Monday, December 1, 2014


When I am honest, I will admit to compulsive behavior as evidenced by my former 3 pack a day cigarette habit and that I am a recovering alcoholic. While both are former conditions from 35 years ago, they show I possess an addictive personality.

My main problem is that too often for me, one of anything is never enough. This also holds true for possessions. If I find a blouse, purse, shoes or jeans I like, I will get the same style in several colors.

If I use a product regularly, I always get two so that when I get down to one, I will buy a replacement. I must have a fear of running out. Till now, I have been weird but manageable.

I went round the bend recently when I spent an innocent $3 at a Dollar store.  I saw a pack of battery candles--- 3 for $3.  Thinking they might be neat back up lighting should power go out, I dug out three singles and went home with my prize.

Well they looked so good that I got two more packages. Never know how long something so cheap will last and it wouldn't hurt to have spares. The light on them is very dim but would let me navigate in the dark should the power go out.

A normal person would stop there but I became candle obsessed. I just loved the glow.The battery ones looked cool in the windows but I didn't want to keep buying batteries so I invested in some plug in types from the Internet that had solar sensors that turn off and on automatically at dawn and dusk. Just slightly more expensive but still really quite cheap. They would work for everyday and the original battery types were relegated to power outage status and decoration.

Well the electric ones are much brighter. I can almost read by them.  They do work as advertised though are very light weight so they need to be secured. It really gives the outside of my house a welcoming look. Hope burglars are not inspired by the invitation.

Minnie will not allow me to decorate for Christmas as she is convinced any decoration is her toy and I don't dare to even think "tree".  So I was delighted when I saw some cute little Christmas tea lights at Walmart that are also battery powered and could be put out of her reach.

Yes that is a lava lamp in the middle. A remnant from my hippy wanna be days. 
So, I got a few packs of 4 at $2.98 per pack. They really did make my house look a bit Christmassy but did I stop there?? Nope. I found some, also at Walmart, that are real wax, battery powered, pillar candles that operate via remote control.

Wow, what a feeling of power. Press a button and there is soft light. Can you imagine if I had a remote controlled fireplace? I may be compulsive but I am easily amused.  So I got two of those in sets of three. They even smell great if you like vanilla. The remote is such fun and just magical.

Finally, I reached saturation point at 28 candles of various sizes occupying my home.  Yikes. When all my treasures are lit at once, this tiny house really looks like a Catholic church and I am not even Catholic.  Only with these candles, I am praying for a power outage, not healings.
This area kind of looks like a bank of prayer candles. That is my Himalayan salt lamp in the center.  
However, if anyone is in real need, I will happily light one of my spares for you along with my prayers. Not sure God is into artificial candles but the prayers should still reach.

You know what is odd? The 7 watt bulbs put out zero heat (you can easily touch them after burning all night) but my place gets physically warmer when they are lit.  Is there such a thing as placebo heating?

Confession over.

Do you have a compulsion that you care to admit to so I will feel just a wee bit better?


  1. At least that is a harmless obsession. I am sure there is placebo heating.

  2. Actually I had never heard of couple of your finds. I would like to put them in my window...can I find them online?

  3. Hahahaha
    This is one of your all-time funny posts. I bet there are oodles of us who can relate. Me....of course, for one. I loved all the photos too.

    I attribute my over-zealous hording to being a child of the depression. (when one grows up "without" you never want to be there again) LOL

  4. I can totally understand the draw of candlelight at this dark time of year. It is dark at 4 in the afternoon here. I do not like real candles, especially scented ones so I should investigate the wax, remote control type.

    I have a dread fear of running out of pens and pencils. I don't know what trauma led to that, but I have cups of them in every room.

  5. This is your best post ever. It so describes me. I hop from interest to interest and buy everything I can find related to whatever my interest is at the moment. As my interest wanes those much sought after items find their way to Goodwill only to be replaced by other items purchased in an obsessive compulsive state of mind.

