Monday, November 24, 2014


Have you ever been shopping rather oblivious to the store music when suddenly a tune you are hearing breaks through the background noise and your thoughts. It may be an old favorite you are pleased to hear again or it may be one you haven't heard before but it captures you.

If it has a good beat, you try to act cool like you don't hear it and just walk a little faster in time to the music.  But then without conscious thought, your knees start to bend, hips sway and your step becomes really pronounced. Before you know it, you  are bouncing along and are a bit self conscious.

When that happens to me, I usually find a large rack of clothes, get behind it and pull a river dance move where my feet go to town but my upper body stays relatively quiet. Ah to be able to dance like no one is watching but I am not that confident of a person so I secretly boogie behind the coat display.

This recently happened to me and I couldn't wait to get home to add the song to my computer and flash drive.  It reminded me of my teenage years when I just HAD to have a song. It was one I wasn't familiar with and I only knew it was Billy Joel with the chorus repeating, "In the middle of the night." Oddly, that turned out to not be the title. Thank goodness for the Internet.

Finally I found it under the title of "The River of Dreams" and downloaded it.
Yea!!! I thought it was a new one but was stunned to learn it had been released in 1998. How did I miss this one? I love it.

I'm an older version of the generation of American Bandstand kids where music only had to have a "good beat and be easy to dance to" to become a hit. This song had that in spades but I was curious about the lyrics.  Once I found them, I was surprised that this bouncy beat also had a pretty deep message.

This video contains the song and lyrics. I dare you to keep your feet still.

Hope this didn't cause you to get an ear worm where the song goes in one ear but not out the other.

Have you ever been song attacked like that in public?  If so, which one sneaked up on you and got your feet going? Did you cave to the beat or were you cool?



  1. Yes, one of my faves! Great beat. and now this song will be stuck in my head all day.. thanks! LOL!

  2. I remember this song.

    I tend to sing and my voice parts the crowds.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Music is memories. Enough said!

    Enjoy Thanksgiving.

  4. Oh yes this has happened to me in stores, especially with Christmas carols LOL! I hope you have a beautiful Monday, Patti :)

  5. More of a head-bobber than a toe tapper. Either way I am moved by music and certainly could not hold still for this one. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Oh, I remember that one...and it is a good one. Don't mind this one stuck in my head at all. I will be dancing to this all day.

  7. I will have to listen to it later when my hubby is not asleep next to me. I'm sitting in my bed, propped up with pillows and my laptop busy reading. But yes, it has happened to me, but it's been awhile. I know this song. :-)

  8. Ha Ha, so true! And a great song too!

  9. Behind the coat rack dancer, huh???????
    Never tried it but it sounds interesting. LOL
    Yeaaaah. Billy Joel anything. He and Elton John. Their time in music was the very best. There is a video on YT of the 2 of them together singing and playing , "Goodby Yellow Brick Road" that I could listen to over and over (and i do) Thanks for the great posting.

  10. I was once in a stodgy clothes store that played that awful elevator music that you barely even notice and along came "I Like big Butts I can not lie" performed by a stodgy old white dude in elevator music style with with elevator music backup. I nearly peed my pants.

  11. I also remember this one. I started jiving at the kitchen table as soon as I heard the first few beats. I feel a bit more spunky now. Thanks for the good start of the day!

    Like you, I am in tune to what is playing while I am shopping. I can't help but dance if the tune inspires me. My kids hate it! "Mom, please stop." It's a great way to enjoy myself while also getting back at them for the things I wish they'd stop doing. ;)

  12. My feet (& my hands) couldn't stop moving!!

  13. Peruby,
    Glad you like that song also but so sorry it turned into an ear worm on you.

    Me too. I lip sync Happy Birthday so as not to ruin the occasion.

    Yes it is. Back at ya for a Happy Thanksgiving.

    Kind of fun isn't it? Thanks, hope yours is stellar also.

    Grannie Annie,
    It does really make one want to move. Head bobbing would look better in the store.

    Thanks, am planning to.
    I am so glad I don't have to feel guilty about your ear worm. Enjoy--I am.

    I'll be quiet. Glad you are guilty also. I feel better now.

    Hi, good to hear from you. Good to have a man toe tapper in the crowd. See ya at the coat rack.

    I had to look that one up and it is a good one. Love my two favorite piano men together. Classic.

