Monday, July 27, 2015


When I first moved to Arkansas, part of the state's attraction was the old saying that there are no mosquitoes in the Ozarks. Coming from Florida, that carried a lot of weight that I hoped was true. Well it was. I have been here 11 years and had yet to be bitten by the small, winged vampires on my property----till 4 days ago that is.

While using Roundup along the overgrown fence line the other day, I was ate up by the little blood suckers. I have always kept my property mowed and my neighbor's pasture is usually kept down by a lovely herd of cows that I pretend are mine.  But no cows so far this year and no mowing by him so it is a jungle on the other side of the fence. My little piece of insect free heaven is no more. The mosquitoes have found a home and are thriving.

Why to I throw  Donald Trump into a post about mosquitoes?? They both irritate me to about the same degree. Neither is really necessary and hugely annoying.

Donald Trump is the perfect caricature of what a president shouldn't be. Sometimes when he speaks, I feel like I am watching a not really funny cartoon. He is now claiming that the Mexicans and Veterans love him??  Ah, if we could only buy him for what he is worth and sell him for what he thinks he is worth, we would be sitting pretty.

However I am not worried nor frightened by the man. I am certain there are more of us than them for him to become President. It is the fact that there are "them" that bothers me.  Surely there are way more attractive and rational Republican candidates out there.

This guy actually has followers who believe in him and he leads all polls quite handily in the race for the Republican nomination. That is a bit disturbing but he appears to be the voice some have been seeking.

Being a liberal, I should be happy for he is dividing the Republicans and actually making it easier for the Democrats. I try to remember that and be joyful. It is just that his rhetoric is so hard to listen to. Kind of like the annoying whining in the ears that mindless mosquitoes employ right before they bite.

I know no one likes mosquitoes outside of bats, some birds and dragonflies. However, I am curious.  Do you agree with "the" Donald's unique stand on issues and cheer him on?  Do you laugh and shake your head in disbelief?   Or do you perhaps even fear him?


  1. I think this is a bad year for skeeters- they seem to be over the top ferocious lately..maybe because of all the standing water from the floods.
    I'm already making plans to move to the north pole. Our country is going to hades in a hand basket and I can't even watch anymore.

  2. Hi Patti, there are similar, but smaller, blood sucking critters down our way too!
    I have been bored by politicians, entertained by politicians, and politicians have made me frustrated and angry; in recent years politicians have made me somewhat fearful, and I am not sure if that is a product of change within me, or that they are getting worse! I am glad that we have not got your Mr Trump down here... we probably do not have the money to keep his wheels turning for more than a minute or two... Sadly, we do have miniatures of his sort. May be we should refer to them as "Trumplets" just to keep them in their place!

  3. You made a perfect statement comparing mosquitos and the Donald. Like you, I find him more of a cartoon than anything else.
    @Peter, I like 'Trumplets'! Perhaps that what we should call his followers!

  4. I like Donald as an entertainer. He is a bright guy and apparently a good business man, though maybe not as good as he thinks he is. His attraction is that he speaks his mind and doesn't back down and whimper apologies that he doesn't mean; he is not a politician and people like that.

    Anyway I don't think he wants the nomination, he just enjoys the attention.

  5. I got bit up by mosquitos on my camping trip and they finally let up, once somebody mentioned taking an antihistamine to lessen their itchiness. I thought it was you. I can hardly believe there is anybody who thinks "the Donald" is for real. What is it with that hair? :-)

  6. My thought on reading the title: Ah, the perfect combination of irritating things. I agree with you completely. I don't fear the Donald so much as the fact that he has supporters who think he is what the country needs. That literally makes my stomach flip.

  7. I find The Donald more than annoying. He angers me....I fear he is making America look like such a joke to the rest of the world. I am fascinated by his hair though!

  8. We have had so much rain.....that the mosquitos are winning in puddles at this point. Donald Trump is an ass. And I hate to even say that because I love donkeys. But he is such a non human, I can't believe anyone can take him serious....but he scares me.