  6. I think buying candles compulsively is strange--however, I DO buy clothes I like in every color available!!

  7. My biggest compulsion is that I talk too much. But that shouldn't be surprising since I'm a Chubby Chatterbox.

  8. Not to tell on myself or anything.. but remember that scene in Steel Magnolias when Annelle says "They had mismatched Manger scenes at incredibly low prices. I cleaned them out of Baby Jesuses"...well. That is me. :)

  9. Your home looks so beautiful in the warm glow of your new candle lights. I like this obsession. I'm not really obsessive about stuff, other than making sure the doors are locked at night.

  10. Yes, the candles may have placebo heating but they provide warmth nonetheless. Such a cozy glow. BTW: our new fireplace IS remote controlled...the size of the flames, the intensity of the blowers...everything is controlled with the remote.

  11. beeswax candles are the only ones I really like... I have tried the box of mini battery candles, a lot of them at one phase.

  12. infrared.. I think that the cheerful glow from the candles could generated a little heat, both in the room, and in your happy heart! What lovely things the little lights are. Light is miraculous really. I am sure that it has mesmerised and comforted members of the human race ever since we first discovered how to light a fire.
    Almost summer down here, but we will send kind and sunny thoughts to you as you navigate winter in your part of the world! Pxx

  13. No longer addicted to cigarettes, I am attempting to become addicted to alcohol, plus I buy lots of somethings that I love. Found a pair of jeans that were perfect and very inexpensive. Bought three more pair before I learned the inseam was weak in all four pair Basically I now live with a raggedy crotch and have to wear long shirts.

  14. Hi Patti!!! I am addicted to chocolate chip cookies and I like to hoard those - does that count? :)

  15. I think everyone has a little. I frequently have to double check all doors and stoves before leaving the house.

    Your home looks beautiful.

  16. Cranky,
    I had a feeling the mind probably had a hand in that warmth.

    Miss Dazey,
    Yep, I got mine from Amazon. I was shocked to see they had gone up $15 in price 10 days. This is the site.
    I'd check around if I were you or buy off season. Don't think they are worth the new price.

    So glad you enjoyed. I missed most of the depression but do remember the war years and rationing. At least we have an excuse.

    Know what you mean. Yesterday was dreary all day but my candles brightened my mood. I kind of have a surplus of pens also.

    So glad you liked it and am happy to find a kindred spirit. Somehow I don't think our club is too exclusive though.

    Does that only makes me half nuts?? Totally agree on the clothes.

    If your chatter is as interesting as your writing and art, you have no worries.

    Ha ha, I do remember that line and loved it. Welcome to the club.

    Thanks, I am enjoying them a lot. Locking doors is just prudent, especially and sadly, today.

    I just love your new fire place and am so glad Lucy approves. I would love one like that.

    They are addictive but I am yet to learn how short lived they are. I love the real ones but open flames make me nervous with bouncing pets.

    You are right. I know I am kin to my caveman ancestors. An open fire gets my total attention. Without light, bedtimes would be ridiculously early wouldn't they?

    Grannie Annie,
    Ha ha, your raggedy crotch has me cracking up. Long shirts or tunics would help.

    Think you might qualify with the cookies. Welcome to the club friend.

    Aw thanks. It is tiny but all mine and I do like the new lights. As with robin, what you do is prudent, not necessarily compulsive.

  17. Loved this post sweet Patti and I also love the way the candles make your home look. As for me and obsessions, mine change from time to time. Don't have any particular one right now but candles may be in the near future. :) Hubby and I have made three trips to Goodwill in the last few months and most of what we took were my obsession items. Pooh don't allow us to decorate either so she and Minnie are of the same mind. lol Hugs for you and nose kisses for the sweeties.

  18. That is a lot of candles! But useful.

    When I grocery shop I generally buy in multiples of two - like you, if I use the first I've got a back-up.

    My compulsion is probably seasonal decorations. I have bins for spring, summer and autumn, plus a large bin just for various wreaths, and several bins for Christmas (some of which carries through the winter, snowmen and such). I have a tendency to buy these items post-season so I get them on sale...somehow that makes it more "reasonable".

