Monday, June 23, 2014


Blogger is having a known problem with the blog reading list. Only one blogger's post will list then the "View More" button refuses to work. Not sure this will post on your lists and if I miss you posts, I am sorry. Hope they fix it soon. 

When my friend Sis arrived the first day, we were discussing how Minnie really missed her buddy Mighty Dog.   So she went out to her camper and brought in this large stuffed Collie she travels with.  

Minnie took to the fake collie like a lonely bachelor to a blow up doll. She immediately snuggled up to it, yawned in fatigue and slept quite well with her loneliness over. 

Sis played with Minnie a lot and that cat loved it. They would box harmlessly each evening. When Minnie had enough, she would come over and lay by me for the gentle stuff but would soon go over to Sis to box some more. 

This is a very short video of them playing.  

The wonderful side effect to the sparring matches was that Minnie was worn out and slept like a log each night, letting me do the same.  No more 3AM caterwauling from the living room. 

Minnie needed a friend. One was to arrive for us both.

Meet Chips. 
This little dog entered my life on the last day Sis was here.

I had mentioned before that I wanted to walk dogs at the local Humane Society. This little girl was my first and only walker.  

She was terrified of the other dogs having once been mauled and she would bark frantically when near them.   She walked on a leash like a crazy dog-- lunging wildly and was incredibly hyper.  

My first impression was that she was all zeros on the desirability list besides being only ho hum looking (legs too long, body too long, head too small). She appeared to be a classic Ritalin candidate with her extreme hyperness.   

I asked how she was around cats.  The lady assured me that she had taken her to visit the cat house and that Chips loved them while they loved her. Finally a plus.

She had been in the Humane Society over a year mostly in isolation since she didn't get along with other dogs.  Her plight bothered me so I agreed to foster her. 

The more I am around her, the cuter she gets. 
We picked her up the last day Sis was here and what a whirlwind that dog was when she was finally set free. She tore around my acre like a Whippet at a race track. Round and round she went, tongue out and a grin fixed to her face.  

Her long legs really covered ground. She doesn't walk but prances like a high stepping Hackney Pony which makes me believe a mostly Miniature Pinscher had a quickie with a mostly Whippet a couple of years ago to produce her. 

She is a pretty good fetcher if you stand in the just the right spot for her to return the ball. Other wise it is a game of "keep away" for her.  She runs like she is about to explode with energy or her hiney is on fire. I canceled the urge to get Ritalin. She just really needed to get rid of pent up energy.

Inside, she desperately wanted on the couch. I tried and tried to keep her on the floor but she stubbornly persisted.  When I finally caved and let her up, she circled several times before lying down between Sis and I.  Then she actually let out a long, heavy sigh that totally cracked us up.  Neither of us had ever heard a dog sigh.  That little dog was finally home.

Chips playing with Minnie's toy while she supervises. 
She and Minnie pretty much hit it off. The dog wants desperately to play but Minnie is content to watch passively. They both sleep on the couch, Chips on the seat, Minnie on the back. If I am on the couch, it is Minnie on my shoulder, Chips with her head in my lap. They keep both my hands busy. Who needs knitting?? 

Minnie now sleeps through the night without needing boxing matches to wear her down.  She finally has her friend and is no longer lonely. There is no doubt however that cats rule. She has Chips wrapped around her paw. 

The dog's frantic energy has calmed down completely and her annoying habit of jumping on the couch then giving you a wet willy in the ear has finally stopped. That could have been a deal breaker as I am not fond of lickers. She was just so anxious at first but now she feels much more secure.

So far she has learned the commands sit, stay, "NO", come and heel fairly well though still a work in progress.  She rides in the car beautifully, sitting calmly, ramrod straight and looking out the windows in fascination. If I could put a ball cap on her, she would look like a little kid sitting there.

Still a work in progress but she is smart, desperately wants to please, is totally house broken and is very, very sweet.

Baggage?? You bet she has some (what dog--or person-- hasn't) but in the important ways she is responding quite well and is a delight. 

