Monday, January 26, 2015


Do you have any of those?  Blogs you love to read but for some reason you just don't leave a comment?  

I have a couple of blogs where I do this that stand out.  Why I don't comment on these blogs I couldn't tell you for I rarely miss a post since I found them. Perhaps it is because I all ready have a bunch that I do comment on and my plate is full. 

7MSN is a jewel of a blog, especially if you love animals. I see a couple of familiar faces there so I know some of you have all ready found her.  Her photography is clever, her captions really amusing and often tell a short story.  7MSN stands for 7 Miles South of Nowhere and is located in  New Mexico. It is a short blog to visit but I come away smiling. 

Linda is a corporate drop out who has chosen a simpler life surrounded by an amusing cast of characters. Three donkeys ( I am enamored with Alan),  Hank, the really handsome horse, Smooch the protective dog , serious mouser Johnny Cash Cat, and the girls (chickens). The hard to dislike but feared villains are a roaming band of handsome coyotes that are getting too close.

Not a large cast but her clever sequence of captures and descriptions attached to the photos, never fails to amuse. I even bought her calendar this year that displays her cast of characters. She has a great camera eye that captures the varied personalities. 

If you love animals, need a quick lift from this crazy world and could use a smile, give her blog a look.  I don't think you will be sorry. Be nicer than me and leave a comment if you like the site.

Another that I follow but don't comment on is Murrmurrs.  I see a couple of my blog buddies there also so I know some of you are all ready readers. She has an off the wall, brilliant sense of humor about life with laugh out loud posts.

Lurking, which is what this process is called, is a little like stealing. I get to enjoy the work with out paying the price of a comment.  Kind of like reading a magazine over someone's shoulder. 

Yes I lurk on occasion and I enjoy it immensely. It is no pressure enjoyment. However I must feel some guilt and perhaps this post is my attempt at payback for my history of skulking in the shadows. It won't stop my lurking but is a tip of the hat.   I will continue to lurk away with a clear conscience.  

Do you have blogs you enjoy visiting but for some reason you don't leave a trace of your presence except perhaps in the stats?  Care to share with me your secret pleasures??  I am always looking for some new places to lurk. 


  1. That's so very sweet of you and a wonderful way to let those bloggers know how much you like them, even without regularly commenting.

    Yes, there are quite a few blogs I read regularly because I love them, but somehow don't leave comments as often as I should. Should I stop reading them? I know for certain that I would not want my readers to stop visiting because they do not leave comments. I blog because I love doing it, and if someone else likes to drop by and look and read, that is more than I hoped for when I started blogging, almost a decade ago.


  2. I have a couple of blogs that I am this way with as well. I don't comment on every single blog post I read. I more so comment when it hits me :) I go by feel.

  3. No I don't to be honest, if I visit a blog I always try to leave a comment. I feel very guilty reading and not doing it!

  4. I know what you mean! :) I usually try to comment on every blog I visit. But there are some bloggers that seem to like to post a lot, but they don't interact much with their readers. So those blogs I mostly just enjoy reading without commenting :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. It is quite impossible to comment on every blog every time. This dishes would never get washed, the weeds would never get pulled.

  6. I agree with most of what has already been said. I always try to leave comments, but there are a couple of blogs I read for helpful hints and such as that where I don't. Those are the more business type ones.

  7. I always try and leave a comment. It seems the least I can do to show my appreciation.

  8. I try and comment when appropriate, but sometimes I just have nothing. If I constantly follow a blog where I seldom comment, I will at least once stop in and say "I really like you blog" or something just to let them know I was there.

  9. Merisi,
    I totally agree. Congrats on such a long time blog. I haven't seen you on my reading list for a long time. I will check into that.

    As many followers as you have, you would have to have a secretary to keep up. I do agree that sometimes I can't think of a single thing to add. If is someone I read a lot, I will make a generic comment which I am not pleased with.

    If it is a regular blogger that I go back and forth with, I always comment also.

    And how are my favorite honeymooners doing?
    I understand, blogging should be a two way street.

    Good one. I think that is why my house is such a mess. I do spend a huge amount of time visiting. We do the best we can.

    Yep, some of those have hundreds of comments anyway. My two cents is not called for.

    Aw, you are such a nice man. I try also and succeed 99/9% of the time. Just a few slip by.

    Goodness, that is so un-cranky of you and actually a great idea that I am borrowing as of today. Thanks.

  10. Share with you...right and share with all of bloggieland. lol
    I visited the 7MSN and left a comment. Left one for you too. Ha, kidding.
    I remember including Murrmurrs in a post of funny people. She is a hoot but seems I haven't been there in a while. I've been nowhere in a while cause I haven't been on the computer. I get that way from time to time. Sort of my introspection all great thinkers have. another lol
    Yeah, I'm a sometimes lurker, too.

