Monday, September 7, 2015


Jan, Terri, Maggie and Pooh, and Gail. Your shells will be in the mail tomorrow. Thank you for asking.  Hope they arrive safely and Billie's shiny energy brings you pleasure. 

Over three months ago I started getting vague heart symptoms so I decided to go whole hog on a heart healthy diet hoping to cure myself. No caffeine, no salt, no red meat with lots of fruits and veggies. Not a horrible diet but not tasty either. Egg whites with out salt are just plain nasty. Then with the pacemaker in place, I really got serious with the diet.

The welcome side effect was that the pounds started falling off. Over that period, I have dropped 22 pounds which was needed for all reasons.  The pound loss seems to have leveled off now. I am close to the weight I came to Arkansas with 11 years ago which was never modelesque but good for a senior.

There are a few side effects to the heart diet however besides improved health. One that is a bit alarming is that old skin doesn't shrink back anymore. It just hangs in place.

Yes, it is welcome, not the saggy skin naturally, but the weight loss. Vanity wise I could lose more but wouldn't that even mean more loose fitting skin??   Hopefully I'll stay here. Health wise I am good with enough spare pounds in the bank to feel secure. Think I'll stay here.

The other side effect is my clothes. I have been an elastic waist band girl for years but I do still own a few static waist band items.  I was wearing a pair of capris yesterday that had zero elastic. Instead they had a button and zipper closure. Ok, it fit a bit loose but what happened later surprised me a bit.

I went into a public restroom and from force of habit from elastic waist band days, pulled my capris down with out unbuttoning or unzipping. Yikes, they slid right off.  I had noticed that I had been hiking my pants up as I shopped but had no idea they would fall right off with just a slight tug.  I couldn't help but wonder if I had been giving folks a "plumbers" view most of the day. At any age not a pretty sight, at 76 down right scary.

So now something must be done. I can stand the baggy look but really don't want to start "mooning" folks. I have no desire to be the star of the newest Walmartians email. Infamy is not my goal.

However now I am so sorry I didn't keep my skinnier clothes from years ago. In fact I had just donated my favorite pair of jeans that I had hopefully hung on to for 10 years. Sure could use them now.

I am not a good seamstress so I guess I will have to spring for new clothes or at least a good belt or some sexy suspenders. I'm not worried about the baggy underwear since I wear granny panties to start with.

Do I embrace the bag lady look or go for new clothes? Would you keep the fat clothes or donate them?  Input welcome.


  1. Ha ha, well I'm addicted to clothes, so I suggest you treat yourself to some new ones and enjoy the new skinny you. :)

  2. If you can afford a whole new wardrobe, go for it! Otherwise strategically add pieces over time. But I say definitely get rid of anything that might fall off in public.

  3. I would keep the big ones for awhile, maybe a year, and buy myself some really nice jeans that I love, along with a couple others. Oh, and a belt would not be a bad idea either. Congratulations on that weight loss, as I'm sure it has made you healthier. I wouldn't want to lose one of my favorite bloggers! :-)

  4. Yes, celebrate your new look with a few new duds. Remember, as DJan says, you aren't just celebrating weight loss, you're celebrating health gain!

  5. Congrats on the weight loss. I recently lost 15 lbs too, just
    by making some health changes, although I didn't change
    my diet. When the body is healthy, the pounds seem to melt
    away. Pants falling off.....hahaha.....I know the feeling. All
    summer I've been working in the yard wearing pedal pushers
    with a big safety pin at the waist. I just bought a couple of
    new things for going out but when I work in the yard and
    garden, who sees me???

  6. Congratulations on the weight loss. I need to do the same, no heart issues, but I've put on so much weight that it soon will come if I don't do something about it now. Anyway...if I would lose weight, I'd buy some fun clothes, but keep the fat ones. I know from experience that it just might creep back up on me. ugh...

  7. New clothes, definitely. Better fitting clothes will make you feel even better.

  8. I like the losing weight part, but not the lines and wrinkles that go with it. But it is fun to be able to wear skinny jeans. Guess you can't have everything!

  9. Congrats on the weight loss! I'd suggest a belt to start with and then celebrate with a few new pieces of clothing.

  10. Definitely for new clothes! Way to go!

  11. I vote for new clothes, but I have to tell you all the clothes I have seen lately at the big stores are simply weird. Not sure where fashion gets ideas anymore, but someone has let those ideas run amok! If you can find a good pair of jeans that fit well, buy as many as you can afford and hold on to them. You may never see them for sale again. Good luck and congrats on the weight loss. Healthy heart, healthy body.

  12. Congrats, you've accomplished something many of us are striving to attain, fitness! I suggest getting some new pieces that fit properly. I found shorts that fit nicely this year, and I enjoy wearing them.

  13. I think I would go to Salvation Army and get some "new" clothes. That way. you're not out much money until you know this is your standard weight.

    I am so proud of you! Wish I had the intestinal fortitude it took to do that.

    Blessings and thank you for the shell.

  14. have a suit in my closet I haven't been able to wear for twenty years. Five months ago I decided to eat less and exercise more, and now I can wear that suit. Congratulations on your weight loss.

  15. CONGRATULATIONS, my dear!!! How great that you have lost all that weight. If it were me, I would buy myself some brand new spiffy duds and keep the old ones, too----just in case I might need them again.(lol). Seriously, that really is what I would do....! I encourage you to have some fun and go shopping!

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  17. Joey,
    Hey Joey, good to see you!! I have no doubt you would get new duds. That is your passion.

    Ha ha, good point about the fall offs. I'll try to throw them out first.

    Thanks and you are right. A few good things might be be a nice reward.

    Think I am going that route. Looking like a bag lady is getting old.

