Monday, January 13, 2014


I want to take a minute to thank  each of you so very much for all your kind and helpful comments regarding my wounded wing. Your sound advice, which I have taken to heart, made great sense but your caring  helped so much more to take the sting out of a really painful event. There is a lot of power in sympathy. I am MUCH better thank you. 

My shoulder still hurts but I no longer elicit cat scaring outbursts when I try to use it. You see, the beauty of living alone is that you don't have to appear brave. No silent grimaces and low moans required.  You can let "AAARRRG" rip loud and proud when pain hits. Minnie could care less about any so called bravery though I am sure she would  have appreciated a little notice.  I often scared the crap out of her with the suddenness of my outbursts

Well thankfully, Minnie is safe now as the pain is more annoying than outburst worthy. Range of motion is hugely improved  and gentle exercise has been started. Thank you again for all your kind comments, caring and for realizing that I could still see the humor in all of this. Again I say, you are the best. 

Now for the post I had ready for today. 

What do you do when you wake up to a crime scene and discover you are the victim? Last week, that is what happened to me.  I awoke feeling OK but with a runny nose. So I grabbed a Kleenex, blew and was stunned to see the tissue covered in blood.  I jumped out of bed and I was alarmed to see my pillow had met the same fate while I slept. Holy crap, what had happened? Is he still in the house??

Luckily it was not a who but a what that left me bloodied.  I figured out that
the really dry air from the furnace heat necessary to survive single digit temps had really dried out my nose to the point that bleeds were inevitable. Guess that rules out Arizona for me. Give me humidity any time.

I  broke out a forgotten humidifier to moisturize my inside air. Ahh, much better but I also discovered a neat side effect to humidity.  It not only makes you hotter in the summer but it does the same in winter. I am now much warmer at the same temperature setting which allows me to lower the thermostat. Considering my propane has jumped up $.60 a gallon since the start of the season, this is great news.  If you don't use a humidifier all ready, think about it. It has health and financial benefits.  


Anyone in the age range of  50-100 , can relate that the memory will slip a tad. Words that use to be recalled easily, now sit silently on the tip of my tongue and make me work hard to recall them. 

I was finding this to be a progressive condition  and decided to fight as best as I could. I exercise my body (well I try to) so why not my brain. Ginnie 
at Goldendaze Ginnie, mentioned a while back about doing crossword puzzles to keep the brain agile.  I have never worked crosswords except maybe the super easy pop culture ones. My dad was a whiz who always did even the very difficult ones in ink--the sign of a very confident sort. He kind of intimidated me.

For kicks a couple of weeks ago, I Googled crossword and discovered AARP's freebie versions.There is no sign up required and so far I have gotten zero spam.  I started on the easy versions to learn how to think "crossword". It really is a different way of thinking and you must  get used to it as you have to think on more than one level.

Anyway, I am now addicted to the games and can only say my word recall when speaking is 100% better. I am feeling much sharper and my senior moments are becoming much more scarce. Am feeling almost pre 60'ish these days. 

These are the links for the two levels of puzzles. Crossword Easy. and Crossword Expert.  No pencils or erasers needed. Happy mind flexing.  

Hope my lessons learned the hard way are helpful. 


  1. I am glad to hear your shoulder is improving. I am a crossword puzzle lover...I hope that does some good for my brain. It needs all the help it can get with my family history.

  2. So glad that your shoulder is feeling better!! And yes the dry air can most definitely contribute to a bloody nose. I get them all the time!

  3. If you want a moisture state, move to Minnesota. I grew up there. Wash your hair, let it air dry and it takes a week. Almost on a par with Florida.
    Yes, cross word puzzles must be great for the memory. I do a rhyme at "It's rhyme time" every day. It's my little test to see if I can still think.
    Glad to hear you are feeling perkier with the arm.
    You gotta get ready for "spring training, you know.