  11. Yes, I hear you. Some of my favorites, like Going Gently (at
    are so wildly popular that I can't imagine what my small voice would add.
    And at some blogs the comments are so witty that joining in is a bit daunting.
    Still, I have learned during these first years of blogging that leaving a comment can be comparable to bringing a little something to the person who's been kind enough to invite you over.

  12. Patti, I have three blogs to recommend. All three are animal blogs.

    Romping & Rolling in the Rockies
    (Read 'Letter to Shyla' 1/24/15)

    The Thundering Herd

    Knatolee's World

  13. I do have a few blogs that I read and don't comment. Not sure why, although mostly they are political blogs, and I don't like to get into online comment bickering.

  14. Yes, and you are one of those that I do not comment on....well.....almost all of the time.

  15. I have some favorite blogs that I visit several times without leaving a comment. There is either nothing I can add to what the post says or I just don't have the time to always leave a comment. I do try to visit all the blogs of those who leave comments on my posts. A lot of the blogs I follow post every day or more than once a week and I don't have the time to visit and comment that often. My time now is even more limited as to how much blog time I will have. Your post sweet Patti is a very nice way to let those bloggers know you visit and like their blogs. I will visit each of them I really do need more laughs right now. Hugs sweet friend...nose kisses for the sweeties.

  16. I 'try' to comment on most of the blog posts I visit --but there are times that I just cannot. I know that MANY people come to my blog and don't EVER comment.. I think people generally don't like the longer posts (which mine usually is)...

    Some of my favorite blogs are the longer ones which say something.. I like words, and I like words and photos. I don't care for photos which say nothing. I also get very tired of some of the memes. There are some blogs which I seldom miss reading (and commenting) because I love them so much (like yours).... I did quit blogging totally when I was so sick --but I don't think I'd ever want to give it up totally. I love it too much.

    However, I do LOVE getting comments and IF I want comments, I 'have' to comment back on others' blogs......


  17. Yes, I do. I don't comment on every blog I read. I'm not sure why.

  18. I have a few as well that I don't really know why I don't say anything but like Olga says, I'd never get anything accomplished if I commented on every blog I read!

    One is

    She's a knitter, an amazing photographer, with a wicked sense of humor.

  19. I try hard to comment on everything, but there is one blog on which I commented every single time she wrote, and she never, ever commented on mine = so I quit commenting on hers.

  20. I am now a follower of murrmurrs, which I had never heard of before. Thanks!!

  21. I find fewer than 1 out of 10 people who read my posts comment on them. If I have 200 people read it and 15 respond, I remind myself that 200 people have chosen to read it. If they don't enjoy it they won't come back.

    I'd love to hear from everyone, but I do the same thing.

  22. Manzi,
    It is so good to hear from you.You have been missed and I hope you will be back blogging again.
    Thanks for leaving Linda a comment and one for me too:))
    Murr really is funny isn't she?

    I agree with you on some of the other commenters, especially on Murr's blog. It is hard to say anything that won't sound lame compared to some. So we lurk.

    Oh good, three more to check out.I will visit them all. I do lean towards the animal ones. Thanks so much.

    I avoid commenting on them also. Like Margaret and Helen's blog which I love. They speak my mind but some of the commenters don't. Silence is golden sometimes.

    I have missed your travel blog but it is good to know you are still out there reading mine. I appreciate it when you do stop in on occasion. Thanks.

    Well you have your plate full and I understand. I don't have that excuse.
    I am always happy that you find time in your stressful life to visit. Hope these sites give you a chuckle. We often need those moments when carrying a load. Thank you.

    I know you have been through it with the surgery and I have missed your positive posts. Hope that will return shortly. We have been back and forth for quite a while now and I am so pleased that you always take the time to comment.

    Retired English Teacher,
    Isn't it weird. For some I just can't give a decent reason for not commenting, I just don't.

    Ok you got my attention with" wicked sense of humor". I will check her out for sure. Thanks.

    It is a bit hard being in a one side conversation isn't it? I am so glad you are mending and hope you are 100% soon. You have been missed.

    So glad you are following Murr now and I think you will really like that blog. You have similar senses of humor.

  23. Linda M,
    I have the same ratio of hits to comments. Like you, I am just glad they are reading and coming back.I get enough comments to make me feel appreciated.

