managed to keep in touch.

Sis  was the maid of honor at my wedding where we both cried like babies as we realized that our childhoods were gone and we were entering a new phase of life. Some how I missed both of her weddings.

She was my sister before my dad remarried and blessed me with a delightful pair of  stepsisters. I guess you could say she was my sister in training.

Then came the Internet and free instant communication. We still live in separate states, she in Ohio and me in Arkansas, but we communicate almost weekly and get together every couple of years.

Age has been kind to her. She is more fit than I--actually more fit than most 70'ish people I know with the exception of you Djan. Her 74 year old body doesn't resist her 30 year old mind as much as mine does. We still have similar interests. As long as it is out doors and moving.

Since she has been here we have toured Garvan Woodland Gardens, hunted for diamonds at a Crater of Diamonds State Park, gone horse back riding  in the National Forest, drifted for 4 hours in a canoe on the White River and took a long walk in the National Forest where we saw twin fawns.  Some of those events will be for future posts. Yep, I have a few sore spots.

She has helped me mow my yard--twice with all this darn rain.  Boy does grass grow quickly in rainy weather but it is tamed quickly when two people tackle it. She let me enjoy the riding mower while she raced behind the small self propelled mower at full speed while mowing the front part. I know my neighbors are buzzing about the whirlwind lady that was visiting Patti.

She was a beautician in her youth so she gave me a hair cut and perm since my shoulder, though much better, still is a problem when messing with my hair for long periods. Ya done good Sis. No Bozo look like earlier this year.

We are different persons, with often very different views and tastes but in the important things, we are the same overly tan little girls that played in the lake, laughed at almost everything and chased boys every summer. We have a long history.

I do hope you have someone like that in your life. They are treasures aren't they?


  1. Welcome back and so good to hear you had a wonderful time with your sister in training! ;-)

  2. How wonderful that you and your childhood friend remain close! My best friend and I went our separate ways when we both went to separate high schools and I have been searching for her for years now. Treasure your moments.

  3. Wow Patti, sounds like you had an amazing time!!!! So glad that you are back. I have missed my blogging friend :)

  4. Long time friends are a special gift. It is wonderful that you have remained such good pals over the years--that is something to treasure.

  5. It appears we will have to forgive you for being gone so long since it was for such a good reason. I envy the energy of both you and Sis and feel ashamed that I do not have the vim and vigor that both of you display. What a glorious time you had and how sad you must be that she has gone. (Or are you secretly flopped on the couch in total exhaustion giving thanks for the chance to rest?) Welcome Back!

  6. Lots of older people complain and even hate social media even though they never use it. It is great for rekindling and or keeping up with old friendships.

    I think most people had what I call a "Back-up" mom! and that one really good friend.

  7. It sounds like you had a great time. You made me laugh when you mentioned me. Your "sis" sounds like a great person, filled with love and life. Glad to hear your shoulder is better; sometimes just going on with your life and using it will help it heal. And it's so nice to see you here again. I missed you. :-)

  8. How truly wonderful to still have a childhood friend. That must be a fabulous comfort. Sounds like the two of you had a rip roaring time. Your post made me very happy just thinking of fun stuff at our age. Glad your shoulder is some better and that you are back in the saddle here in the blogosphere. xoxo Oma Linda

  9. Whew- that sounds like a ton of fun in a quick few days! I'm glad you had such a good time with your bosom buddy. Did you find any diamonds? LOL! I've been twice and found nothing but crystals and sparkly rocks.
    Welcome Back!!

  10. Wow it sounds like you had an amazing time together! You both sound very fit to me!

    I did have a life long buddy, I found out some stuff about him, that has soured our relationship, in fact I wish he's kept the information to himself. But I have another good friend too. :)

  11. It sounds like you've had a wonderful time with your dear friend.

  12. It is great to have life long buddies. Thanks to the internet, I have reconnected with two childhood friends. It is fun to always tell stories and say, "remember when".....

  13. Gee, cute overly tans girls by the lake never fought over me growing up. But I'm glad you're able to continue your friendship. Take care.

  14. Your glimpse of friendship then and now was a delightful read and stirred my own memories of childhood summers. Sorry you are still dealing with the shoulder.

  15. A childhood friendship that continue is one of life's greatest gifts!! Welcome back!!

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  17. Good to see you back sweet Patti, you were missed. So happy for you and your dear friend though. It sounds like you two had a wonderful time. Isn't it great to have such a wonderful long-term friendship? A special gift is what I consider long time friends. Hope you are getting some rest now and those sore places will be all better very soon. Hugs

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  19. Merisi,
    Thank you, good to be back. And yes I did.

    I so hope you find her. Those old friendships are true treasures. Perhaps Facebook???

    Thank you and yes I have missed you all so much. I wanted to keep up with the romance of the year.

    I am not sure how we managed but I am glad we did. History does take time to build.

    Granny Annie,
    Ha ha, you know the truth. I loved having her here but I do have a lot of sore muscles that need a rest.

    Good term--back up Mom. That says it all.

    Ha ha,I think you might be the only one I know to run her into the ground. That would be something to see.

    There are a lot of fun stuff things to do that fortunately, we can still do. I am just so sad that you have been so darn sick. Be well my friend.

    Ha ha, none of my rocks even sparkled though some were pretty. Someone found a 4 plus carat diamond the day before we got there. Sigh.