The Humane Society called to find out how the fostering was coming and I told them it was not working out at all. The lady gasped and stammered till I told her that I had decided to adopt Chips instead. 

Oh yeah.  She is now officially mine.  Now all I have to do is take my vitamins and out live her. Somehow she and I were meant to be.

Now I need your help.  The name she came with is Chips which I am not wild about and she responds barely to it.  Do you think I should stay with it or do you have any ideas for a better name? I'd appreciate and will consider all suggestions.


  1. I love a happy ending! What a wonderful person you are to adopt the dog and I hope she gives you many years of enjoyment.

    Chips sounds good to me, but if it doesn't feel right....sometimes you have to have a dog for a while and then each time you call her or are around her - a name will pop into y our head. Let it be, it will happen.

    My thoughts lean toward an energy ball, so I did some research and came up with Supernova - or Nova. But she may get that confused with the word "no". Eh...good luck.

  2. This is all just great. I so happy for you Patti. She definitely sounds like a keeper....:)

  3. I'm horrible at naming dogs, but what an adorable face! Glad to hear I'm not the only one getting my blog reading list. I thought it was just me!

  4. Oh I am so happy you found a new pup! She doesn't look like a Chip for sure. How about Sassy? I'm awful at naming animals. My blog list is acting dumb too..I've just been clicking down the list hoping I get to all my favorites.

  5. I've been using The Old Reader, but when it acts up, I would go to the Blogger list. I guess it's just another problem with the whole blog reading lists not working very well. Your new dog is so sweet, and I wonder if a name that shows her energy would work, something like Whirlwind, Windy, Whirly Girly... that's what first came to my mind. :-)

  6. Like everyone else, I'm blank on an actual name for Chips, but I agree that you need to change it.
    I think Djan is on track - something both bouncy and feminine would suit her.
    And what a delightful story, by the way.

  7. What a lucky dog Chip is to have found you!!! I know he'll have a great life at your house. I'd rename her Lucky.

  8. Congrats! She looks very fun. I always think it is fun to name a pet. My sister named her rescue dog "Dash" because when she got her, she liked to Dash everywhere. Within a month, Dash had settled into her new home, the pent up energy went bye bye and so did the dashing. :)

  9. I love this story so much. You have a new puppy dog! She's beautiful too. That doggie has no idea how lucky she is. She just found herself in the best and most loving home in the world! Yay!

  10. What a wonderful post! I'm so happy for all of you. Since you already have a cat named Minnie, why not have a dog named Mickey?

  11. Glad to read I'm not the only one having problems with the reader. I use the blogger reader. I hope they get it fixed soon.

    Chips sounds like just the perfect dog for you. He will keep you on your toes and give you plenty of happy challenges. It made my heart happy to think of him racing through your acreage. I'm not good at naming dogs, or even children, but a name came to me for Chips. You had Mighty. Now, you have Spunky. He is that.

  12. Oh, what a wonderful story. I'm happy for both you and your sweet new dog. I don't think she looks like a Chips, either. When I first saw her sweet face, she put me in mind of my son's dog Marley that he owned along with his ex-girlfriend. The ex got Marley as he couldn't keep her as much as he travels. But we all still miss Marley. All that said, I love the name Marley! Also, Maddie or Molly are good names if you want an "M" name to go with Minnie. Just a few suggestions...let us know what you decide! Oh, another name I just thought of....Miley. Sounds like she likes to run a mile a minute! lol! Have fun!

  13. The first time I looked at her, I thought what a sweet face. So, how about Sweetie Pie....Sweetie for short?

  14. Oh, sweet Patti this post put a huge smile on my face. I am so happy for you and sweet Minnie. Chips to me sounds more like a male name and I don't think it fits her. I have found most times when I get a new dog or cat I will just watch them and eventually I find myself calling them something which ends up being their name. I really don't have any suggestions for you but I bet you come up with the perfect name for her. She is a cutie for sure. Love the pictures! Hugs for you and nose kisses for those two sweeties.