  24. Patti, I definitely *lurk* a lot. There are some blogs that I almost always leave a comment, but there are some that I just read... and enjoy. And I like it if I leave a comment, that the blogger responds... even if it just to say thanks for dropping by. I know that everyone can't respond every time - especially if there are dozens of comments, but it's nice when they do. And thanks for the recommendations. I checked out the first and joined and already read and lurk on the second. ;)

  25. I have several favorite blogs in which I never comment. Generally it's because the blogger typically has more than 50 comments for each post. Not much original to say after 50 comments.

  26. I used to diligently comment on every blog visit, but now I always seem to be running out of time. As a result I sometimes lurk silently and move on. I feel a bit guilty about it, but it happens.

  27. Sometimes I just get "tongue tied", just like I would in "real life" and I find myself wanting to say something, but just not finding the words! I think that it is nice that people can just "lurk" and read a blog if they want to, but have the freedom to say something when the right words come!

  28. Hi Patti, In the beginning of my blogging foray, I lurked ALL the time. (Of course that was years ago.) Now, I usually comment. However, I sometimes add blogs to my dashboard on a trial basis and these I might just read for a few weeks to try them out. If I like them, I start commenting - if not, they just fall off the dashboard.

  29. I try very hard to comment on the blogs I read. I have quit reading a few that don't respond to their own comment section.
    Not worrying about comments on my blog as there are not many readers...LOL

  30. I do go to a few celebrity related blogs and I never leave comments. I keep telling myself to stay away from them as they add nothing to society but I visit. I just don't like to leave evidence behind. :)

  31. This was a very good post. I have been pondering this subject lately because I have slacked off on commenting. Yes I too read Murrmurs and rarely comment because most of her commenters are as clever as she and I feel obligated to try to be funny. Too much stress. She does really crack me up. Savage Chickens is another fun cartoon blog that I view every day but rarely comment. His cartoons are a lot like Gary Larson's of the Far Side.

  32. Holy Smokes! I started reading the comments and realized I would never get finished, so I gave up. You have struck a nerve, it seems. Yes, there are blogs I read faithfully but don't comment on very often. Usually it's because I don't know what I could say. Murrmurr is one of them, and then again I will occasionally say something. I never miss yours and never fail to comment, either! :-)

  33. I look at sewing and knitting blogs, but don't comment. I leave comments on blogs of people that I consider blog friends, people I'd enjoy having as neighbors. Hmm. If you lived next door, we'd have to deal with squirrels AND mole holes, but the birds would LOVE it.

  34. Rian,
    I am so glad you are following 7NSN. Usually it is all about animals and I think you will enjoy it.

    I know, sometimes all there is left to say is "what Sara said." Lame.

    Linda R,
    It can become like a full time job if you let it. We do the best we can.

    I can't imagine you being tongue tied. You leave the best comments. However I can relate to the feeling and sometimes I just can't come up with any thing relevant.

    I do the same thing with new blogs.
    I think we all started as lurkers. It was a fun, relaxed time.

    You do fine and you have such clever commenters. I always enjoy reading their comments. Quality far outweighs quantity.

    Ok you got me curious and I went to check out Perez Hilton. I was really surprised to see how few comments he got and he is quite renowned. Most must feel like you do.

    Grannie Annie,
    Ha, you nailed one of the reasons I don't comment on Murr. The comments really are almost as smart as she is. Makes it a bit of a struggle to try and keep up.

    You, me and Grannie Annie all feel the intimidation of commenting on Murr's site. She really has some smart followers.

    Mary Lee,
    If we were neighbors, I'd trade you even with our demons. Of course I say that having not one squirrel on my property. I do get the giggles with your war on the critters.

  35. I think maybe we all lurk a little.

  36. I am so glad to have read all these explanations of why people don't comment. I follow only about six blogs and always comment - I thought everyone else did too. Interesting that people might feel their comment would not be clever enough. I only get two regular readers commenting on my blog (and most grateful I am too). Still, I write mostly just for the joy of writing, so I am OK with this.

  37. Gail,
    It makes me feel better to believe that.

    I found it interesting also to see the many reasons and it is good to know I am not alone. Like you, I would still put out posts if no one came to visit.

  38. I don't lurk very much because I'm having a hard time keeping up with the blogs where I do comment. Sigh...

    I have a number of lurker friends who lurk and then tell me what they think in person rather than write. There are people who are just too shy to write.

  39. Patti you are such a hoot! I love coming by here to see what your up too.
    I laughed really hard about you calling it lurking and kinda like reading a magazine over someone's shoulder. haha
    I usually leave a comment but as you know I am not a real good blogger these days.
    Thanks for sharing these blogs. I will of course have to check them out since I know if you enjoy them I will too.
    Hope all is well with you and your staying warm.

  40. I love reading blogs and when I can relate or have something to say about the post, I leave a comment.

  41. Dear Patti,
    I came back and read all the comments!
    Thank you for a fantastic post,