Monday, August 31, 2015


The shiny people stand out in crowds. Theirs will be the first face you see in a group photograph. They just shine but sadly they are a bit rare. If you are their friend, you are quite lucky.

Sometimes in life we meet people so "shiny" that even just a chance encounter, makes your day. These folks brighten you life by walking into it. Their smile warms you and their visible joy when they see you makes you feel so very special. You almost feel like a prodigal child.

Billie is one of these and I am not alone in my reaction to her. Shiny people affect all they meet.  I don't know how old Billie is but I would say late 80's but low to mid 90's can't be ruled out. She has been shiny for a long time.

I met Billie at the Garden club when I first moved here and we became friends. She immediately folded me into her care. Her open and loving nature floats before her like a soft warm blanket that wraps those around her in comfort. Trust me that is no exaggeration. No matter where you run into her, a glowing smile and hug is coming. She makes you feel like you just made her day when it is the reverse.

I left the Garden Club several years ago when it got a bit time consuming for me and my back was acting up so our encounters have become more rare. Still, every time I run into her around town, she lights up as if I am a long lost child.

Last week I ran into Billie as she was leaving my cardiologist's office. She looks a bit older and frailer but her loving personality is still vibrant. We had a fun talk, shared a warm hug and she gave me some handmade gifts as she usually does. Then I went in for my appointment.

I ruefully commented to the nurse who took me back for my exam on how Billie always makes me realize I am rather inadequate as a person and that I need to try harder. The nurse laughed and said, "She affects me exactly the same way."  

It is the gifts she gave me that is the reason for the giveaway. Billie who has beautiful handwriting spends her leisure time painting scripture in small sea shells that she gives away every chance she gets. Each shell is different.

I am a spiritual person but am in no way religious. I only attend church for weddings and funerals. I pray but only for those in need. Billie never verbally proselytizes even though she is quite religious. Instead she just paints these shells and passes them out.

She gave me 4 of them at the doctor's office and asked me to pass them on as she usually does. Some people swear these shells bring good fortune. Do they?  I believe they do in that they will make you smile as you glance at them and you will know that no matter what is going on in your life, there is always hope and someone cares.

The first one she gave me years ago rests on my dresser and starts my day with a gentle lift and a small smile. The many others she has given me through the years, I have passed on. 

So I am passing along the four shells she gave me last week as she asked. Just let me know in your comments if you would like one. If more than four of you ask, I will have a drawing. 

Do you have a shiny person in your life? I really hope so.


  1. Yes, I have had shiny people in my life at times. I also try to pass along such gifts instead of collecting them, so I will decline. But thank you for "introducing" me to her. You're pretty shiny all by yourself, you know. :-)

  2. That's exactly it. I've also known such people, and they always make me feel inadequate, as you say. And of course, our reaction would just make them feel badly!

  3. Shiny People, that is a new one on me, but I do know the people you refer to. I am afraid I may be sand paper to the shiny people of the world.

    She sounds like a wonderful person!

  4. I had a *shiny* person in my life. She was a very little lady who I met while working years ago and she and I became fast friends (she also loved my cats). But she impacted people's lives... in quiet caring ways. She died a few years ago, but so many things remind me of her daily that I feel she's still around. I'm glad you have Billie.

  5. Billie sounds like a real treasure. Yes, I've had a few "Billie's" in my life and as you noted they only inspire me to do more and pass it on. Thanks for this post, you shiny person you. xoxo Oma Linda

  6. Yes, we have met many shiny people over the years and in all the towns we have lived. There is always someone whose warmth and generous spirit fills the room with light. I'm glad you met Billie. It's good to know there are people like her everywhere.

  7. What a neat post... I try my best to be 'shiny' these days ---especially when I can effect someone in a positive way in my blogs and on Facebook. I try to stay positive --and to bring some joy to whoever reads my posts... BUT--I wasn't always 'shiny'... I had a rough first marriage --and very little money raising 3 sons. Luckily they all came out fine ---and I guess I can take some credit for that --even though they had a very lazy father.. Their father luckily married a 'young thang'--and she still takes care of him to this day (poor thing)... ha

    During those darker days, it was hard to see the positive in things. BUT--these days, I am trying to make up for some of those darker days. I don't feel as if I'm the same person now as I was years ago. I do take time to smell the roses now ---and truly thank God for my life and my blessings. IF I can 'shine' even a little for someone else, that is a good thing.


  8. My daughter in law is a shiny person. I would love to have one of the shells.

  9. Yes, I've been extremely blessed to have many shining people in my life. They make it all seem worth while.

  10. I wish I were more of a shiny person- I think you just have to have a kind can't be forced. I've tried, but I fail miserably so many times. I think if you have a good heart- religious or spiritual or not- that is all that matters in this mean world. I read your kindness in your stories. I hope people see a bit of that in mine.
    I would love to have one of these shells- I would feel blessed.

