Monday, January 19, 2015


First off, I wish to thank each of you that stopped by to laugh at with me over my pratfall. You were so sweet with your good thoughts and kind words. They must have worked for I am a bit better this week. Chuckling no longer hurts but coughing or sneezing is still a no-no. Just need a bit more time to make it all the way back.

Thank you so much for your caring and support.  And oh yes, special thanks to several of you who made the cell phone suggestion. We don't have cell service here but I now take my cordless phone with me on the late night potty trips with Callie.  Simple and smart.


Recently I was telling a friend of mine a story of how facial hair on a man can be interesting but deceptive. She said I should blog about it so here goes. This is for you Julie.

I mentioned before that we moved a lot and I went to a bunch of schools. The good thing for me is that I was always the "new girl" which held a bit of mystique for the guys, thus upping my appeal. By the time that mystique wore off, we had moved again so I spent most of my school days surrounded by that useful aura.

We moved to Sarasota Florida in the middle of my junior year where I went from a school in Ohio that had 600 kids in 12 grades to a school that had 400 in my grade alone.

I was a bit shocked my first day of school by the immenseness  but also by a strange sight. I was use to different areas of the country having different customs, but a huge percentage of the male population in that school were sporting, or were trying to sport, beards, mustaches and sideburns. This was a new wrinkle.

At first I thought there might be a large Amish community near by but that was not the case.  I quickly learned that the boys were growing facial hair in support of the DeSota Pageant.

To celebrate the sad tale of Sara DeSota, ,daughter of Hernando DeSota, the local men--and boys-- grew Spanish beards several months before the pageant. Kind of like St. Patrick's day when everyone claims to be Irish.  This time all the males adopted the old Spanish look.  Thus the school was full of facial hair.

The pubescent teen boys proudly showed off their mascara enhanced sprinkles of lip hair, wispy sideburns, and occasional chin hairs, Some actually had lush and bushy beards. Men among boys.

I was early on wooed and won by a cute guy named George who sported a very impressive full beard. George also drove a brand new 56 Chevy which increased his appeal. Yep, I was shallow enough to be swayed by the cool car and really masculine beard, so I became his girl.

We went steady for about a month but then a strange thought hit me as the annual shaving of the beards approached.  I could only see part of George's face. I had no idea what was under that luxurious beard. He could have no chin, serious scaring or even massive zits. I think I mentioned all ready that I was a shallow teen and dating an enigma was a bit scary.

As it got closer for the annual shaving of the beards, I let my fears best me and I broke up with him two weeks before the dead line just to be on the safe side. Ah, finally safe from the nightmare of the real George.

After the de-bearding, the halls were filled with unrecognizable fellows.  The first day I passed this really gorgeous guy in the halls who mumbled  "Hi Patti." I was immediately interested but couldn't shake off the feeling that while I didn't know him, he looked rather familiar. Then a guy slapped him on the back and said, "Hey George, you must feel 5 pounds lighter with that beard gone."

Sadly it dawned on me, that handsome devil was my former steady George. I kicked my shallow butt all the way to my next class.

No we didn't get back together. We had both moved on as teens rapidly do but it did start me thinking that people who stay in the shallow end, never learn to swim. From then on, I started looking for depths beyond the physical to explore. That was a good move.

Were you a shallow teen?


  1. We also moved around a lot-with my dad being in the air force. I'm not much of a fan of beards, but every few years my husband decides he wants to grow one, and I stay perturbed with him until he finally shaves it off!

  2. I am not a fan of beards but I love a nicely groomed mustache on a fellow:)

    We were all shallow at that age. I remember breaking up with several fellows over the Christmas holidays one time because I was moving on to each better present offer. I stayed with the fellow who gave me a stuffed tiger. LOL

  3. A delightful story. Ever wonder what this young man looked like and did as an adult?

  4. Karma has its ways!
    I was not a shallow teen at all, but i am dedicating myself to becoming a shallow and vain old woman.

  5. What a great story! I love bears, and my husband has always had one, except for a very short while in our marriage. I was glad when he decided to grow it back. And yes, I was a shallow youth! I think it comes with the territory, but I have to say you told it well. Glad to hear you're healing up, girl! :-)

  6. I think it is ironic that teens think they are becoming deep thinkers as they read better literature and become more independent. In reality, they are just like we were...shallow and self-centered. That's just the way it is.

  7. I believe I carried my shallowness into my twenties. I learned to "swim" after my children were born.

    I enjoyed your delightful tale.

  8. First, I want to say that I'm glad you are feeling better, Patti.

    Very funny story about teen life, beards, and shallowness. I was in high school in the mid to late sixties, those roaring hippie days. Boys were not allowed to have facial hair EVER! My twin brother couldn't even grow his hair long or wear bell bottoms. The dress codes were crazy. I couldn't wear pants to school until my senior year. Shallowness was part of the curriculum!

  9. How terrible... I can't remember. I was a late bloomer. I wasn't really interested in guys until college. It's funny now that I think about it, but my best guy friends were gay, only I didn't know they were gay back then. I've never cared for facial hair which is why I wasn't happy that Art started sporting a mustache soon after we had our first born. He told me then that he liked it but would shave it off when he retired. Tsk. Hasn't happened yet.

  10. Shallow? I don't think so. but does anyone know themselves at that age. I probably was, but most of my friends weren't very popular in school.

