Monday, January 20, 2014


First off, congrats big time to the Bronco and Seahawk fans. This should be a great Super Bowl.  As a come lately Bronco fan (truthfully more of a Peyton Manning fan) I am thrilled. It is always fun to have a horse in the race.  

Linda and Djan, I rooted for the Seahawks yesterday to win for your sake but come Groundhog day, I will be pulling for cutie pie, super human Peyton. Should be fun and for those of you who don't like football, think neat commercials and fun food.

For some reason, I have gotten a few hits recently on this old post from 2009 when I had few followers so I decided to re-post it.  Surprisingly,some of those followers are still with me. Bless you and thank you for hanging in.  I decided that even though this post shows a real character flaw of mine, I am rerunning it with the caveat that though I am not proud of my actions, I would do it all the same way again, except the Bucky part. That didn't end well for him. 



I met Flora and her mother when I volunteered with the Special Olympics in Florida. Every one in my office had volunteered. This turned out to be a rewarding job.  I was assigned to Flora as her "hugger" which meant I would take her to the various events, make sure she participated and give her a big hug and lots of praise when she finished each event.  

Flora was about 9 years old,  mildly disabled mentally and was a pretty good athlete. She surprised me with her shy sense of humor and delight in everything.  We hit it off immediately.

I met her mother Sally at that event also. Sally was also mildly disabled mentally. She and her boyfriend were migrant farm laborers who lived and worked year round in Florida. 

Sally declared me her sister and Flora's aunt that day. We became good friends and would visit briefly a couple times a month. I always brought treats for Flora and Sally who lead pretty meager lives.

One day when I visited, Sally was ecstatic. Someone had given her a minuscule chihuahua. This was the smallest dog I had ever seen. Sissy was a 2 and 1/2 pound, long haired, tooth pick legged, yapper. For as tiny as she was, she made a fierce racket. All I could think when I heard her was "better thee than me."

About a month later, Sally called me quite upset. She was having to move out of town and where they were going wouldn't take dogs. She wanted me to take Sissy. "You are the only one I would trust her with." she added making it impossible to say no.

I was in the middle of starting an animal rescue business and didn't need or want a yappy little dog but out of friendship, I took her.

Sorry it is an old picture of Sissy and not too good. I was too busy in those days for photography.  Wish now I had taken the time.
Few people like chihuahuas till they own one. Exactly when she crawled inside my heart, I couldn't say, but she did. Suddenly the yappiness fell on deaf ears and I no longer heard it. She became MY dog. She challenged all human and animals for my attention. 

At that time I also owned a 160 pound Great Dane. Loki and Sissy were my only pets, the rest of my animals were dogs to rebuild and find homes for. Sissy was not intimidated by Loki who was 64 times her size. He walked like he was on egg shells around her and she actually bullied him. 

I had Sissy about 6 months when Sally came back to town. One morning she caught me filling up at a service station. She said she was back in town and excitedly told me she could take Sissy off my hands now. I was stunned. I thought I had been given Sissy, not just taking care of her. 

I stammered, hemmed and hawed and finally with tears in my eyes and words choking in my throat, I asked where she was living. I told her I would bring Sissy by the next day which was a Saturday. I was sick at heart the whole day. I would cry, suck it up, then cry again. I was not handling this well at all.

When I got back to the office at the end of the day, there was a note on my desk from Sally. It said 'I see  you are hurting. Please keep Sissy and love her enough for both of us.' It was signed, your sister. The relief was overwhelming.

I had many dogs, Loki whom I adored, plus my rescues. Sally and Flora had no dogs and lived a rather bleak life. Were I the better person, I would have insisted that she take Sissy back but I wasn't and I didn't. She so out classed me that day. I accepted her gift gratefully if guiltily.

I asked Sally and Flora to come out to the shelter and pick out any dog they wanted. They did and selected a handsome little chihuahua named Bucky that I had recently rescued.   

I was ashamed of my relief when Sissy barked at them that day and would not let Sally pick her up. How small can a person get? I did not like me but couldn't stop me.

Sissy stayed glued to me for 15 years till her tiny heart gave out. I think of her still and selfishly am so glad I wasn't the better person that day.


  1. I am so very happy that you got to keep Sissy. It is obvious she wanted to be with you. My son's Great Dane attended obedience school with one other dog. A chihuahua that also was in charge. They are small but mighty.