  9. When the media in this country finds the likes of Donald Trump newsworthy we are in trouble. When voters are so shallow they can be whipped around by the likes of Donald Trump we are in trouble. Fortunately he seems to serve two purposes, divide Republicans, & disgust the rest of us.

  10. No, I certainly do not laugh at Donald Trump. I think he is a danger to our country. The news media play right into his game plan. All we hear is what Donald said and the only questions asked of other candidates have to do with what they think about what Donald said. He is a distraction without traction.

  11. The only thing I can honestly say right now is I don't like mosquitoes.

  12. I hadn't thought of pairing Donald with mosquitoes, but they are a perfect match. Two of the most annoying things on the planet. It infuriates me that Donald gets so much attention from the news, and the others seem like a mere chorus to his starring role. He is a stupid, dangerous psychopath who confuses wealth with intelligence. I wish he would just shut up and go home. The fact that he leads in the polls surprises and saddens me.

  13. Ahhhhh Patti. Leave it to you to put the pesky annoying Mosquito's in the same post as Mr.Ignoramus-Ego-Driven-Lying "The Donald"....I wish I could just slap him dead with one swipe of my hand, just like I would a Mosquito. It would be a Blessing---and all that annoying noise he makes and those below-the-belt remarks he uses to intimidate people would be gone, forever! Yes, I find him frightening and those who follow his inane beliefs and comments frightening, too. I agree with NOTHING he says, and cannot believe he has such a big following.....That Is Extremely Frightening to me, too! He is kind of like Willie Stark in "ALL THE KINGS MEN" in a funny way----people followed him like moths to a flame....Willie, as it turned out, was a crook and deeply ignorant and had an ego that wouldn't quit. Do you remember that film?
    Is "The Donald" Presidential material? Not in any way, shape or form. His remarks about John McCain were incredibly insulting and unbelievably stupid ("I like people who aren't captured"??) and all that is frightening, too .....So, I hope he goes away very quickly, like the Mosquito's do when RAID or whatever comes after them. In my opinion, I hope he shouts his way into being a Non-Candidate by shooting himself in the foot with the Bullets that come out of his ignorant uninformed mouth.
    I guess you get the idea that I don't like him......! LOL!
    Seriously, I think he is a very dangerous man.

  14. I forgot to say one other thing, my dear Patti...."The Donald" is also a terrible Bully! That is his stock and trade.
    And, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to 'vent', It feels real good!!!!

  15. Ha Patti... Bet you opened up a can of worms.. I've never seen so much anger and division and hatred in our country, coming from all sides. I have quit watching the news and following the politicians --and listening to our crooked media almost TOTALLY, but can't get totally away from it. Trump is really shaking things up in our country --and maybe that is not all bad.

    You know that I'm a Republican ---but I'll admit that I am thoroughly disgusted with both parties We have politicians in Washington who are NOT leading our country the way it should be led... So many make tons of promises ---and nothing ever changes. In fact, things are MUCH worse over the past several years. We have a Congress who won't work together --and a President who won't lead them. I keep going back to the Clinton years since he is a Democrat. He WORKED with the Congress and guided them.. Good things happened then. These days, it's nothing but secrets and corruption coming from D.C.

    We need a President who is a real leader (one who is HONEST) and can unite our divided country--and help us become one great country again--through love, honesty and compromise. Wouldn't it be great to have a NON-politician in the White House? Who will that be in 2016? I don't think it will be Trump for sure --but I do hope we elect someone who can bring us back together (racially, culturally, politically, etc.). If that doesn't happen, I'm afraid for our future. So much damage has already been done... I'm not sure if we can recover at all...

    Why do you think people like Trump??? It's because he is NOT a politician... He is an outsider --who says alot of things that many people agree with --but are afraid to admit. He speaks his mind (no matter what others think).. You/I may not agree with him -- but he's shaking things up and maybe will wake some people up... We desperately need changes in our country.

    The Republicans have some really good people running for President I think. I could name several great choices... But the Republican Party --like the Democrat Party--- is divided within itself. Look at Bernie Sanders... He's the Trump of the Democrats. BUT---people like him because he says what he means and means what he says. I think everyone in both parties is TIRED of the broken promises and no leadership from Congress nor from the White House.