  15. When we adopted our dog, they had been calling her Lily at the shelter, so we wanted to pick a name that sounded similar, so she would respond to it.
    That night, we were watching a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game, and Adam Lind had his best night at the plate ever, so we named our dog Lindy.
    There are quite a few words that sound something like Chips...but not "nips"!
    Rip, Zip, Pip, Tip, Zippy, etc.
    I'm so happy your cat has a new best friend. Years ago, when my dog Niña died, my cat Herman spent weeks looking for "his" dog.

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  17. Peruby,
    Ooh, I like where you are going with this. I do see the problem with Nova and "NO" though I really like that. We will see.

    Your taking in that lovely GSD made me think about maybe getting another dog also. Thanks.

    Stephanie Faris,
    Welcome and thank you so much, she is growing on me. Hope Blogger gets fixed soon also. I depend on my reader.

    Sassy kind of goes with her attitude. That will go in the pot for sure.

    I do like those,especially Whirly. She does chase her tail a lot also.
    I am using the blog list also but it doesn't have everyone. Hope I don't miss anyone.

    Thanks, I agree with you that she needs a feminine name. Working on it.

    Thanks, I just hope I out live her. That kept me from adopting before. I had thought of Lucky also.

    I do like Dash. It fits her actions. I'm thinking this dog will do a personality reversal also. She is all ready learning to walk.

    Thank you and I hope so. I just hope I can be here for her as long as she needs. If she lives as long as Mighty, I will be in my nineties when she goes.
    I just couldn't leave her in that pen.

    I thought of that but I buried my old cat named Mickey last year and would find it strange calling the dog that. However, the Disney theme may work. Thanks.

    Retired English Teacher,
    Guess I need to get some more dogs, I am getting such neat names. I do like Spunky and it kind of fits her attitude. We will see.

    Oh dear, how I wish Miley Cyrus wasn't such a twit. I really like that name. Maybe I can overcome my dislike of the child who made the name famous.

    That is funny for I call her Sweetie when she does well. It is my term of endearment for her--kind of a nickname.

    Thank you so much. I have gotten some really great names so far and I think she will one day soon, just fit one of them. I am sure of it.

    Thank you so much for stopping by. Let's see, I'm a Marlin fan and they play tonight. I'll watch closely for a clue. Odd when dogs and cats get attached. We don't expect it but they do morn.

  18. Okay, I'm back.
    Here at our house we're voting for Daisy as a name.

    You already have Minnie (Mouse)
    Now you'll have Daisy (Duck)!

  19. I'm not good at handing out names but she's a cute dog and I'm glad the adoption is working well. Like you, my Blogger dashboard is only showing one blog and I can't view any more. I hope they fix this soon.

  20. I predicted an adoption from the get-go. So glad that you found each other.

  21. Chips is a Chipper pup, that's for sure. So glad you all found each other.

  22. I HATE BLOGGER!!! I'm having that same problem, and other problems, too.....It is very discouraging. My energy level is lousy these days so one more problem with blogger is most discouraging for me and my need to blog....
    Now to your new darling dog...CONGRATS, my dear......She is adorable! And I'm so happy for Minnie....a new pal---and I'm happy for you too, my dear---You have such Heart and Goodness in you......
    As to a name....Maybe Daisy is a good match with Minnie, since Mickey was a name of one of your dear departed. I of course, am partial to Sweetie....! And I think she is a REAL Sweetie....! Good luck with that, dear Patti...!

  23. Well you called her Chips and that imprinted in my brain so I can't think of anything else. She will fit into any name you pick. I love her and believe she was meant for you and for Minnie.

  24. I am very happy for you and Chip! Looking forward to meeting her! These are the names I came up with just from her picture...Aurora, Roxy, Sadie, Bella, Chloe, Pippi, or Tinker. Let me know if you need a sitter. : )

  25. Marty,
    Wow, I love that you involved your family. Thank you. Daisy is a great choice since I had a Mickey, Minnie and a Mighty Dog. Will see how that works out.