  4. When I lived in Colorado where it's very dry, I often had nosebleeds. Here in the Pacific Northwest, they stopped completely, because the humidity is rarely low here. And I'll check out those crossword puzzle links, since I would like to try some brain saving myself. :-)

  5. Good for you. Glad you are feeling better. Gosh, maybe I'm glad I'm used to no humidity....that way I don't have the nose bleed problem. But my daughter does, so I guess we'll invest in a humdifier for her room.
    Thanks for the link to better brain power.I can use all the help I can get.
    Hope your week is a wonderful one, Oma Linda

  6. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I too have nosebleeds without my humidifier going in the winter. I learned to like crossword puzzles from watching my mom do them when our bi-weekly newspaper came. I do online crosswords but I really love the feel of a Bic ballpoint pen on newsprint paper. I go to and play a free game, Bookworm, where you connect tiles to form words. I love it and tell myself it is my brain exercise. I am not sure if it is (brain exercise) but that's my story!

  7. When I had Hot Water Baseboard heat I did not need a humidifier. With forced hot air, the humidifier is an absolute necessity.

    Yes, some times I do have that word thinking thingy.

  8. I had not read about your 'fall'... so sorry to hear about it, but glad that you are doing better. As we age, *falls* become increasingly more dangerous. Broken hips sometimes never heal. My friend fell getting out of bed in the middle of the night and still limps and walks slowly. So please be careful.

  9. I had a nosebleed last year when we first got to Arizona. Not yet this year. But it's about 15 degrees warmer this year than last.

    For mental alertness, I go to posit for 20 minutes a day most days. Check it out.

  10. I'm so pleased that you are feeling better....slow and easy wins the race!
    We heat with wood which is always dry....water on the stove helps enormously.
    Thanks for the crossword puzzle links.

  11. You are so right about the moisture in the air. But to be fair to Arizonians, when its 40 with out the moisture, it is bone chilling. I always say 'give me 20 degrees in Wisconsin rather than 40 out here.' Just a little science lesson. Should have paid more attention to science and less focus on the boys while in school!!! (smirk)

  12. Oh I am so sorry to hear about your fall. Blogger has been burping again and I haven't gotten updates for you in a few days, so I had no idea. Glad you are better!
    I used to do crosswords, but switched to logic puzzles...I like to play csi...HA HA

  13. My husband worked crosswords all is life and was amazing at them. I am not very good but do believe they keep ones mind sharp. I will check out those sites.

    Glad to know your wrist is better. Sorry about your nose. Wonder what will be next.

  14. Glad to hear you are feeling better. That is great news. About those dry condition nose bleeds, my mom was having the same experience and the doc suggested some KY Jelly on a Q-tip inside each nostril. It absolutely worked! No more nose bleeds at night.

  15. Glad your shoulder is a bit better. I'm sure you know to see a doctor if the improvement does not continue.

    I also enjoy crosswords, but I'm not as good as my friend. She does them with a pen and easily finishes the NY Times Sunday crossword in no time at all.

  16. Falls are so dangerous--glad you're OK! Have you seen this on preventing falls and fractures, Patti? The key thing is not to let fear of falling get in the way of being active.

  17. Go glad to hear your shoulder is feeling better.!! Every day, I go online & do 2 crossword puzzles (New York & Los Angeles Times), word search & jigsaw puzzles. I hope they keep me sharp, quick witted &...who's calling, please?

  18. Glad you are feeling better. That was interesting about the heat and humidity. Considering how warm Va. feels in August I should have already made that connection. I guess I need to work my brain too. :)

  19. I am pleased that your arm is feeling better. I also enjoy SUDOKU.

  20. I sleep with a fan and a humidifier. I couldn't sleep without these.

  21. Olga,
    Thanks, me too. I can't believe how much difference a little brain exercise did for me. Go for it.

    So sorry, they can be annoying. Have you tried the humidifier?

    Ok, that may be a bit too much moisture.
    Oh yes, I am so anxious for spring training. Hurry up.

    As much physical exercise you do, brain exercises should be a piece of cake for you.

    Linda W.
    I'm sure one could get use to it. I think I am still on Florida levels. Right now, Arizona would make me need a transfusion.

    Aunt Betsy,
    Ah, you said the magic word, ball point pen. You are one of those smart ones.

    Nip it in the bud Cranky, it will take over like kudzu if you let it:))

    I know, I feel very lucky that I bounced and didn't break. So sorry about your friend. That is frightening.

    Linda M,
    Thanks for the link, I will check it out. One can't have too many brain tools.

    Hope you enjoy them, I sure have. Smart to put water on the stove. Same principal.

    Exactly what I mean. Cold with out moisture is bitter at best.

    Hum, I will have to check those out. I use to be awful at logic puzzles. Maybe I have learned a bit since.