    I'll close with the best thing I can think of: "May God Bless our Country"


  16. For the first time in ages, we have mosquitoes at my house. I actually bought an organic repellant at Whole Foods because I have to watch what I put on my skin. I need some help deterring the little buggers when I garden. I tend to lump politicians and the media in the same inane category - I rarely believe either of the groups, no matter what party.

  17. Terri,
    You might have the best idea of all. No skeeters or politics in the frigid north. Besides, I love winter clothes.

    So good to see you back on line. I think you might have just coined a new word--Trumplets. Perfect.

    I agree with you and think Peter may have just nailed it.

    You have a good point but I only see those as positive traits in a small town mayor or sheriff--not a world leader. From your mouth to God's ear.

    Yep, that was me and doesn't it nip those itches in the bud? I have the greatest wish to sneak up on him while he is sleeping and see what is under that hair hat he wears.

    Those are my worries also. Hopefully he will crash and burn before becoming a real threat.

    I am sure other countries are laughing at us right now. Want to sneak up on him while he is sleeping with me? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Linda W,
    I too was thinking no one was taking him seriously but his poll numbers are a concern. I love donkeys also.

    So good to hear from you. Missed you. I agree and can only see disruption, not success.

    You are right. I have yet to hear where the rest of the multitude of candidate's stand on any issue except the Donald.

    That is why I love this country. We can agree to disagree with no harm, no foul.

    Me too but he is getting just what he wants. All the media attention. They are feeding his drive. His poll numbers surprise and worry me.

    I know, those John McCain remarks stunned me. Every time I hear a new shocking statement from him I think surely that will do him in but it just seems to make him stronger. Scary.
    I do remember All the Kings Men, the original one--a great movie. It has been a while and now I think I will find the book and read that version.
    So glad you got to vent. It is good for our blood pressure.

    We totally agree on Clinton. He made some horrid moral choices but was a very effective president. Last time our budget was in the black. I think there are some good candidates but for now they are overshadowed by the headline getter.
    How about a woman this time? Never been tried and can't do any worse then the guys. Like you, I think politics needs a redo.

    Well they are professionals at confusing and deceiving the public. I guess we are lucky we are in no worse shape than we are.
    This has been an unusual mosquito season here. I use an antihistamine to end the itching but it would be best to stop them from biting in the first place. Wish we had Whole Foods here.

  18. The Donald is just what we need, not necessarily for President, but to shake up the status quo. He has made some unfortunate remarks, but he hasn't killed anyone! He's a successful business man, and heaven help us if we had a President that actually had business experience and knew how to run a company. Stir away Donald, its past time they worried about their well padded gov offices.
    I don't feel we "need" a woman President at all. In the political arena women have shown themselves to be no more trust worth than their counterparts. The B of B comes readily to mind.
    We do need legal, live, registered voters that have availed themselves of the facts before casting their ballots.

  19. With Donald Trump, the Republican clown car finally has a driver. I detest him.

  20. Trump's popularity scares me! There are far too many people who agree with his outrageous views, which makes me fear for the future of our country. Like you, I'm hoping that the divide he's causing among Republicans will work against the entire party. Personally, I'm a Bernie supporter! The sad thing is how the media is giving very little coverage to Bernie despite his rising popularity and instead they're giving Trump a very lopsided amount of coverage.

  21. We have a lot of mosquitoes this year. Maybe because of all the rains? I dunno.

    As to the political scene, I am now a conservative but I also vote for whoever I think is best for the office. I don't think we necessarily need a woman as president, just like I didn't think we "needed" a black man as president. But they were bound and determined he get elected regardless of his qualifications and who his friends were. Friends like William Ayers, a known domestic terrorist, and Jeremiah Wright, who preached G-Damn America in his church. Now they are pushing Hillary. God help us if she gets elected. Bill may have been a fairly good president (if you can put his women chasing aside) but that doesn't mean Hillary would be. Look at the Benghazi mess that she was involved in for one thing. I will add that I haven't one thing against black men or a woman being president, if they are qualified leaders who have the best interests of our country at heart. Most politicians, Dems or Repubs seem to have only one thing in mind as far as I can tell lately, and that is to line their pockets and do favors for their buddies who help get them into office. I do believe some would sell their mothers if it would buy them a vote or keep them in office.