  2. Sometimes there is a reason that we're not the better person. By that I mean, fate wanted her to stay with you, so it was fate's choice for you not to be a better person that day :)

  3. I didn't read this one before, I guess I started following you later, so I am SO GLAD you reposted it. Such a lovely story, and I know what you mean about chihuahuas crawling into your heart and not letting go. I hope you are completely recovered from your fall by now. And having lived in Boulder for almost forty years, I am now only rooting for the Seahawks because I live here, but I won't mind either one winning! (Don't tell Linda I said that.) :-)

  4. What a sweet story. I don't remember reading it before. Sissy was a lucky dog!

  5. My son and BG were also rooting for Denver and Seattle to win yesterday. BG also hopes Denver wins the Super Bowl. Go Manning!

    Sweet story about you ending up with Sissy. I think it was meant to be. Sally gave Sissy up to you and she ended up realizing that you and Sissy were meant to be together.

    Sorry things didn't turn out well for Bucky. I won't ask.

  6. I musta started following you later than this post. I wouldn't call what you did selfish or having a character flaw. I would call it protective. Animals, like children need and deserve stability and Sissy had found her forever home with you.
    And I'm with you on the "Omaha" calling Manning Man. I used to be a rabid Denver fan back in the late 70's and then I really hadn't watched or cared about football. Last year SM and I started watching again and the Manning Bros were what we enjoyed.
    So here we are at a fun Superbowl....first time in a very long time. Go Omaha.

  7. Great story. It's strange how certain animals seem to take over your heart. You have to think of what you would have missed had you refused to take Sissy all those years ago. I think that opportunities pop up all through our lives and we chose to accept or ignore them... and our lives change (or don't) according to our choices.

    And yes, it was a great game! Wasn't rooting for either myself, but happy for the Seahawks!

  8. I'm thinking Sissy was meant to be your dog. Well now please tell us what happened with Bucky.

  9. Sissy chose you and Sally gave you a gift--twice blessed.

  10. I agree that Sissy obviously wanted to stay with you, as much as you wanted her there. The picture of the little pup with the Great Dane made me laugh.

    Go Seahawks! (Jon Ryan, the punter is from here in Regina, Peyton may be cute but someone from home always wins my vote).

    Have a great week!

  11. Bitter sweet story but I think it happened just as it was supposed to sweet Patti. Hugs for you and nose kisses for Minnie

  12. Oh, I hubby will be rooting with you for Peyton. :) Hugs

  13. A powerful post. Once an animal claims your heart it's nearly impossible to give them up. I think I would have been just like you.

  14. I'm not a dog person, but I do like a good, heart warming story, and your old post is just that.
    As to football, we are ecstatic here in Seattle. It's all many of us can think or talk about. We will be cheering on our team in the Super Bowl. But I don't know anyone here who wasn't rooting for Manning and the Broncos in the first game yesterday.
    If we didn't have a horse in the race you can bet most of us would be pulling for Peyton.

  15. Mildly disabled mentally, but there was no disability in Sally's perceptiveness of your anguish and in her generosity. I would not be surprised if in her life of limited resources, the opportunity to give a gift of so great value to a friend she treasured was a life-affirming gift to her.

  16. For the sake of Sissy, I think you both did the right thing.

  17. She really is a sweet and cute little dog. I think that is the way things go. I asked my mom to watch my cat once. When I returned for her 6-months later I was informed the cat was happier with her. I agreed.

  18. Granny Annie
    Ha, ha I think it is like the elephant and the mouse, especially if the mouse has an attitude.

    I like that thought process. It makes me feel better.

    Thanks, I am better but still a bit sore. Guess it takes a while.
    Ha,ha Promise I won't tell but if she reads it here, my hands are clean.

    Yes you were Judy. You were my second follower. Thank you for hanging in. I wish you posted more.

    He is impossible not to like and what a year of recovery. Yes--Go Manning.

    Linda W.
    Peyton is such fun to watch and I listened for that "Omaha". You are right, it will be fun this year.

    Thank you, and that is why I say I would not change what I did. She was such a joy for all those years.
    Enjoy the Super Bowl.

    Aunt Betsy,
    Aww, that was just too sad. He died less than a month in their care from an accident. He was such a neat little dog.

    Yes I was and I knew it. I still felt badly.

    Oh, I will have to pay attention to the punter. Don't blame you. A hometown player makes all the difference.

    Thanks, I hope so. Lets hope Peyton gets his win.

    Thanks, good to know someone else may have done the same thing. Those pet attachments are so tight.

    Linda R.
    Thank you.
    I know you all must be over the moon. Out of all the teams in the leagues, that yours is the best has to feel wonderful. Good luck. May they both play well and no one gets hurt.