    Had to look that one up and listen to the only version available-- sadly, not old white dude. That had to have been a trip.

    That is hilarious. What is more fun than embarrassing the kids. They have it coming:))

    It does kind of make them move doesn't it. Kind of like fun exercise.

  14. As I recall, his wife at the time, Christie Brinkley, painted the cover on that album/CD.

  15. I love when good dance music comes on wherever we are. Roger and I always sing along and dance in the aisle of any store we happen to be in. You should have seen us at the bagel shop just the other day. I can't remember what song they had on, but it was some rock'n'roll from the 50s, and we loved it. Dance dance dance!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Patti!

  16. AHHHH---you be BAD.... I can't get up and dance today --and I love that song... My doctor has told me to get off of that leg/knee and keep it elevated and put ice on it.. There's a lot of swelling --and they can't do an MRI until the swelling is better... He is hoping that it's just a strain though.... So frustrating this time of year.

    Keep on dancing!!!

  17. Well, sweet Patti I was too tired to get up from my chair but you sure had me twisting my chair and my feet dancing up and down. I don't know how I ever missed that song either but this is the first time I have heard it. I have several times caught my self singing with music in stores and a few times drumming on something in my grocery cart or on the table at KFC. lol Never tried dancing a few steps behind a clothes rack though, I think I will leave that one to you. This was a fun post and thanks for the dance. Hugs and give the sweeties nose kisses for us!

  18. Loved this daughter listened to Billy Joel and Metallica when she was preggers with GK. GK loves Billy Joel and says she remembers the song from "inside". Too funny.
    Anyway when I put this song on just now, it was like a magnet.....everyone came to dance.'re not the only one.
    BTW, our trip to the wilds of Arkansas has had to be postponed until a later date. Let ya know when. Oma Linda

  19. I love this song because it has such a unique fifties sound to it. I'm an American Bandstand devotee myself- I used to spend my 50 cents allowance every weekend on one of the latest top ten 45s...still have some in the closet. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving, too, Patti!

  20. I remember this song, and move with the music every time. Doesn't seem to matter where I am. I have been known to grab a grandkid and dance them around and singalong...

  21. I can see how this would be a real foot tapper and how one could not stand still....GREAT Song, Patti....
    I know I have been moved like this many many times by lots of different songs....No one song comes to mind, but I LOVE when that happens to me!
    A VERY VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING, my dear Patti....!

  22. I remember this song, but I never really knew the words. What a cool song!
    I tend to want the sing of hum along when that happens, and maybe bob my head just a bit. :-)

  23. That's on my "car ride" playlist and I love it.

  24. Stephen.
    I did not know that. Proves she is not just a pretty face. I loved the album cover and thought it very clever and creative.

    Aw, how cool is that. I envy your lack of hang ups and that you just go with what you feel. Kudos.

    No dancing for you lady. Do as he said and stay off that knee. Good to hear it is probably just a sprain. Take good care.

    I do that tapping thing also and love it when I have a box in the cart to tap on. I do try to keep my singing mental. There isn't a bucket big enough for me to carry a tune in.

    Linda W,
    I love the idea that GK heard it
    in utero:)) Always wondered about that.

    Me too on those 45's though I no longer have mine. Hope you have a way to play them.

    Now that is feeling the beat and I thought you might be one of those not to hide behind the coat racks.

    It is so cool when music just speaks to us. Your life has revolved around music. I am sure some of your songs have sent many a person a message. Music is powerful.

    Linda R,
    I am going to have to work on that head bob. It is less obvious than foot bouncing.

    Ah, great taste you have. I would be afraid it would make me drive too fast. Music with a contagious beat tends to make me unconsciously press the accelerator too hard.

  25. Happy Thanksgiving, Patti! Fell in love with that song the first time I heard it too. : )

  26. I guess I'm in a bad mood on the subject of music I didn't want to hear . It's usually on the phone when the robot turns it on after telling you your call is important but you have to wait.....and......

  27. Love this post. And my feet don't get going at all. I guess us Swedes are a bit short in the boogie department.

  28. Oh - I always cave to the beat now. I'm too old to not dance to the music whenever and wherever I want! I like River of Dreams - I once (not many years ago) saw Billy in concert.

  29. Because I go to Zumba now and hear the music three times a week, if I hear a Zumba song in a store I'm tempted to start the dance. Very hard to keep walking straight.