  11. Funny story...I went to all 8 grades of elementary school, where there were two grades to a room. One teacher for both grades. there was 9 of us, then later about 5th grade got an added student...

    Our high school was not that big...91 in my graduating class.

  12. Terri,
    Ha, good to know you finally win. I love beards on someone else's fellow, not on mine.

    Grannie Annie,
    Ah ha, weren't you the little manipulator? Well done.

    Miss Dazey,
    After I wrote this I looked him up. He is still around, took over his Dad's dealership and opened a successful car rental place. No picture though.

    Ha ha, sometimes I think I might be regressing also.

    Aw, your guy looks great with the beard. Hope you can keep him furry.
    Thanks, I'm getting there.

    You are right. Even I thought I was quite evolved but in relationships, I was super shallow.

    Children will take us right out of ourselves all right. They teach adults that we are here to serve.

    Thank you so much. Yes I am getting much better.
    I am really surprised. That was a strict school. I would have thought you came from the long hair teen era. Maybe that was in the early 70's.

    Ha, Art obviously doesn't feel retired yet. A friend of mine's husband shaved off his mustache after many years and she said for a while, she felt like she was cheating on him:))

    It is hard to tell for I sure didn't think I was shallow at that age till I looked back on what I thought was important in a relationship.

    We could have gone to the same school. My 2nd grade and then 6 years later, my 8th grade were at the same school with the two grades per class room and a handful of students. I really liked that over the 400 kids in my junior class.

  13. hahaha Thank you, Patti for the funny post! Too bad we aren't born with the wisdom we accumulate over the years. It was rather shocking to see my new guy without his beard, but he too turned out to be handsome behind the hair. :) I miss you but glad we get to talk occasionally on the phone.

  14. Shy, introverted me only admired from afar. but no, I wasn't shallow. It was all about personality for me.

  15. I was a late bloomer with few wooers. When I landed my high school boyfriend I hung on. :)

    P.S. I decided to switch to blogspot.

  16. He who wasn't shallow as a youth probably lies... think we all go through phases of one sort or another.
    I'm trying to be a well rounded ol lady and if I keep eating this way I soon will be.
    Glad you are doing better!

  17. I don't remember doing much thinking at all during my school years. We moved so much and changed schools so much that my school days don't hold very many memories. The memories I do have are for the most part are not good. Just about the time my sister and I settled in a school we moved again.

    There were no beards or mustaches on the guys anywhere I went to school.

    I enjoyed this post sweet Patti, I always do enjoy your posts.

    Hope you are still healing and all the soreness is moving out rapidly now. Take care of yourself sweet Patti and try to not do any more falling.

    Thank you so much for your kind and caring comment on my blog.

    Hugs for you and nose kisses for the fur sweeties

  18. HI There, Sorry about your latest falls... I hope you truly are doing better. PAIN is no fun ---I KNOW... My experience with this knee has not been easy!

    My youngest son now has a little mustache and beard ---and really---it looks good on him. Didn't think I would ever say that...


  19. Very glad to hear that you are healing! I have a very short beard - have had it since 2007 and I love it. Beate wants me to shave it though. maybe someday :)

  20. Julie,
    Do you still feel like he is a bit of a stranger with the beard gone or maybe you have talked him into growing it back.

    Linda R.
    I wish I had been that advanced. I didn't care about personality till much later and that is the most important thing. George had looks and a car but that was all.

    I am so glad you are back and on Blogger now so you will show up on my read list. Welcome back, you were missed.

    Thanks and I like that "well rounded lady." I may borrow that as it has a nice sound to it.

    We moved a lot but not as much as you did. That had to have been very hard. We usually stayed in one spot for a year or so before moving again.
    Feeling quite a bit better thank you.

    Most men can carry off facial hair. I love it on other men, just not anyone I am snuggling up to.
    I have been wondering how you were doing with the surgery and hope you post about it soon. You have been in my prayers.

    And it looks really good on you. Pretty sure the person you most want to impress is that brand new wife so I will look forward to seeing the clean shaven Keith:))

  21. I'm with Olga - I was a serious teen but I'm trying very hard to make up for lost shallowness in my old age!

  22. I was not a popular teen, so I don't think I was shallow...but only because I didn't get a chance to be.

    My son has a beard and I like it but it closely trimmed, not long and shaggy. It looks good on him. Or maybe that's the mom in me talking!

  23. Well beards are back in fashion now, and they look great on young men, but as you get older and the dark beards turn grey, I think they are very ageing. Saying that, I do like the idea of having a George Michael 80's stubble look.

  24. I remember when my husband started to wear a beard. At first I didn't like it but it grew on me and made him look older and smarter ! Of course that was way later than my teen years ... where I was not exactly shallow as much as naive!

  25. What a great story (as always).

    I don't think I was shallow, at least I didn't think of myself that way. I didn't date much, was kind of a loner, and only had a few (good) friends. Sounds like you were pretty popular!!!

  26. A big part of your appeal is the transparency you allow us readers to see. I always enjoy my visits!
    Thanks for sharing,

  27. Barb,
    Is that part of our second childhood? I'm game.

    Mom's always think their kids are cool but are not above telling one to shave. I think he must actually look good.

    Oh those stubbles are sexy looking but play havoc on a ladies face. A lot like sandpaper.

    Lucky you. I was both shallow and naive.

    I relied totally on my "new girl" appeal. Once they got use to me, I dropped off the charts. I was rather mid tier after that.

    Thanks. I really don't have much to hide and am too lazy to try.