  11. My grandson is a shiny person in my life. In fact, since he was a toddler, my daily comment to him is, "Colby shines!".

  12. Djan,
    Aw, aren't you sweet to say so but I really don't have what it takes. That is a full time job.

    You are so right. They would feel crushed if they thought they caused anyone bad thoughts.

    These people wouldn't even notice you have a cranky side. If they did, you would just be a challenge.

    I am so glad that your lovely shiny person is still in many ways with you. They do leave a mark don't they?

    Linda W.
    It really does rub off doesn't it? I just wished I could keep it up.

    So glad you have had the pleasure. I am sure you attract them. They do light up a room don't they?

    I am so glad since she does that to me also.

    I would have bet you were shiny. It shows through in the pictures of you on your blog. To have become shiny after being rusty is a real testament of your true self.

    Welcome Sis. You know, that is one person in the family I have never met. Guess I am missing out aren't I?

    You are right. With all the bad people we read about, it is wonderful to have shiny people to restore our faith.

    I think we both have promise if not the will to keep it up on a daily basis. It is hard but for them it is second nature.

    Lucky you for you will have him in your life for a long time. Yes, I believe the shiny are that way from birth.

  13. Sweet Patti I must say you are one of the "Shiny" people in my life. Your Billie sounds like a precious lady. I would love to have one of the shells because it would be coming from you. Every time I would look at it I would think of you more than I already do. Your posts over the years have given me laughs, smiles and helped me feel better. You are special and encourage and uplift people's spirits. You have done that for me many times. Love and hugs give the sweeties nose kisses for me. Maggie

  14. I do know people like Billie. I wish I were one. I try.

    I would love to have a shell full of her shining energy.

    What a wonderful story and next time you see her, give her an extra hug from me.

  15. I am thinking you are a shiny person yourself.

  16. We all need shiny people in our lives. This sounds like a lovely lady.

  17. Indeed, I recognize a shiny person when I meet one - they do seem to give off a positive inner glow. I enjoyed your story about Billie. I really believe that ordinary people can make extraordinary differernces in others' lives just by the positive force of their nature. People who make others feel special are a gift. You're shiny yourself, Patti. Hope you're feeling well.

  18. I really can't think of anyone in my life who is truly "shiny". That might be because as an introvert I don't make many close friends.
    I'm tending to agree with Olga. You seem shiny to me.

  19. My widowed daughter in law bring joy and peace and love each time she come to visit us from the Twin Cities....:) Her name is Deanne.

  20. Maggie,
    Thank you and so glad I could give you an occasional chuckle. You are one of those people that deserves all the best. Hang in there and enjoy the good.

    I know, I try too but never quite make it effortlessly. The shiny ones just are.

    I am so glad you think so, only wish I were.

    Yes she is. She sets the bar high.

    I am glad you think so but even at 76 I realize I am a work in progress. Thanks for asking. There have been complications but I'm almost there--I hope.

    Linda R,
    Probably more like tarnished but thank you for thinking so.

    How wonderful she is still in your life. Those kind are keepers.

  21. Dearest Patti the whole time I was reading this delightful post about this amazing woman I kept thinking that you are that shiny person in so many lives. You know that this is how all of us think of you.
    What a dear friend you have been to me and others! I am blessed to have met you here and so many other shiny people as you call them.
    I love the idea of handing out something she has given so much thought to for others to enjoy every day. Wonderful gift to have been given.
    Hope you are well. I think of you often. As you know I hardly ever blog anymore but I haven't given up on starting again at least part time. I did do a post today. It's a good day for me so I took advantage of it.

  22. My shiny person would be my ex mother in law. She has always been nothing but wonderful to me. Even when her son and I divorced, she still keeps in touch and loves me.
    I would love one of the shells. I could sure use one right now.

  23. Maggie,
    It is so good to see you are posting again. I have been thinking about you and wondering how you were doing. It is great news that you are doing so well with a great support system. Stay safe and healthy my friend.

    Thank you for stopping by TNS and hope you will come back. Sorry but I didn't have enough shells but if I run into Billie and get another one, I will send it to you.

  24. My mother-in-law was that shiny sort of person too. She had one leg and breasts amputated from arthritis and cancer and was often in pain. And yet, she never complained. She just let everybody know how special they were to her. I've been blessed with a number of shiny friends. Thank you for reminding me to let them know how much I appreciate them.
    You are a shiny person too, Patti!