    That is so sad when someone we have a history with lets us down.
    I sure am glad you had a back up friend. Hang on.

    Yes I did. Thank you so much.

    Ever notice that sometimes they remember something you forgot and visa versa. Still the highlights do get delightfully reran.

    Had you been at our lake, we would have fought over you--probably as a baby sitting assignment. You are such a youngun.

    So glad it gave you good memories. It is not totally healed but if it never gets any better, I am OK with that. I can do a lot more now.

    Isn't that the truth!! Thanks, it is great to be back.

    Thank you so much. Yes, I am getting un-sore as we speak. The horseback riding was the worst sore wise but worth it. I sure have missed riding.

  20. Welcome back, Patti! I'm glad you had a good time with your friend. I am lucky to have a long time (55+ years) friend. She now lives in Oregon so I don't see her very often, but she's coming to MO next month! I'm looking forward to seeing her.

  21. It sounds like you had a great time with Sis.....Having dear dear friends like Sis means everything....The shared History---the fun, all the wonderful memories, and new ones made every time you get together.....
    There are less and less of those dear people in my life now----and these are hard losses....! (I just lost another dear one, a week ago.....) It's great that you both are in pretty good Health, dear Patti....May you both continue to be for a long long time, and continue to make more memories....!

  22. There's just nothing better than a really good friend.... So glad that you and Sis can get together on occasion --even though you do keep up with each other regularly....

    Glad you got to visit Garvan Gardens... Did you see that gorgeous chapel????

    The canoeing sounds awesome.... Looks like SO much fun.


  23. Welcome back! So good to read that you had a great time with your Sis. There are a couple of my friends that are that close, though I didn't know them as a child. They mean the world to me.

  24. The closest thing I have to your Sis is my two actual sisters, but your relationship sounds even closer than mine. That's wonderful!

  25. Welcome back! Wonderful post about your friend. It is very rare to have friendship from childhood. Happy to hear about your friendship!

  26. A friendship like that is absolutely the best. Wonderful that you've kept in touch all these years.

  27. Cheryl,
    Isn't it great to have someone that knows you "when". Just know you will have a great time when she comes.

    Oh, I am so sorry you lost another friend. When you get our age, you have to hang on to those that are still with us. I don't have many left either.

    We did but were whipped by that time as it was last. I will do a post about that visit soon. Saw an amazing waterfall on the canoe trip you would have loved.

    Hold yours near and dear. They are worth the time.

    Linda R.
    Sisters are the best, friends like sisters are as good.

    Weekend Windup,
    Thank you. I sometimes wonder how we made it this long myself.

    Today it is easy, with snail mail it was not so much but we managed.

  28. I do have a friend like that. We met in fifth grade. I know I could call her any time, anywhere and she will be there for me. And I would be there for her. Old friends are definitely the best.

  29. Dear Arkansas Patti, how wonderful that you and your "sister-in-training" kept in touch all these years and that you got to spend time together this month. A friendship that endures for 70 years is like that Christian testament story of the diamond hidden in the field--one is willing to do many things for such a treasure.

    I, too, have a friend from childhood--Barbara Ann. I met her when I began school at St. Mary's in 1943 in the second grade. We lost touch when she married and I entered the convent, but in the last few years we have laughed often over our stories of childhood escapades! She's been such a support and help to me as I've struggled with the decision as to whether to move back to Minnesota. Peace.

  30. How wonderful, Patti that you've been able to remain close in spite of time and distance. And still having fun.....:)

  31. Is that a current picture of your friend ? If it is she sure looks wonderful to be in her 70's.
    Actually my sister Peg who died almost 1 1/2 years ago was my best friend. It's hard to replace a friendship of 79 years.

  32. NCmountainwoman,
    Have to agree with you. There is nothing like history to strengthen a friendship.

    I am so glad you found each other again. What a treasure. Those childhood escapades are such a hoot when view with adult eyes aren't they.

    You are so right. That is the main thing--we still have fun and laugh all the time.

    That was taken just a week or so ago. Yeah, I know, she does not look her age. I tend to look more age appropriate:))

  33. Oh yes, they are definite treasures! I have one friend I've known since kindergarten through college and beyond. We were each other's maid of honors. She is like my sister too.

    How wonderful that Sis was able to do your hair too! It's great that technology allows you to keep in touch.

  34. I do have someone like that in my life! I met her a few years before my husband died, she gave me riding lessons for a while. She's my sister in every sense of the word, and we go sometimes a while without contact, but when we do it's as if we saw each other yesterday.

    She's crazy and wonderful and I can't imagine my life without her!

    So happy you had such a good time...



  35. I do believe kindergarten has me beat but I have you in total years. So happy you have one of those long term ones also.
    Sometimes it is scary letting someone you knew when they were a kid to do your hair but she did a great job.

    You know they are a real friend when you can pick right up where you left off after a long separation. So glad you have one too.

  36. Blogger is doing the same for me. If it weren't for Bloglovin....I wouldn't have seen this post. And wouldn't have wanted to miss this joy. Your new pup is adorable. Glad you and she can together and I'm sure she will help you select just the right name soon. How darling that new pup and Minnie bonded. Happy happy new circumstances. Yay for your household of loved beings. xoxo Oma Linda