Monday, June 29, 2015


A blog I seldom miss, Cranky Old Man wrote a post, "Relax, its just a flag", that had me fooled for a moment as to his leanings. He can be tricky. Then he posted a picture at the end that clarified his intent.

The recent events in South Carolina have stunned and horrified most of us. I come from a long line of southerners who were white supremacists. Somehow I never bought into their leanings.  Though I qualify to be a Daughter of the Confederacy,  I have yet to join. Neither have I joined the DAR for similar reasons--those wars are over.

Recently an activist climbed the flag pole in South Carolina and removed the Stars and Bars (Confederate flag) that flew over the state building. Some cheered but I did not. Yes I want those flags removed from state buildings but I have faith in the law and the will of the people. Florida solved the problem quite nicely. Jeb Bush took down the flag and put it in a museum where it belongs.

I am sure it will soon be just the Stars and Stripes plus a state flag in South Carolina but it should be done legally. We are  a nation of laws as the Supreme Court just decided.

 Kind of wish Arkansas would  tweak their state flag.

I have absolutely no problem with people flying the Confederate flag in their front yard, from their business, adoring their vehicles, wearing it on their backs or as a tattoo. This is America after all. It just doesn't not belong flying over state buildings which should represent all people, not just some.

In fact I appreciate it when individuals do display the flag. It lets me recognize those I don't really care to get to know better.

It is like my very favorite and just plain funny Irish Blessing.
"May those that love us, love us,
And those that don't love us,
May God turn their hearts.
And if he can't  turn their hearts,
May he turn their ankles,
So we will know them by their limping."

Too bad we all can't just get along but for now, that flag is as definitive as a deity inflicted limp.


  1. Only you could come up with such a great reason for showing the stars and bars!
    Like you, I am eligible to join the DAR, but I just don't want to belong to anything that started over pride in a war, even our own American Revolution!
    Toes crossed that all is well with you!

  2. Well thought out and well said, Patti.

  3. Well said. Long before one percent was a financial/political issue, motorcycle gangs were defending themselves by saying it was only one percent of members who caused problems. Some bikers them started wearing a 1% badge and those were people to stay away from.

  4. Patti, you are a gem. This clarifies the whole issue for me very well. And you're right: it's just a flag, and I seldom visit the south, other than Florida (my sister), so I rarely see the Stars and Bars. It's just another knee-jerk reaction, this whole flag business. That's what I think, anyway. :-)

  5. I am also a child of the south and I've been confused over my feeling with this issue. Well said....couldn't agree with you more.

  6. Further proof that great minds think alike, Patti. I wrote a post on this very issue.

  7. Some people will never learn. I am from the south but I do not hold to the radical beliefs of disliking someone because of color. I see the inside of a person first. There is good and bad in all colors but not because of the color, just because they are misguided and sometimes because they are just mean people.

    We need the history to improve the future.

    I like the flag of the confederacy but no more than I like a old piece of metal I keep. It's just the past and that is all the significance it holds.

    Wonderful post.

  8. I understand that the flag was put back up after the woman removing it was arrested. I think it should be taken down and put in a museum also, but best to do it legally.

  9. I don't think this position could be said any better. I particularly like the idea of using the flag as a means of knowing who to limp, but those that fly it may still be "handicapped."


  10. Smartcat,
    You know I always do try to find a positive when I can. Thanks so much, I am doing better-not quite healed but darn close.

    Thank you, glad you think so.

    It kind of helps when the undesirables identify themselves. Takes the guess work out.

    Hopefully this will all soon be behind us. Florida did remove the flag and put it in a museum. Smart move.

    BlueRidge Boomer,
    Glad you feel the same way. Sometimes our heritage confuses.

    Just read you post and you did a marvelous job.

    I agree, mean and evil comes in all colors. It is the content of their hearts that separate the good from the bad, not skin shade.

    I totally agree. Legal should be the only way. Anarchy is not the answer.

    Thanks Joeh, your post directed me.

  11. Great post! Food for thought and a reason to laugh. And yes, about the Arkansas State flag - tweaking needed. It's limping along.

  12. I'm totally with you, Patti. I'm a 100% dyed in the wool liberal, and I do think people who want to fly the Confederate flag should. I would never want to deny them their right to identify as they so choose. I don't think states should fly that flag.

  13. Well said! If only there was a such an easy way to identify those I would prefer to avoid.

  14. Great post. You commented nicely on all the important points involved in the flag issue. We must jealously guard our free speech rights, but at the same time stand up to the bigots among us.