    The media has a lot to answer for, in my opinion, too. Those that only listen to the mainstream media only hear one side of the story. And they don't mind twisting the truth or just out and out lie. I can think of a number of stories that they didn't spend much time reporting on if it didn't put our president into a very good light.

    Which brings me to Trump. Trump needs to quit attacking members of his own party and be less of a showman and have a little more dignity. IMO, the media is focusing on him so much because that gives them something to talk about rather than having to admit that our country is going down the tubes with the dumb decisions that have been made in recent years. Such as the Iran deal they're trying to make happen, for one thing. What a stupid and dangerous move that is...gads. Anyway, back to Trump. I think a lot of folks like him because he's not afraid of the media and tells it like it is. I agree with some of what he says, just not always how he says it. I doubt he'll be a nominee. There are a lot of good people probably better qualified to have the office. I just pray that whoever is elected next year can steer our country back in the right direction. That it is someone who loves our country as much as you and I do.

  22. Donald Trump is a media whore, and the media is falling into line just like he wants. Every day we hear what he said the day before. None of it is worth repeating. You are right on in your comparison with Trump and mosquitoes.
    Those nasty bugs have been really bad this year in our yard even though our weather has been very dry. And if there are any around, they will find me. I have been keeping the mosquito spray handy.

  23. Brighid,
    Very much agree with you on honest and informed elections, no matter what you leanings. What bothers me the most is voter apathy. It kills me when people complain but never vote. Our voter participation gives Democracy a bad name.

    Ha,ha hadn't thought of it that way but he is more for entertainment than substance.

    I really need to hear more about Bernie. So far, Donald is getting all the headlines for both parties out side of Hillary's email account. The media is dropping the ball. I am quite interested in hearing his views.

    In this instance we are obviously on different sides which is what makes our country strong, but I think we both agree that the media should let all the voices be heard and not just one.

    He does know how to work the media, it is his strong suit.
    Wow, I wouldn't think you would still be having mosquitoes with dry weather. Think we are in for an attack.

  24. Patti, I love your take on life. Comparing Donald Trump to a pesky insect is a perfect analogy. Your sense of humor had me giggling throughout the post. Unfortunately, The Donald is no laughing matter. He wouldn't scare me at all if he didn't have supporters who do scare me. He is a joke and a media whore, as Linda Reeder said. Some folks eat it up. I guess that is what makes him different from a mosquito. No one likes mosquitos.

  25. Donald Trump = mosquito....absolutely! As a Canadian I've no vote but he, like our Rob Ford -the former mayor of Toronto - make their countries look bad. I refuse to watch his program Celebrity Apprentice as he annoyed the crap out of me then. The crap coming out of his mouth now (and the focus of the media) is even worse.

    As for mosquitoes you don't have to go as far north as the Pole to escape them. Vancouver Island off the coast of British Columbia is apparently also mosquito free according to my cousin. Just happens to be where I plan to retire. :)

  26. Well, sweet Patti I do not like mosquitoes and I do not like Donald I first heard him years ago and did not like him. I have not listened to him with his speeches at all and don't plan to. Neither do I listen to the news and won't until all the political mess is over and done with.

    I do vote and I try my best to find out what I can about all candidates. The problem is it is very difficult to find one that tells the truth about what they will do if they are elected. I do not like the "mud slinging" that goes on in election years and it is a big turn off to me. No matter what a candidate says if they are one that does that they will not get my vote. We need someone who loves America and cares what happens to her people for president...but there seems to never be anyone running for office like that.