    Grannie Annie,
    Hopefully I have gotten my allotment over with. I can tell in just a few weeks a huge improvement in my mental sharpness.

    I learned that same thing about the KY jelly on the Internet and it gave me immediate relief till I finally remembered the humidifier. Glad your Mom found that also.

    Ha, those are the ones my Dad did with pen. Your friend must be quite sharp.
    Fortunately, I get better each day so I am not worried. Thanks.

    Thank you so much for the comment and the link. I will check it out. I am too active to let it slow me down too much.

    You work the hard ones. Your blog is pure evidence that they are keeping you sharp. I couldn't believe the difference such a rather small activity makes.

    Hey, don't feel badly, it took me 74 years to figure it out.

    Thanks so much. I haven't gotten the knack of Sudoku yet. My brother loves that. Maybe next??

    Me too with the fan, even in winter.

  22. Yay! I'm so happy that your shoulder is better. Now if only I could get mine whipped into shape. I'm sorry to hear about the nosebleeds, be careful of those. We lost a good friend due to a severe nosebleed. And thanks for the links, I need to start doing that because my memory sure needs improving! I can't tell you how many times I have turned around and come back to the house because I can't remember if I put the garage door down! Take care, Patti, and have a good week!

  23. Good to hear your shoulder is getting better.

    I've just started doing crossword puzzles myself. Like you, I find myself missing words. So far, it hasn't improved my ability that much but I've added some words to my vocabulary! :)

  24. I've been out of the loop during the holidays. I'm so sorry you've had shoulder problems and am happy to hear you are better.

    I religiously use a neti pot to keep my sinus passages healthy. I have for years. In the winter, when the heat is on, and when my husband runs the gas fireplace, I find I really must do the sinus rinses to keep from having sinus problems. It really helps.

  25. Great post… Glad you are feeling better. Falls can really do things to our bodies!

    We don't seem to have any trouble with humidity --but do keep a dehumidifier in our basement…

    I'm not much of a puzzle person --although my family used to keep a jigsaw puzzle going all of the time…

    I'm a little shaken tonight. We had a near-miss-head-on car accident this afternoon when a car was coming straight toward us in OUR lane. We swerved and went into the ditch. Luckily, we are fine and no damage to the car --other than being dirty. BUT--we were just lucky that the ditch wasn't steep…. SCARY!


  26. I'm so glad your better! Can't keep us tough ol birds down.
    Struggling with a rotor problem here, but gentle exercises are helping, and the occasional massage therapy.
    Love crosswords, so will surely check out your links.
    The things people do with KY jelly!!! I have obviously lived in the back of beyond too long.

  27. So glad to hear your shoulder is getting better.
    As DJan said, no need for a humidifier here in the Puget sound country. I used to have trouble when I visited in Colorado though.
    I work the Jumble and the super quiz in the paper every day, and used to do the crossword when I first retired. but now I just don't have that much time to devote to it. Maybe I should try the on line version.

  28. I'm so glad you are feeling better and love your humor in telling the stories. I really need a humidifier here, it is way too dry, inside and out. Thanks for the crossword recommendations, I will check them out.

  29. Dear Arkansas Patti, so sorry to learn that you feel and hurt your right shoulder/arm. Not being able to use one's right arm--when you're right-handed--really does show us just how one-armed we are. Back in September 2010 I had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder and wore a sling for several weeks. So I appreciate the difficulties--especially in the bathroom--that you have been having. I went back to your previous posting to discover how you fell. That must have hurt and been so scary also. Please continue to take care of yourself.

    I've been away from blogging for several weeks and so have missed all you've posted during that time. If you have some postings you'd especially like me to read, please let me know. Peace.

  30. Cheryl,
    Ah I can so relate to those garage doors. Hope the brain exercises work. They sure have for me.

    Ha, maybe that is what it is doing for me. Just dredging up those words that I had forgotten. Hey, what ever works.

    Retired English Teacher,
    I haven't gotten up the nerve to try the Neti pot yet. Maybe someday.
    The fact that I am getting much better each day has me not worried too much. Any set back will have me scurrying to a Dr. Thank you.

    I sent you an email about that terrifying incident. Wow.