    Enjoy the candlelight - it looks lovely!

  19. I don't know that I have any obsessions to speak of, unless stocking up on groceries items counts. I like to keep plenty on know, in case of an earthquake (God forbid!) or something.
    I love the look of all those candles. And if you would like a fireplace with a remote control, that little electric stove that I posted about has one.

  20. I am not sure all these addictions are so harmless. Or maybe it just shows that none of you has a limited budget? I do think it is healthy to change however.

  21. I'm a compulsive reader since I gave up TV watching years ago. I think its harmless but then who knows....:)

  22. Thank goodness it's just candles.
    Imagine the sort of Xmas you'd be having if it were back "in the good old days" ... (sounds like you have about 10 more years than I do in recovery thing I every did.)

  23. Yes.

    Candles and Bath and Body lotion.

    For years I could not wait til the Folk Festival for the wonderful scented candles, now they are available everywhere. I would stock up on the hand made candles but NEVER burned them. I did not want to ruin them. The were incorporated into my home decor. I would rub them with terry cloth and the scent would feel the room. The girls joked with me many years about that and one year for Christmas I divided the old unburned candles. They were thrilled.

    I still have a candle drawer full for power outages but no longer have the stock pile I would not light.

    Thank you for your continuing prayers.

  24. Twenty-eight candles! I'd love to see that, Patti. I'm trying hard to think of a compulsion, but I'm not coming up with anything. I used to have a NEED to possess/read the Sunday NYTimes and my husband had to scour any city or small town we might be visiting until we found where they were sold. However, I kicked that habit several years ago and don't miss it! In fact, I avoid media hype whenever possible. Enjoy the season, Patti. I'll think of you in the evenings with all that glow surrounding you.

  25. My middle name is "OCD" - it's how I ended up with 9 horses! lol...

    I think the candles look amazing and I'm going to go look for a package or a dozen packages - hah!

  26. Maggie,
    Smart you to have made the trip to Goodwill. I need to do that also.
    Cats and Christmas decorations just don't mix do they?

    Ah, but I bet your house looks fantastic during the holidays. Thanks, I am every evening.

    I do the grocery and water thing also. Years in Florida and hurricanes taught me that was a good idea.
    Thanks, I will check that one out. I love the idea of it having a remote and you did give it a great review for heating.

    fifty odd,
    Probably at 75, my desire to change anything that isn't life threatening is pretty much zero.

    I can't think of a better obsession than books. Harmless, keeps the mind agile and gives you great posts when you review.

    Ha ha, yes, back in the day Christmas also brought on headaches and black outs. Like our newer version much better.

    I know. I have scented candles that have never seen a match. At least these battery ones cast a glow.
    Keep up the great work with your daughter and I hope she is completely recovered soon.

    Luckily, not all 28 are going at once. My Dad had a similar obsession for the Sunday Times. Their crossword puzzle was his gotta have. He always did them in pen.

    We do think alike. Nine horses sounds just about right to me.Have fun at the dollar store. They do make good back up lighting in case of a power outage.

  27. Hi Patty! It's been ages, but I thought I would pop in to say HELLO and ask how you are? Your candles look very festive! :D :D :D

  28. Lynda G,
    What a lovely surprise to see you again in my comments section. I was so sorry when you decided to stop blogging. I miss my ventures into Vancouver. Thank you for still thinking of me and I hope you jump back into the fray of blogging again.

  29. I like candles and the glow too, but I don't have any of those. Thanks for the visit. Remember, I have three kids and all of them have risen above the call of duty to care for me, not just my baby.

  30. Paragraphs two and three described me to a "T." Surely we are normal. :)

  31. Oh blimey don't get me started. My caps, my bling, my clothes, jigsaws etc etc. Better than booze and fags I suppose, but still maybe not that healthy.

  32. I can truly relate to this. What's my vice? Would you believe... office supplies?? Markers, post-it notes, Sharpees, flash drives, etc. Do I need them? No, but I just can't seem to resist them especially if they're on sale.