    As for mosquitoes we had a lot of them the first part of the summer but have not seen any around here now for about 3 weeks. Sorry you have them at your place now...they are no fun to deal with for sure. Hugs

  27. Okay now you've done it...mocking mosquitoes. You thought I was going to say something else didn't you? Okay about Mr. Donald...I think he is the best entertainment we've all had in a long time. I say encourage him...he is making my drive home each night seem so much shorter.

  28. I do hate mosquitoes but we have very few because it's so dry here.
    I've lived under 14 presidents and from where I stand, there has been only one that I'd call a "good president." That is Kennedy. Yup and they killed him for it. The corrupt presidents last and if we ever got what we call another good president, he wouldn't be around very long either. Put both parties together in one lump and there's no difference.......all just a bunch of "dolly dingles." I think Trump is exactly the kind of president the forefathers had in mind, a man who represents the people and is not a professional politician. I doubt very much if there will come a chance for all the Trump haters to vote against him. No, it will be another brain-less paper doll, dangling from the marionette strings, with his/her teleprompter and speech writers. But here, again, that's what the people want. This just isn't the time for "real men or women" and that is why Trump is like such a breath of fresh air. For me, he is the real deal.

  29. Sally,
    I am so glad you saw the humor. We need to laugh at politics or we might cry.

    Oh I felt so badly for Canadians when Bob Ford was front page news. I only hope the Donald also fades into a similar anonymity.

    Sadly, even when they start out good, they often don't remain so. We just have to go with the one we agree with the most.

    Ah, my favorite Republican. I was hoping to hear from you and glad you are enjoying the show.

    Breathe deeply and enjoy. I know you are not alone.

  30. I fear the fact that there are those 20% of the Republicans in the polls who say they prefer him to the other candidates. That's darn scary. What are they thinking??? It's truly those people that scare the bejeezus out of me.

    As for mosquitoes... something is biting me, but it's not mosquitoes. I can't figure what is giving me these monstrous welts. I'd almost prefer the mosquitoes.... Naaah... maybe not.

  31. Wow! You got a lot of amazing and interesting comments. I wrote my comment first and then went back and read what others said. It does show a division in our country, doesn't it?

  32. warms the cockles to read of someone else who compares mosquitoes with Donald Trump. I have never cared for the guy's attitude ~ and have avoided looking or hearing anything he has had to say for ... well? the first I ever heard of the man was when he got caught cheating and his wife divorced him. Tickled me that she wanted the Plaza dahling... something like that.

    AND most importantly, to read another Liberal's viewpoint. Bernie Sanders is great! so is Elizabeth Warren. I am a Hillary Clinton supporter. She takes the blows ~ I think she and Bill would be wonderful back in Washington. People in other countries like him and her. She knows the ropes. She needs to get big money out of politics ~ I want to hear that ~ which recently she said she is ready to battle with Wall Street and the NRA ... yay! that's what I want to hear... and she is certainly ready to freddy with the finalization of getting women to be ... GASP equal.

    However ... I will vote for whoever wins the Democratic nomination. I wouldn't vote Republican ever again unless Hillary changed parties. I quit being the type who voted for whoever was the better candidate when the Newt Gingrich bull came about. closing down the government and now this do lolly Boehner ... man?

    creepy people ~ I encourage those of you who can't stand to hear the news or read what the candidates say .. .to do so because I tell ya... when someone like Huckabee and Cruz and well, all of them ~ what they plan to do to Medicare and Social Security and calling out the National Guard to prevent abortions? .. aw man ... let's not forget the sweet Christie guy ... what a luv. Apathy gets the wrong person in office. Being informed and making decisions based on facts ~ not the media hype ~ will get the right people in office.

    I hope people will seek the definition of each party and what the party as a whole ... stands for. I want campaign reform and term limits for Congress ... bunch of do nothing whozits

    HAha Patti ... I haven't read your blog in eons. I haven't read anyone's blog in eons nor have I kept my blog up since the first of the year. one post a month and none in June or July ... on this HOT summer day thought I’d peruse my blog list... and here you are with three of my least to my favorite subjects ~ mosquitoes, Trump and being a liberal. HATE gnats too … jeeeeeeez I hate gnats