    Ha ha, I would laugh at your safety pin (congrats by the way) but I have done that too when working outside.

    Thank you. I know I should think positive but you are probably right about my keeping my too big clothes just in case.

    I know you are right. Looking and feeling better will spur me forward.

    A Readers Life,
    Welcome to TNS and thanks for commenting. It really is amazing how many wrinkles are just hiding under the fat.

    Thanks. I think a slow approach is the best. Just so I quit mooning strangers.

    Thank you so much. I really want to buy, I am just conservative about spending.

    Thank you. I will take a healthier body and put up with baggy drawers any day. I agree on the clothes today. Sheesh.

    Thank you. Not sure I call myself fit yet but I am getting there. I do love shorts also.

    You know, a thrift store just might work. I may go to the one I donated my favorite jeans to and see if they are still there.

    Way to go Stephen. That has to feel great. Now I wish I hadn't gotten rid of the jeans I had been holding on to.

    Sadly I think you are right and I should hold on to my old ones also. Weight loss is really hard to maintain. Perhaps fear of what will happen if I don't keep on this path will work. But getting something new really would be fun.

  18. That is great that you are getting yourself healthy sweet Patti. You are sure doing good on the diet. Congratulations on your weight loss. What I would do is keep all my clothes, buy only a couple of outfits that fit, that way I would not be out much money in case I lost more weight and needed to buy more. After a couple of months if I lost no more weight then I would buy more new clothes. Thank you so much for the shell, I will let you know when it arrives. Hugs

  19. Patti, I live in yoga pants which have spandex so they can expand and contract with you! Years ago, when I lost about 20 pounds, I kept my old clothes in plastic tubs for years, but when we sold the Denver house, I decided to get rid of them. I just bought a pair of jeans that fit me well - if you start shopping for jeans beware - they don't cost $15 anymore! Congratulations on your weight lose. I just read a book about aging (Spring Chicken), and skinny is definitely healthier.

  20. OH Dear Patti I can just imagine the look on your face when you realized you did not have
    to unbutton your pants. I too have been loosing weight since I am trying to eat heart healthy way diet. I have not given up caffeine yet but have cut back. I am now wearing pants that are too loose on me so like you I am going to have to go shopping.
    I have decided to donate more of my clothes but hate to think of giving them all away in case I might need them but I do need to.
    Just a few hours ago my friends that I have girly weekends with about twice a year have tried to convince me to just go peep leafing in Arkansas and not New England area. Then today you write me and tell me you haven't had good fall foliage in years. So please if you get a chance can you send me an email and I can talk to you about it.
    I really really want to see some beautiful foliage but I know Vermont is 1800 miles away.
    Good luck finding you some better fitting clothes. Proud of you for taking control of your heart healthy diet. Need to talk to you about that too. lol

  21. Yee Haw! Good for you. Eating healthier is great. I would go get some new duds, and for sure get rid of the old ones.

  22. hahahaha I really enjoyed reading the post. 22 pounds wow!! I wish you good health :)

  23. I have also lost considerable weight and instead of shopping retail I have found fabulous clothing at thrift stores. Actually some of the articles purchased were of better quality than my larger size clothing. The next thing I did was donate all of my previous clothing.

  24. Maggie & pooh,
    Hope you enjoy the shell and it brings a little extra shiny in your life. You are right, I shouldn't splurge for this may be temporary. I may gain it all back or even lose more. I will be cautious.

    I know, jeans aren't cheap any more. I may have to try yoga pants--at least once. Thanks, I know I will be healthier with the weight loss.

    Hi, I am sending you an email about the leaf peeping. Hope you get to see a really great peak season.

    It has been a while since I have bought "new". I am both excited and nervous.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and for the nice thoughts.

    I think you might have the best solution and probably one I can afford. Thanks for stopping by and for your great idea.

  25. I'll pass on giving advice on this one (its a habit from years of experience with my spouse)....;)

  26. Congrats on losing those pounds and getting healthier! I would probably keep the clothes a while, but buy some new things, too. Especially jeans that won't fall down! :)

  27. I'm so proud of you you started the healthy diet and that you have so many benefits from it :) That is awesome!
    I would donate the clothes and spoil myself with new clothes for all the success. You definitely deserve it.
    Lots of hugs to you,

  28. Great. You lost for health reasons and now you look great right? New Clothes can be a well deserved treat.

  29. I have also lost considerable favorite places to shop now? Thrift stores, SPCA, Goodwill, consignment shops. I have better clothes now than I ever have. Recently purchased two fabulous leather jackets for $15 each...looking forward to cooler weather.

  30. TB,
    Smart man. Weight and woman can be as loaded as politics.

    You bet and thanks. That falling down thing has to go one way or another.

    Thank you, it has been an interesting trip. The thought of new is really facinating. Think I will go slow at first anyway.

    Thank you and thanks also for that cool recipe. I will try it.

    I do plan to take that route and can't wait to hit the thrift shops. Congrats on your weight loss also.

  31. Don't get rid of all of them...I made that mistake and now wish I had a few of my tops back. I've gone to yoga britches and jeggings...I know...not en vogue...but I am sooo comfy I just don't care! When I lost 70 pounds a couple of years ago, my skin went all wrinkly, saggy and it is still the same. I keep hoping it will suck back up! HA
    Congrats on the healthy diet..I know it's hard.

  32. Wow! 22 pounds? That's fabulous! Congratulations! Although we try to eat healthy. I'm not perfect. Mom is consistent and my husband is more in danger of not keeping enough weight on him which is more a worry. I always keep a few clothes of different sizes, but I donated my really skinny clothes because I don't think I'll be there again. I donated my really big clothes because I want to make it harder to get to that size again. And yes, I know about the sagging skin problem. Sigh...