    Honest, they are working on it as we speak. Annoying isn't it. Lets wish them great speed.

    You know me well. I really thought I could just foster. Not a chance.

    Linda R.
    Thanks Linda, me too.

    You and all of Marty's family are going with that name. It is among the top picks.
    They are working on the problem with Blogger. Hope they find a solution soon also. I just know I am missing folks. I do call her Sweetie when she does well.

    Grannie Annie,
    Ha ha, If I don't decide soon, like you I will be stuck with Chips.

    Thanks for the great picks and you can dog sit any time. You get first chance. Stop by to meet her anytime.

    Linda W.
    Thanks and if Minnie hadn't liked her it would not have happened. She had the deciding vote. So far, all are getting along great.

  26. Hey Patti....I just wanted to tell you I published a new Post---God knows if anyone will know about it---But, I thought I'd tell you, my dear, since you mentioned the problem---and it still isn't fixed yet!
    Daisy seems to be a popular choice...I still love "Sweetie", but then, I'm!
    She really is a darling dog!

  27. I'm so happy for all of you! Thought I got wind of this the other day in your comment on another blog!

  28. I love her face, those ears, so adorable. I am facing the same problems and taking lots of vitamins too. I haven't had the energy to write about our new family member yet.

    I don't like Chips, but have no suggestions. Something more feminine as you can definitely tell she's a girl.

  29. What a wonderful story of a unsuccessful foster. Love it! How wonderful too that Minnie and Chips are getting along so well.

    I thought of Mouse as well, but perhaps Pearl might work too...she's certainly a gem!

    I've been checking the help forums, and so far there doesn't seem to be a fix for the single blog in the reader. I've been going down the list of the blogs I follow trying to keep up. :(

  30. Have you noticed that Minnie and the soon-to-be-renamed Chips have the same coloring? Cowinkydink? I think not.

  31. Naomi,
    Thanks for the heads up, I probably would have missed it. Seems we are finally fixed this AM. Phew.

    Ha ha, When I posted that I knew I was leaking a clue. Good catch.

    Can't wait to hear about your new family member. Just glad you hubby is now home and healing. Take care.

    Yea, I see this morning that we are finally fixed. Scary for a while. Like the idea of Pearl being a gem.

    Linda B,
    You have inadvertently given me an idea. I had not noticed that I had a "calico" dog. Thus maybe Callie?? Right now, she is answering to Callie and Miley the best. Sometime in her life her name must have ended in "ie" or "y".

  32. Yippee - I'm glad I came by to check on you, Patti! Just what you (and Minnie) need - a new friend. I kinda like the name - the dog seems really "Chipper!" Good Luck - have a great summer.

  33. I think she's cute! Maybe a name that is a little more "energetic" to correspond to her enthusiastic nature???

  34. I think dogs can adjust to new names very well. Cody started out (when she was with the old rancher) as Sally. I renamed her Dakota but it became too many syllables so it got shortened to Cody.

    I love those little terrior breeds. I grew up with a little rat terrior. You don't hear much about them these days but I think the Jack Russell is an off-shoot of them.
    Congrats on the newcomer. She'll show you a merry time.

    You crack me up..... a bachelor with a blow-up doll.

  35. Looks like you have a friend for life. Very sweet. I love the name that my daughter gave to one of her dogs..Wren (In honor of the Carolina Wren who seemed to always be there, flitting around the puppy when they first got her)

  36. Barb,
    Thanks so much. Think I have finally settled on a name now. BTW, you have been missed lady, hope you and your great photos will be back soon.

    You have that right. She is a bundle of entertaining energy.

    I LOVE rat terriers. Had I been in the mood to buy a dog, that would have been a top pick.
    Ha,ha glad you caught that line, no one else did or perhaps didn't approve.

    That is a delightful name. That is what I have been looking for--her to do something or be something that attaches a name to her.