    Luckily, I had some KY(a friend recommended it) on hand from a previous nose bleed when I first moved here. I had forgotten I had it if that tells you anything:))

    Linda Reeder,
    The online version is smaller and quicker. Florida is like the west coast with humidity. Kind of miss that.

    Also get an inexpensive hygrometer to measure the humidity. I keep mine around 30%.

    Ah, you have been missed and I hope this means you will start blogging again.
    I am pretty sure it is my rotator cuff also as I had a problem with it several years ago. It doesn't seem as bad as the first time.

  31. I think the best thing for our brains is walking or physical exercise, since all those puzzles are done while sitting on our butts. Sigh. However, I do them, too, and I've read that the best way to do them is with our non-dominant hand.

    Oh… I had a birthday this month and a British pal suggested that I might want to give my age in Celsius from now on. It sounds so good, I may do the same with my weight. Try it. (Oooh, a brain exercise!)

  32. Glad to hear your arm/shoulder is improving. My household air tends to be quite dry in the winter, and I don't have a humidifier. However, I don't get nosebleeds, just electric shocks! Sometimes my cat gets a little jolt, too, if I stop to pet her after walking across the carpet and not "grounding" myself beforehand.
    Keep well!

  33. So happy to hear you are doing better sweet Patti and the pain level has decreased. Glad the discovery of the blood was not anything serious and had an easy fix. I work the crossword puzzle every morning in the newspaper. I will check out the links though and bookmark them, one never knows when I may find a few minutes now and then to work some online. Hugs for you and nose kisses for sweet Minnie

  34. so glad you are feeling better! I'm going to try those crossword puzzles, my word remembering is definitely in need of a reboot...

  35. Glad the "wing" is on the mend. You had me scared with your CSI segment ... luckily it was just a bloody nose.
    Also ...I'm so glad that you are joining the millions of us who do crossword puzzles...although just reading your blog shows that you haven't lost any mental abilities !

  36. Marylee,
    Wonder if one could walk and work a puzzle at the same time. Wish I had an iPad. That would be twice the advantage.
    I Googled the Celsius conversion table. Love it but got no brain exercise. I'm such a slacker.

    Thank you.
    How funny. I also get a bit of a shock when I pet Minnie. She doesn't seem to mind as her fur crackles.

    The good thing is that they are fairly quick to work puzzles so you don't lose much time. I am really impressed with my improvement.
    Thanks so much.

    Thank you, me too.
    That is a great analogy. I do feel as if I have been rebooted.

    Me too. Seeing that when awaking from a sound sleep was a bit scary. Thanks for reminding me a while back about the benefits of Crosswords.
    Thank you, it is good to feel almost good.

  37. Glad you are feeling better. I don't do Crosswords because my general knowledge is appalling, but I do think its so important to exercise both body and mind and I don't seem to be doing too well with either at the moment!

  38. How did I miss this???
    Glad your shoulder us better, my dear.....And thanks so much for the worry about the fires, They are not close to me, Thank God....but it is so very dry here and no rain in sight---It is a huge worry.....I'm hoping we will get some moisture in the air soon, at least---The dryness and the winds whip up all sorts of stuff and one's nose is effected. Sound familiar?
    Take good care, my dear....!

  39. hope your shoulder continues to improve; it's one injury that takes quite a bit of time to improve, I know what you mean about the dry air, every day I wake all stuffed up but a bloody nose, geez what a bummer, my lips have been chapped for more than a week, got some berts bees seems to help; thinking of you.

  40. Joey,
    Don't worry too much yet. You still have youth to carry you nicely.

    Thank you. Getting better. I was worried as much about the fire as the smoke. Sure hope you all get rain and soon.

    Linda Starr,
    Thank you and yes it does take a while. Last time this happened, it took almost a month to recover. Burt Bees is good stuff isn't it?

  41. I'm sorry to hear that you're injured. I've been away from the blogosphere for too long and trying to catch up on everyone's lives.

    The dry winter air here in Utah is brutal so I can sympathize with your symptoms. My daughter often gets nosebleeds from the dryness. I keep a humidifier running at night and we both use a great saline gel called Ayr for our noses. You can find it at Target and many other stores.

  42. And here the air is so humid, that I got a little asthma !

  43. I remember our travels this past June and all the dry air we encountered. We actually ended up putting a little vaseline in our noses because of the dryness. I was surprised at our bloody noses too. I'm glad your shoulder is getting better.