    You know, I never thought of it that way and it gives me great peace to think that may have been possible. Thank you.

    Thank you, I know I had no other choice that I would accept at that time.

    Ha ha, there should be a time limit on care taking of a pet. Six months and you are out.

  19. Wow, what a great story. I had not read it before. I think Sissy belonged with you. It was meant to be.

    I love your comment about having a horse in the race. You always have a way of making me smile, or giggle. Of course, I'm a long time Bronco fan. I can't wait until the big game.

  20. Sissy reminds me of my Gram's Chihuahua called Tilly. I dressed her in little outfits. She shivered constantly, either from cold or fright. You've taken me back about 60 years - one of the first dogs I ever loved. Glad you'll be rooting for the Broncos, Patti. Will you be wearing orange?

  21. Oh Patti...what a wonderful story....And I don't think it tells us how flawed you are, at all. In fact, it tells us what a loving heart you have and also how sensitive Sally was to that big heart of yours!
    I've never had a little Chihuahua but EVERYONE I know who has one LOVES them dearly!!! They sure are the most adorable little doggies, ever...This really is the sweetest story, ever!

  22. Great story, Patti. True that you and Sissy were meant to be together.

    I am a huge Peyton fan also--so I'll be for the Broncos during the Super Bowl…


  23. Loved your Sissy story, Patti. Thanks for the rerun. Animals do have a way of working themselves into our hearts.

  24. she was meant to be with you Patti...

  25. Thanks for rooting for the Seattle team! I have some competition here in Tucson - Pacific Northwesterners for the Hawks, just about everyone else for the Broncos.

  26. Sally,
    Thank you and I am so glad I found your funny bone.
    I'll be cheering right along with you.

    Those little ones can really get to you can't they. I do have orange as it is a favorite color but am still looking for some Bronco wear.

    I was surprised at her sensitivity to my pain also. Few would be a generous as she was.
    Chi's are the sweetest.

    Peyton did start in Tennessee after all. You got to appreciate him first. Sounds like we will be in the majority come SB.

    Thank you. I still think of that tiny bundle.

    Thank you. I couldn't have done differently.

    Linda M,
    If they weren't playing the Broncos, I would continue to root for them. Good luck and may they both play well and stay safe.

  27. I think these things work out somehow. I'll bet you were meant to have Sissy!

    Go Broncos!!!!

  28. Dear Arkansas Patti, I know you visited my blog posting today because you left a comment. I hope you stayed there for the time it took to listen to the song "Perhaps Love." I mention this because I think the song aptly describes what you felt for Sissy and what prompted you and Sally both to let go--you when you let go of your not wanting another dog and she to let go when she saw how entwined your heart was with Sissy. Love is the key that unlocks the heart of your posting. Peace.

  29. I've always had a soft spot for chihuahua's, and that's coming from someone who isn't a dog lover. I'm glad you got to keep Sissy too, it sounds like she belonged with you.

    I have two daughter's that were originally with a different "owners" but I believe they are with us for a reason, and I pray it's the right reason too.

  30. RMW,
    Thank you, I sure hope so. Yes, go Broncos!!!

    My ISP speed is so slow that it is really hard for me to watch videos. I will try it again however. Thank you, she really was observant for I thought I hid my pain well.

    Those little tyrants can get to you can't they? You know, that is an interesting take on adoption that I never thought of.
    Pretty sure in your case, both you and your daughters were winners.

  31. I guess I happened along later than this post also, but thanks for just proves what I already know- you have a sweet soul, and animals who happen into your world are the better for it.

    Have a great weekend!

  32. I may have read this before...... because I remember chihuahua stories. My very favorite dog. I've had 3 in my life time. My last one died at age 16 around 3 years ago. My back alley neighbor raises them and has one that no one seems to want. She insists I take her but as you said after Mighty died, the dog's home would be disrupted somewhere on down the line. I just melt when I see a chihuahua, don't know why. I've had other small breeds but not ever did I love one like I love the little taco nippers.
    Sorry, I almost missed your post. I get up real early and do my rhyme and often don't get back to the computer. I sometimes miss the posts that come on later.

  33. Terri,
    Aw thanks. Sometimes I regret actions but have to own them.

    You did comment on a post I did about Sissy and Loki that I did about a year later. Good memory lady. Chi's make me smile also when ever I see one and wish I had more years to invest.

  34. Thank you for reposting this, Patti since I missed it the first time around. Sally was indeed a truly classy lady and so were you for your kindness to them. Sissy was lucky to have so many people who loved her.