  15. Great post Patti! I went to the Cranky old Man blog and left my comment there. It's good to read other people's thoughts on these contraversal issues.

  16. Linda R,
    Thanks. It really does doesn't it? We are not the only state to try to sneak the bars and stars in as part of the stage flag.

    We are in complete agreement. I would never deny them the right, but it should not be on state buildings.

    Ha ha, I know, life would be much easier with much less wasted time.

    Dick Klade.
    Welcome to TNS and thanks for your comment. We do agree totally on this issue.

    Thanks and I am glad you checked out Cranky. He always has an interesting view.

  17. I always am grateful for your measured and positive opinions over issues that are causing the latest mayhem in the news. I think we are too keen on us against them in this country. I do like the idea of the limp, though...

  18. This is a fabulous post as always, Patti. For some the flag is about history and identity, for others it's a symbol of hate, bigotry and slavery. I for one am part of the latter group. You're right. It does belong in a museum, not on government property.

  19. Thank you for writing this. I am in total agreement about taking that flag down. Also, I appreciate that some states are no longer allowing it on license plates. Won't stop people from putting it on their cars, but it doesn't have to be government sanctioned. We are the UNITED States of America, despite a war that threatened that.

    I hope the families of those nine murdered souls in Charleston can derive some small comfort in knowing that the death of their loved ones brought about this outcry for change.

  20. I seem to miss posts in the summer and I hate to miss yours. There is always so much "fairness" in your posts. You must be a Libra or have it rising. I have my Moon in Libra and I hate it. I can always see both sides of every problem and where does that leave me? Sitting on the fence, getting slivers in my butt.

    Patti, the older I get, there are days I just want to hide away in my gardens and let the rest of the world do as it pleases. You prob. noticed the fence around my property. There is also 6 feet of wire on the fence that doesn't show on the photo. The fence is really to keep out the deer that roam freely in Helena but also to keep my chickens in. There are 9 gates connected somehow to this fence and each has a paddlock. When I go to Bozeman (once a week) I let the chickens roam the property but lock all the gates so no one will inadvertenly open a gate. I imagine to some, it looks like the final days of an old recluse who has finally gone over the edge but no, when I'm home the gates are open.

    So although I'd love to hide out in my garden, I still face the problems of the world and I always agree with your fair judgement of situations.
    Hope you are feeling well on this holiday and I send you love.

  21. Barb
    Thank you. Wouldn't that be ever so helpful?

    Hopefully someday that is where it will be for all states.

    My heart hurts for those innocent 9. I will never understand.

    I am not a Libra but may have one rising somewhere. You and I both need leather underwear to spare our butts on those fences:))

  22. I agree and as a woman from Georgia, I know that there are some who don't agree with me. One thing, there are also some who think that the flag should come down at Stone Mountain, in Georgia, but Stone Mountain is really like a museum of Georgia's history ,and I believe it does belong there. (There is a display of flags at the base of Stone Mountain, showing all the flags flown over Georgia.) For right now, the flags are to stay.
    Happy 4th of July!

  23. I agree totally.... My husband and I wonder what is going to come next.... Will we eventually lose the American flag--because someone is offended??? This politically correct stuff is going WAY too far.. Lots of people are offended over lots and lots of things. We are all different and unique and we come from different cultures, states and backgrounds. We cannot ERASE history no matter how bad it might have been.

    George thinks of the Confederate Flag as the BATTLE Flag and we fly it here at our home on Robert E. Lee's birthday and the day of his death... George is very patriotic and is very knowledgable about Confederate history...

    I don't think of that flag as one that had much to do with slavery. There were tons of slaves both in the north and in the south... YES---slavery was part of it, but that is HISTORY and we cannot erase it simply because people might be offended. Where does it STOP????

    When we were listening to some patriotic music this morning, I listened "Dixie" (Oh--I wish I was in the land of cotton....)... Wonder how long it will be 'til someone wants that taken away from us?????

    Scary stuff happening in our country....


  24. It is just a flag is true but it is symbolic just like flags that fly around the world. Yes some now only have a historic value. Educating people to this effect may be of some benefit as places sort out where it may rest.

  25. Hi Patti, I agree.
    Hope you had a great 4th, and thank you very much for your kind comment today. {Hugs}

  26. Patti
    Hahahahaha leather underwear
    How about us getting some Lederhosen? We coud also go yodeling and visit a lot of Beer Gardens. Haha